Halloween Costumes: Expectation vs. Reality

Halloween Costumes: Expectation vs. Reality

Halloween can be surprisingly unenjoyable for some people, especially if their costumes didn’t turn out the way they wanted. Sometimes, people have high expectations, but the reality is that it doesn’t always go as planned. Here are some costumes that missed the mark and are sure to make you laugh! 🙂

1. Goku

Expectation: People will think that you have an awesome costume and you’ll look like an awesome saiyan.

Reality: Unless you are ripped, jacked, and shredded, this costume won’t work for you. Not sure what happened here, but I think this guy thinks his costume looks good. Hate to break it to ya, pal . . .


Goku Costume Fail

2. Chun-Li

Expectation: People will think that your Chun-Li costume is hot or cute, and you’ll get lots of compliments.

Reality: Unless you’re Kristin Kreuk, an Asian lady, or a supermodel, this probably won’t work for you. Especially, if you’re this guy.


Chun-Li Costume Fail

3. Wolverine

Expectation: Ah yes, Wolverine, one of my favorite X-Men characters. Wearing this costume will make me look so bad, and that’s good.

Reality: Most likely, you aren’t Hugh Jackman, and you haven’t been training intensely for the last few years to look like Wolverine.


Wolverine Costume Fail

4. Raphael from Ninja Turtles

Expectation: Growing up, you probably watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You’re probably thinking that it would be so cool to be one of these half-shelled turtles for Halloween.

Reality: Unless you have a really realistic costume, you’re going to look like a character from Barney & Friends. Check out the dude below.


Ninja Turtle Costume Fail

5. Scooby

Expectation: Everyone knows that dogs are a man’s best friend. So if you dress like Scooby, you’ll become everyone’s best friend.

Reality: Leave the animal costumes for animals, especially the homemade ones. Or you’ll risk looking like this poor kid.


Scooby Doo Costume Fail

6. The Green Arrow

Expectation: The Green Arrow is a sharp and witty fellow. He’s also popular for his bright green costume.

Reality: You’re going to dress up like the Green Arrow, and everyone’s gonna think you look like a weird Robin Hood. Don’t do it.


Green Arrow Costume Fail

7. Buzz Lightyear

Expectation: People will think that your costume is the coolest. After all, what isn’t cool about a galactic hero?

Reality: People will laugh at your costume that looks like it belongs to a toddler. Do us a favor, and if you still want to dress like Buzz, then make sure that your costume is high quality and not made out of the same material as my blankets.


Buzz Lightyear Costume Fail

8. Thor

Expectation: Thor is the crowned prince of Asgard. He’s also played by the Australian superstar, Chris Hemsworth. If you dress like him, you’ll have the ladies surrounding you.

Reality: You won’t, especially if you don’t have real blonde hair and 18″ biceps . . . or if you are dressed like the cartoon version of Thor.


Thor Costume Fail

9. Frieza

Expectation: Frieza, one of Goku’s fiercest enemies, would be an excellent choice for cosplay.

Reality: You’ll end up looking like a weirdo, or people might think you’re Mewtwo from Pokemon.


Frieza Costume Fail

10. Batman

Expectation: You’ll have the coolest costume because you’re dressed like Batman, one of the greatest crime fighters from Gotham City.

Reality: You’re not going to get the look right, and you’ll look like a fake swat team member wearing a mask with pointy ears.


Batman Costume Fail

11. Ironman

Expectation: Ironman is a billionaire playboy philanthropist who happens to own the coolest superhero suit. Just get an Ironman costume, and you’ll be the talk of the party.

Reality: You’re going to try to make this suit yourself with whatever materials you have lying around at home, and it’s gonna be an epic fail. FAIL.


Ironman Costume Fail

12. Scorpion

Expectation: I’m going to copy my favorite video game character, and everyone is going to like my costume.

Reality: While we agree that using a smelly old sock instead of a sharp spear tip will do just as much damage, it’s still not a good idea to use your blanket as part of your Scorpion costume.


Scorpion Costume Fail

Which of these costumes did you think was the worst? I personally think that the Scooby Doo costume was terrible. I feel so bad for that kid. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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