How to Dress Like 2-D

Male Music
Short Dark Blue Wig
Hello Kinky Baseball T Shirt
Black Vampire Contact Lenses
Levi's 505 Regular Fit Jean
Black Tooth Wax
Red Shoelaces
Vans White Skate Shoe

Best 2-D Costume Guide

Lead singer and pianist of the virtual band Gorillaz, 2-D has a simple yet wild look. It’s all in the eyes. By following this guide, you can turn into front man form in no time at all!

To get the look, get dressed in a Hello Kinky Baseball T-Shirt over a pair of Levi’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans. Capped off the clothing with a pair of White Vans Skate Shoes with Red Shoelaces. Accessorize with a Short Dark Blue Wig, as well as Black “Vampire” Contact Lenses and Black Tooth Wax.

2-D Cosplay Costumes

Lead singer 2-D has got a look nearly anyone can pull off. While we suggested one of his trademark outfits above, there are other looks you could go with that would get you a look like 2-D as well. The key pieces are the black contact lenses, black tooth wax, and a blue wig or hair dyed blue. All of these items can be purchased online or at a local costume shop.

The rest is just minor details. Wearing a dark collared shirt with dark pants and a fedora is also an option. You can also add a funky pair of large white sunglasses or a tiny keyboard to complete your costume further. For groups cosplays, add fellow bands members Murdoc Niccals, Noodle, and Russel Hobbs. Be sure to check out the featured pics for more ideas. Send in your pictures for us to post too!

2-D Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the eclectic and animated world of the virtual band Gorillaz with our costume guide for 2-D, the band’s lead vocalist. Known for his distinctive blue hair, black eyes (due to frequent injury), and laid-back style, 2-D’s look is both iconic and unique, making it perfect for fans looking to embody his character at cosplay events, music festivals, or themed parties. This guide will help you recreate 2-D’s signature style, capturing his blend of alternative edge and cartoonish charm.

2-D's outfit typically reflects a casual, alternative rock aesthetic. Essential components include a plain black t-shirt or one with a simple design, a pair of straight-leg or slightly baggy blue jeans, and black converse-style sneakers. His look is completed with his signature spiky blue hair and black-framed glasses.

2-D has messy, spiky blue hair. To achieve this look, use a blue wig styled in a disheveled, spiky manner, or dye and style your own hair if it's the appropriate length. Use hair products to create and maintain the spiky effect.

2-D is often seen wearing simple black converse-style sneakers. These shoes are versatile and match his relaxed and alternative vibe. Choose black sneakers with a white toe cap and sole to replicate his look closely.

Key accessories for a 2-D costume include his black-framed glasses, which are a defining feature of his appearance. Additionally, creating the effect of his black eyes (which are the result of 8-ball fractures) is crucial. This can be achieved with black eye contacts or carefully applied dark makeup around the eyes.

2-D, being a virtual band member, is known more for his singing and stage presence than for specific quotes. Here are some ideas to capture his essence: Mimic his laid-back and slightly aloof demeanor, Pretend to play the keyboard or sing, capturing his role as the lead vocalist, "Feel Good Inc." or "Clint Eastwood" are iconic songs to reference, Adopt a dreamy, distracted look, fitting his character's often spacey nature. You might also say, "I'm 2-D from Gorillaz," to introduce your character. These actions and references will help you embody 2-D's character from Gorillaz, enhancing your portrayal of this animated music icon.

About 2-D

2-D, aka Stu-Pot, Toochi, and Two-Dents, is a nearly middle-aged lead singer and pianist in a virtual band called Gorillaz. Though born in Hertfordshire, England, he was raised in Crawley, England. Naive and slow-witted, he is accident prone and overtly irresponsible. At the tender age of 11, 2-D fell out of a tree, which caused him terrible migraines; it also caused his hair to fall out. His hair strangely grew back blue, and migraine medication left him hopelessly dependent on narcotics.

Known for his kindness and love of music from a young age, despite constantly being banged up by the antics of Murdoc, 2-D is a consummate survivor. Forming the band as part of his community service, Murdoc may injure 2-D often, but he patches him up and cares for him when he’s hurt. His hobbies include singing, playing piano, and video games. He also enjoys watching zombie movies, though his favorite movie is Napoleon Dynamite.


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