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Costume Finder

Halloween Costume Finder

Try out our Costume Finder and answer a few questions to find the perfect Halloween costume or cosplay for 2023.

CHalloween Costume Contest

2023 Halloween Costume Contest

Join the fun this year and enter Costume Wall's Halloween Costume Contest 2023 for a chance to win over $1800 in prizes.

30 Cat Costumes That Are Too Cute

30 Cat Costumes That Are Too Cute

Kittens need to dress up on Halloween too! We found 30 of the very best cat costumes to help you dress up your feline this fall.

Halloween Costumes: Expectation vs. Reality

Halloween Costumes: Expectation vs. Reality

Halloween can be surprisingly unenjoyable for some people, especially if your costume didn’t turn out the way you wanted.

20 of the Best Dog Costumes Ever

20 of the Best Dog Costumes Ever

Halloween is coming up and your dog needs to be dressed up too! Here are some serious costume inspiration for all you canine lovers.

The Best Costume and Cosplay Collections for 2023

Looking for costume ideas categorized by theme? We’ve searched through hundreds of DIY costume guides to group into themes to help you find the right outfit for your next party or cosplay convention. With collections, it is even easier to find the costume you’re looking for this Halloween. We’ve created many collections based on themes, appearance, era, gender, character, and much more. From fun to fearful and everything in-between, there’s a costume collection for everyone.

Costume collections go to the next level to further break down characters categorized by popular movie stars, favorite TV show personalities, video game characters, and trending pop culture icons. Collections are an even more specific breakdown of characters. You’ll find the best characters with beards or the best bald characters to find the right costume for your appearance. The best costumes of the 90’s to target a look from a specific era. Maybe even the best villains or the best superheroes to help find the right persona.

Separated into themes that you are likely going to love, Collections are also a great way to find a theme for your Halloween party, determine a group cosplay for you and your friends, and discover some of the cutest family costumes ever. With step-by-step costume guides on Costume Wall, we know just how hard it can be to choose a costume, which is why we’ve put together a collection for everyone!