The 25 Punniest Halloween Costumes

The 25 Punniest Halloween Costumes

We’ve found some really punny Halloween costumes that are more than just a play on words. These creative and humorous costumes will give you some great ideas for dressing up to ensure that your costume is a hit no matter where you go this Halloween!

1. Han Solo Cup

Jump in your cup as Han Solo Cup alongside your co-pilot Chewbacca before taking off on the Millennium Falcon to fight with the Rebel Alliance in Star Wars.

Hans Solo Cup Punny Costume

2. Formal Apology

This Halloween only your finest suit and tie will be acceptable as you dress up as a formal apology.

Formal Apology Punny Halloween Costume

3. Dunkin’ Donuts

Get ready to play some ball as you lace up your sneakers and slam dunk through your favorite donut hole as Dunkin’ Donuts.

Dunkin' Donuts Punny Halloween Costume

4. Taco Belle

This is a Halloween dress fit for a beast! As Taco Belle, you will be ready to dance and feast.

Taco Belle Punny Halloween Costume

5. Blessing in Disguise

Put on those Groucho Marx to cover up your true identity as we do our best to hide this Halloween as a blessing in disguise.

Blessing in Disguise Punny Halloween Costume

6. Thesaurus

No need to be a wordsmith to get this costume right. Just add a dinosaur with just enough vocabulary to get by.

Thesaurus Punny Halloween Costume

7. French Kiss

Apply some Gene Simmons makeup along with a beret and baguette to bring together a big French kiss for your costume.

French Kiss Punny Halloween Costume

8. Spice Girls

No need to singing necessary to be the Spice Girls. Bring this costume together with your friends by dressing up in McCormick spices costumes.

Spice Girls Punny Halloween Costume

9. “When life hands you lemons…”

Dress up as the old cliche saying this Halloween with a bag full of lemons. I wouldn’t forget the lemonade either!

When life hands you lemons Punny Halloween Costume

10. Green with Envy

Don’t be jealous of other people’s costume this year. Simply be “Green with Envy” and you’ll be sure to have people envious of your clever costume.

Green with Envy Punny Halloween Costume

11. Lactose Intolerant

Get your picketing signs ready to protest milk this Halloween dressed in your costume as Lactose Intolerant.

Lactose Intolerant Punny Halloween Costume

12. Ceiling Fan

You can be the biggest ceiling fan this Halloween as you cheer, shout, and clap all while staying cool of course.

Ceiling Fan Punny Halloween Costume

13. Smarty Pants

Put Smarties candy all over your pants to be an instant know it all. Of course, you already know this is an awesome costume.

Smarty Pants Punny Halloween Costume

14. 50 Shades of Gray

Break out the gray swatches and attach them to your outfit as your costume. You can easily be the part of 50 Shades of Gray.

50 Shades of Gray Punny Halloween Costume

15. Deviled Egg

Put on those devil horns and slip into a hardboiled egg and you might find yourself being looked at like an appetizer.

Deviled Egg Punny Halloween Costume

16. Hawaiian Punch

Slip on those a pair of boxing gloves, your Hawaiian floral shirt, and straw hat to be dress up like that tasty red drink.

Hawaiian Punch Punny Halloween Costume

17. Killer Bee

Get locked and loaded with this killer costume idea that will make people think twice about stealing your honey.

Killer Bee Punny Halloween Costume

18. Chick Magnet

Attract just about anyone’s attention wth this hilarious costume that transforms anyone into a chick magnet.

Chick Magnet Punny Halloween Costume

19. Shooting Star

When you see this shooting star, the only wish you’ll be making is that you never crossed her path.

Shooting Star Punny Halloween Costume

20. Smart Cookie

A costume made up of one big chocolate chip cookie topped off with a graduation cap lends itself to be one smart cookie.

Smart Cookie Punny Halloween Costume

21. Cereal Killer

This Halloween, go after Cheerios, Frosted Flakes, and Lucky Charms in what could turn out to be the most gruesome killing ever.

Cereal Killer Punny Halloween Costume

22. Pigs in a Blanket

A hilarious, yet clever costume made after one delicious breakfast meal—Pigs in a Blanket.

Pigs in a Blanket Punny Halloween Costume

23. Bag of Eminems

Not a bag of delicious M&M candies, but a bag full with Marshall Mathers’ face all over it. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up?

Bag of Eminems Punny Halloween Costume

24. Assault and Battery

A crafty couple’s costume that puts a spin on words by putting together Salt and Battery. The clever combo is sure to bring smiles.

Assault and Battery Punny Halloween Costume

25. Fantasy Football

No need to make your picks for Sunday’s games. Dress up like a quarterback that looks like a wizard to replace your fantasy football team.

Fantasy Football Punny Halloween Costume

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