30 Epic Cosplay Costume Crossovers

30 Epic Cosplay Costume Crossovers

We’ve found some of the most creative people in cosplay that have put their creativity to work in designing the best costume mashups we have seen. Experience an amazing assortment of costume designs from two completely unique characters that become transformed into a truly one-of-a-kind character.

1. Wolverine x Ironman

What do you get when you mix Ironman’s titanium alloy suit with Wolverine and his adamantium claws? You get Iron Wolverine! This incredible cosplay was done by Dadpool Cosplay. If you haven’t already heard of him, check his page out. He has some AMAZING work.

Wolverine x Ironman
DadPool Cosplay

2. Frozen x Captain America and Winter Soldier

Great crossover idea to mix Anna and Elsa with Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Now, which sister do you think will win this battle?

Frozen x Captain America and Winter Soldier
Event Horizon Cosplay

3. Deadpool x Boba Fett

Interesting crossover of two characters who are so similar yet different at the same time. Both are highly-skilled assassins, but their personalities are complete opposites. Deadpool is a witty smart aleck who is also known as the “Merc with the Mouth.” Boba Fett on the other hand is a feared bounty hunter with a silent demeanor.

Deadpool x Boba Fett

4. Minion x Predator

Combined with Predator, this Minion is more dangerous and deadly than ever!

Minion x Predator

5. Tardis x Transformers

If you like Dr. Who and Transformers, then you will surely appreciate this creative cosplay. Tardisformer is part of the Whovicons, and his mission is to save the universe.

Tardis x Transformers

6. Vegeta x Deadpool

The most arrogant and egotistical character of Dragon Ball Z is mashed up with Marvel’s smart aleck superhero Deadpool. One thing is for sure, there’s not another superhero that is more full of himself.

Vegeta x Deadpool

7. Spiderman x Captain America

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and the Star-Spangled Avenger morph into one of the most incredible looking cosplay mashups as Captain Spiderman. The suit was designed and constructed by Dhareza Cosplayza and has an unbelievable level of detail.

Spiderman x Captain America

8. Snow White x Boba Fett

Though still the “fairest of them all,” Snow White has taken her revenge against the Queen to the next level by mashing up with Boba Fett, the ruthless bounty hunter. One thing is for certain, she’s not relying on a prince to come save the day…

Snow White x Boba Fett

9. Sailor Moon x Attack on Titan

Titans, the giant humanoid creatures that nearly wiped out humanity, mash up with the magical girls of Sailor Moon. Never have the characters from the popular anime series, Sailor Moon, looked so frightening, thanks to Sora Kitsune.

Sailor Moon x Titan

10. Sailor Moon x Rapunzel

The beautiful princess with long, magic, golden hair finally makes her way out of the tower to mash up with Sailor Moon. She now uses her magical powers along with her incredibly long, golden hair to fight evil.

Sailor Moon x Rapunzel
Tama Llama Cosplay

11. Jack Sparrow x Jake

The mashup with Jake the Dog allows the already elusive Captain Jack Sparrow to be an even sneakier pirate (or dog, depending how you look at it). However, confidence is definitely not lacking between these two characters.

Jack Sparrow x Jake

12. Run DMC x Star Trooper

This is no ordinary trooper in the ground-force of the Galactic Empire. When a Star Trooper is mashed up with what many regard as the Greatest Hip Hop Artist of All Time—Run D.M.C.—Hip Hop Trooper is a force to be reckoned with.

Run DMC x Star Trooper
Hip Hop Trooper

13. Sailor Moon x Adventure Time

The cast of Adventure Time mash up with Sailor Moon to create some of the most epic Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Moon x Adventure Time
Mark Clifton

14. Jedi x Wolverine

Check out this unique mashup created by Lonstermash bringing together a superhuman mutant that exists to serve others the Jedi way. This superhero’s animal-keen senses and enhanced physical capabilities, coupled with his retractable lightsaber claws, make him an unstoppable force.

Jedi x Wolverine

15. McDonald’s x Joker and Harley Quinn

Harley McQuinn and McJoker are a mashup of the maniacal criminal mastermind Joker and his girlfriend, Harley Quinn, and the lovable clown mascot of McDonalds. These two will definitely scare you into eating a lot healthier!

McDonald's x Joker and Harley Quinn

16. Master Chief x Captain America

Two super soldiers come together to form Master Chief America. Mashing up two soldiers, one from the past with super-soldier serum and the other from the future that is cybernetically-enhanced, creates the ultimate soldier.

Master Chief x Captain America

17. Ninja Turtle x Storm Trooper

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Trooper is no ordinary ground force soldier. When coupling the ninjutsu skills learned from Splinter and their galactic armor, Teenage Mutant Ninja Troopers are mean, green, Jedi killing machines.

Ninja Turtle x Storm Trooper

18. Elsa x Game of Thrones

“Let it go” with this mashup bringing together Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones and Queen Elsa of Arendelle from Frozen.

Elsa x Game of Thrones

19. Angry Birds x Transformers

Good luck slinging these guys from a slingshot. The green pigs are going to be no match for the Angry Transformbirds mashup.

Angry Birds x Transformers

20. Disney x Zombies

This scary mashup turns the lovable characters from Walt Disney’s favorite movies into horrifying zombies that are coming after you.

Disney x Zombies

21. Ironman x Buzz Lightyear

Tony Stark of Stark Industries would be proud of this creation. Mashing up, perhaps, the coolest action figure of all time, Buzz Lightyear, with one the founding member of the Avengers, Iron Man, creates Buzz Ironyear.

Ironman x Buzz Lightyear
XBox Achievements

22. Darth Vader x Samurai

Just imagine the fighting scenes in Star Wars if this mashup were true. The Samurai skills of Darth Vader would have taken his lightsaber skills to another level!

Darth Vader x Samurai

23. Ironman x Green Lantern

This Marvel and DC mashup bring together two of the most popular characters from each franchise. I bet Tony Stark would love to get his hands on a power ring.

Ironman x Green Lantern

24. Ironman x Totoro

This Totoro, from My Neighbor Totoro, gets an upgrade from Stark Industries. No more hanging out in the giant camphor tree in the countryside with this level of power.

Ironman x Totoro
PDX Totoro

25. Anna x Anakin Skywalker

Meet “Annakin Skywalker” the mashup of Frozen’s Anna and Star Wars’ Anakin Skywalker. The daring princess leaves her home of Arendelle for a Galaxy “far, far away.” Her enthusiasm, along with her Jedi skill and weapons, make her an asset in the battle for good.

Anna x Anakin Skywalker

26. Master Chief x Wonder Woman

The warrior princess will get cybernetically-enhanced in addition to her superhuman powers. For Chief Wonder Woman, the new body armor will prove to be a welcomed addition to the Lasso of Truth.

Master Chief x Wonder Woman

27. Catwoman x Harley Quinn

Two nemeses of The Dark Knight come together to create this character. The love interest of Batman and Joker would make quite the interesting mashup.

Catwoman x Harley Quinn

28. Deadpool x 11th Doctor (Dr. Who)

“Merc with a Mouth” gets an increased ability to regenerate and time travel with this mashup. Who knows what kind of trouble Dr. Deadpool will get into with the TARDIS.

Deadpool x 11th Doctor (Dr. Who)
Jose Ibanez

29. Batman x Hulk Buster Ironman

What happens when you combine two billionaires and their expensive suits? You get this incredible cosplay costume. The details that were put into this suit are incredible. You have the Hulkbuster, which Ironman uses against Hulk. Combine that with Batman’s Thrasher suit, and you have one indestructible suit that’s ready for anything!

Batman x Hulk Buster Ironman

30. Thor x Ronald McDonald

This isn’t your ordinary superhero. McThor protects the earth from Loki with his trusty hammer made from McDonald’s. We like Thor’s new identity, but we’re not sure what Odin thinks of it.

Thor x Ronald McDonald

So which of these cosplay mashups was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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