Best Scary Horror Movie Costumes in 2024

There are different types of costume genres for dress up during the month of October. You can dress up as something cute, something sexy, or even something spooky. If the latter is the route you’re wanting to take, then finding a terrifying horror movie character would be your best bet. From well-known horror movies to cult classics, you can find costumes according to your desires. No matter what you pick, we’re sure, it’ll be terrifying. Here’s our list of the best costumes for horror movie characters!


Jigsaw Costume

Are you ready to play a game with others this October? Then you better get suited in this Jigsaw costume before the events begin! Ever since the first Saw movie in 2004, Jigsaw has become a name that everyone knows and he is definitely someone you would never want to cross paths with.

To get the look of this creepy character, you’ll need a black suit, a red bow tie and handkerchief set, a Jigsaw puppet mask, white cotton gloves, long-sleeve white button up, black dress shoes and a classic large trike to finish off the iconic look.

Jigsaw Costume
Jigsaw Costume Guide
Michael Myers

Michael Myers Costume

When Halloween begins to approach you can be certain that a certain creepy character will be lurking around. One of the scariest horror movie characters to ever show up on screen, Michael Myers made a name for himself with the release of Halloween in 1978. While he may just be a fictional character, it doesn’t mean that you can’t replicate his look for a little spooky fun.

What you’ll need is a Michael Myers mask, a bloody weapon knife, a men’s basic coverall, fake blood and finally, black work boots to finish off the look.

Michael Myers Costume
Michael Myers Costume Guide
Pennywise (2017)

Pennywise (2017) Costume

Stephen King released the novel It is 1986 and while people reading definitely were creeped out by Pennywise, it wasn’t until the release of the first film in 1990 that people saw just how creepy he was. While a killer clown looks terrifying no matter how you make him, this costume guide is for the Pennywise look in the 2017 remake of It.

To get this look, you’ll need a Pennywise Cosplay Costume, a Pennywise mask, Pennywise contact lenses, a latex bald cap, red balloons, Pennywise cosplay shoes, a Pennywise wig, a Pennywise makeup kit and finally a Pennywise makeup tutorial to get this spooky look down.

Pennywise (2017) Costume
Pennywise (2017) Costume Guide

Chucky Costume

Many people have a fear of spooky dolls but many more people fear the murderous doll known as Chucky. If you’ve ever watched the Chucky movies, you’ll know that The Lakeshore Strangler became trapped inside a Good Guy Doll and began to harass the people around him.

To pull off this creepy doll look, you’ll need denim overalls, a Chucky latex mask, a striped long-sleeve shirt, a fake knife, and red Adidas shoes.

Chucky Costume
Chucky Costume Guide
Bride of Chucky

Bride of Chucky Costume

Tiffany actually plays quite a big part in the Chucky franchise and is a pretty memorable character. After Chucky is cut apart by the police, Tiffany who is an ex-girlfriend of the serial-killer resurrected him. Her soul is transferred to a doll as well after Chucky kills her during an argument.

If you wish to get this spooky bride’s look, you’ll need a cocktail dress, a leather jacket, fishnet leggings, bride of Chucky wig, dress pumps, temporary tattoo, and a voodoo knife.

Bride of Chucky Costume
Bride of Chucky Costume Guide

Leatherface Costume

Something that made the character of Leatherface, from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre, even more terrifying was that he was inspired by a real-life serial killer known as Ed Gein. Leatherface lurked around Texas and you would be sure to recognize him by his disturbing mask made of human skin.

To get the look of this serial killer, you’ll need a Texas Chainsaw Massacre Leatherface mask, a striped linen shirt, a no pocket butcher apron, a formal tie, a Leatherface chainsaw, black pants, medieval padded cloth bracers and finally, a pint of blood.

Leatherface Costume
Leatherface Costume Guide

Pennywise Costume

We’re sure that if you tried to find someone who’s not scared at the thought of It, you probably wouldn’t find many people. People argue about which It movie has the scariest Pennywise look but for this costume guide, it’ll be telling you exactly how to replicate the 1990 version.

To get the look of Pennywise, you’ll need a few key items. You’ll want to grab a Pennywise costume, white makeup, Pennywise gloves, a disposable helium tank, a balloon ribbon spool, black clown shoes, and multicolored balloons.

Pennywise Costume
Pennywise Costume Guide
Dr. Phillip Decker

Dr. Phillip Decker Costume

Dr. Decker has the look of someone you would never want to come across, especially with that mask. The character of Dr.Decker appeared in 1990 with the debut of the movie, Nightbreed. In it, he’s a psychologist with a darker side; he also happens to be a serial killer. While Nightbreed went on to be a failure in the box offices, it eventually became a cult classic.

What you’ll need for this costume is a Dr. Decker mask, butcher knife, pinstriped dress shirt, a black suit, necktie, a black trench coat, cut resistant gloves and finally, black dress shoes.

Dr. Phillip Decker Costume
Dr. Phillip Decker Costume Guide

Twisty Costume

A serial killer from the popular show, American Horror Story, Twisty has quite a backstory on how he became what he is today. Dropped on his head shortly after birth, he grew up having a minor mental disability. Eventually, that plus other stresses in life led him to try and kill himself but he failed leaving him with a disfigured face which he now hides with a grinning prosthetic mask.

To get the look of this creepy clown, you’ll need a Twisty the Clown mask, a pint of blood, a fake rose, Twisty the Clown costume, half finger white gloves, and a Sirius training club.

Twisty Costume
Twisty Costume Guide
Regan MacNeil

Regan MacNeil Costume

If you’ve ever watched The Exorcist, you’d definitely know the face of this possessed little girl. Terrifying and cunning, the demon that possesses Regan’s body is the complete opposite of the young girl. Regan is a usually shy and timid girl who never shows signs of aggression and usually sweet towards her mom. When Regan is possessed, it’s noticeable pretty quickly and it’s definitely a frightening experience.

If you wish to get the look of Regan MacNeil, you’ll need a Regan costume, a Regan mask, a wooden cross, fake blood, and fake vomit.

Regan MacNeil Costume
Regan MacNeil Costume Guide

Ghostface Costume

An iconic horror movie villain, Ghostface was introduced to the world with the release of the 1996 movie, Scream. The unique thing about Ghostface is that it’s not just one person doing the killing but rather the costume is used to disguise multiple people.

If you’re looking to scare your friends with this killer costume, you’ll need a few key items. You need to grab fake blood, white gloves, a reaper outfit, fake knife and a voice changer to top it all off.

Ghostface Costume
Ghostface Costume Guide
Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees Costume

Not only does Jason have a terrifying look to him but if you’ve watched the first Friday the 13th franchise movie, you’ll see that he gets resurrected over and over which honestly adds to his terrifying demeanor. Jason is known for his signature hockey goalie mask and that’s exactly one of the items you’ll need to complete this look!

Besides grabbing a Jason hockey mask, you’ll also need a toy machete, black long-sleeve shirt, navy blue t-shirt, black gloves, black work pants, a hooded jacket, and black boots.

Jason Voorhees Costume
Jason Voorhees Costume Guide
Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume

While clearly, Jason is hiding his face with the burlap bag, we’re not sure if it helps or makes him that much more terrifying. He’s back again to try and avenge his mother’s death. It doesn’t matter who you are; if you get in the way of Jason and his mother, he won’t hesitate to kill you. He definitely shows that off during the length of this movie.

If you wish to pull off this rather creepy look, you’ll need a few key items. You’ll need a burlap potato sack, plaid flannel shirt, denim bib overalls, plastic pickaxe and finally, leather brown boots.

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume
Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume Guide
Jason Voorhees (Part 3)

Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume

His trademark goalie mask is incredibly recognizable and by the third movie, it haunts the memories of many people. You can tell that at this point, Jason has been through a bit. He’s a bit worse for wear and his outfit is more scuffed up; key points in you pulling off this look. While the look is pretty similar to the first version, the few subtle changes really make a big difference.

What you’ll need to pull it off is a Jason hockey mask, a Jason part 3 hood, ax costume accessory, olive green long-sleeve work-shirt, realistic machete, blue jeans, white t-shirt and finally, black boots.

Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume
Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume Guide
Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger Costume

A very popular costume since the movie, A Nightmare on Elm Street debuted in 1984. One glance at Freddy and it’s clear to see why he’s such a top choice for creepy horror costumes. While you may not be able to appear in your friend’s dreams, that doesn’t mean you can’t still hide and surprise them with your replica of a costume!

To get the look of Freddy Krueger you’ll need, a Freddy Krueger sweater, Freddy Krueger deluxe mask, black dress pants, Freddy Krueger hat, black sneakers and A Nightmare on Elm Street glove.

Freddy Krueger Costume
Freddy Krueger Costume Guide
Captain Spaulding

Captain Spaulding Costume

A character who appears in the cult classic, House of 1000 corpses, Captain Spaulding is a very sadistic man. He operates a museum known as Captain Spaulding Museum of Monsters and Madmen which brings in thousands of tourists, especially for its Dr. Satan attraction.

If you wish to get the eccentric look of this sadistic man, you’ll need a Captain Spaulding costume, a matching mask, clown shoes, makeup to replicate his look and a top hat to finish everything off.

Captain Spaulding Costume
Captain Spaulding Costume Guide
Samara Morgan

Samara Morgan Costume

A young girl from the iconic movie, The Ring, Samara had a very rough life until her death. Born from a terrible situation, she was soon given to adoptive parents but because of her supernatural powers, things went terribly wrong as she got older. Having the power to burn gruesome images uncontrollably into anyone’s mind, her adoptive mother eventually snapped before trapping her in a well and killing her. She now lives as a vengeful ghost looking to extract revenge on anyone.

To get her look, you’ll need a Victorian style nightgown, long black wig, body paint to mimic the look, white fountain, and fake blood.

Samara Morgan Costume
Samara Morgan Costume Guide
Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal Lecter Costume

Cunning and manipulative, Hannibal Lecter is a character that very few could stand neck and neck with. This cannibalistic psychiatrist doesn’t have powers that constantly brings him back to life or superhuman strength but what he does have is his wits. His understanding of the human mind is vast and while you may think you’re outsmarting him, you’re likely falling right into his trap as he’s always two steps ahead.

To get his look, you’ll need a prisoner jumpsuit, a straight jacket, a Hannibal mask, a wig to mimic his hair and black dress shoes.

Hannibal Lecter Costume
Hannibal Lecter Costume Guide

Did reading this list of horror character costumes give you the chills and make you look behind you back one or twice? It’s guaranteed that if you wear one of these, your friends will surely be doing the same thing.

These horror character costumes are iconic and for good reason. They aren’t just strong or sinister; they’re downright scary. They may have supernatural powers or clever ideas that keep them one step ahead but they usually will always have something you won’t, and that just makes them even more terrifying. Meeting them in a dark alley is probably the last thing you’d ever want to do.