Best Halloween Pixar Costumes for Women in 2022

“It comes as no surprise that Pixar houses many of the best-animated characters in the history of animation films not to mention the most interesting women characters from the many hit Pixar films who deserve a story of their own. From sassy human characters to badass superheroes, these female characters are not to be underestimated as they make the stories even more interesting for the viewers to remember.

Listed in this collection are some of the best Pixar female characters to cosplay that are perfect for any season and events not just on Halloween. Although these characters are for females, these can be worn by men too for a gender bender take on your cosplay. Each character has its own easy to follow costume guides to help you cop the look of your favorite female character. These character guides include costume pieces suggestions that are easy to procure or DIY to help you bring your chosen female character to life.


Jessie Costume

Cop the look of the spitfire cowgirl, Jessie from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. Ever since her appearance in the story, the Toy Story gang is never the same without her yodeling around. She stands as the female counterpart of Woody through his adventures and as much as she looks great with Woody, we wouldn’t really complain about her ending up as Buzz Lightyear’s cowgirl.

Jessie is a redhead cowgirl so a red wig is definitely a must-have item to complete the look. As a cowgirl, her look is a bit identical to Woody. She is in dressed a White Button-Down Shirt, White Buttons with Gold Trim, Brown Leather Spur Straps, Yellow Felt Sheets, and modern bootcut jeans. Check out Jessie’s costume guide to copy the look of this fun and sassy female character from Toy Story.

Jessie Costume
Jessie Costume Guide

Elastigirl Costume

Elastigirl, known as Helen Parr is the crime-fighting mother and wife that has the superpower of elasticity, making it possible to stretch and contort her body and limbs in many ways. She’s not Mrs. Incredible for nothing. Just like any other mom’s out there she’s more than super. She manages the household, her three super kids, and of course her superhero husband Mr. Incredible. On top of it all, she manages to keep her family in a low profile. She’s not only flexible physically because she’s Elastigirl, but she’s flexible because she’s a supermom.

Check out our Elastigirl costume selection for the very best custom, handmade pieces of the Incredibles family. Imagine yourself as Elastigirl geared in the rubberized Mrs. Incredible bodysuit, Black Boots, Black Party Mask, and Brunette Wig and be incredible.

Elastigirl Costume
Elastigirl Costume Guide
Violet Parr

Violet Parr Costume

Violet Parr is the eldest child of the Parr Family. Born with superhuman ability, she can render herself invisible, as well as generate force fields. As a normal teenager going through puberty, she is depicted as a gloomy, shy low self-esteem, and socially awkward girl who hides her face behind her long bluish-black hair. However, as she starts to push herself past her comfort zone, she begins to embrace her powers and learns to be confident about herself.

Cop the look of Invisible Violet’s look in her trademark red and black Incredibles Bodysuit Costume, paired along with her black mask and long gloves. Top the look with long straight black hair and you’re off saving lives. Let the suit release your inner badass and prove to the rest of the world you are super!

Violet Parr Costume
Violet Parr Costume Guide
Princess Merida

Princess Merida Costume

Unlike any other Princesses, she’s definitely not your damsel in distress or the prim and proper. This Halloween, become the tomboyish and fearless royalty that is Princess Merida from the Pixar animated film Brave and get ready to shoot some arrows against the enemies. She may be a misfit in the stereotypical princess persona but she possesses the great potential of a true royalty — brave, kind, and with a genuine love for her kingdom.

Dress up like the Scottish Disney princess with this Princess Merida costume guide. Get the look by wearing an orange-brown long curly wig all dressed up in Dark Green Maxi Dress, Tan Suede Genuine Leather Belt, Dark Brown Slouch Boots, and accessorize with an arrow pendant necklace. Since she’s an archer, complete the look with an OMP Suede Side Quiver and Wooden Bow Set with Arrows.

Princess Merida Costume
Princess Merida Costume Guide

Disgust Costume

Disgust is a character from Pixar’s animated film, Inside Out. She’s probably the most opinionated personified emotions living inside Riley’s mind along with Joy, Fear, Anger, and Sadness. She is responsible for Riley’s reaction to all things gross. She’s a bit sarcastic, loud, and has very high expectations of others but that’s just because she is very protective of Riley.

Go all-green as Disgust dressed in a green floral dress with matching green leggings, purple flats, and accessorize with a purple scarf. Wear a green wig and a sparkling pair of long eyelash extensions. Don’t forget to paint your body green to mimic Disgust and go into character by expressing yourself the way you want and have fun.

Disgust Costume
Disgust Costume Guide

Joy Costume

Joy is one of the main protagonists from Pixar’s animated film Inside Out. She is the very first emotion to materialize inside the mind of Riley Andersen out of the other five that live inside the kid’s mind — Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness. She represents happiness and all the good things inside Riley’s memory. As Riley’s main emotion, she makes almost all of her happy memories especially those from her childhood which Joy considers the happiest time of her existence.

Dress up happily as Joy, the happiest emotion of all. Joy’s costume is very easy to pull off. Check out our costume guide for Joy to know more about her costume and where to get the exact replicas if you don’t have one. Cop the look by wearing a yellow knee-length dress, a blue short wig, and carry around Yellow Crystal Ball as a prop for your outfit.

Joy Costume
Joy Costume Guide

Sadness Costume

“Sadness like her color is always blue. She is one of the five emotions living inside the mind of Riley from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out along with Joy, Fear, Anger, and Disgust. Sadness was the second emotion to materialize 33 seconds after Joy. She was described as the Voice of Reason because she always has something negative to say each time Joy has an idea and drags her down. She has a very gloomy personality and always looks depressive.

Although sadness is not something you would ever want to feel, this character is definitely something that you can wear for an iconic Halloween or dress-up party. Dress like Sadness in a blue short straight wig, a round eyeglass, turtle neck sweater, pants, and blue ballet flats. Don’t forget to look sad and down to act the part.

Sadness Costume
Sadness Costume Guide
Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman Costume

Remember that bratty young girl in braces that made us all hold our breaths every time she gets on the scene in the 2003 Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo? Well, that’s Darla Sherman, the young niece of the dentist who held Nemo captive. She’s not supposed to be a villain but her over-excitement tends to harm her pet fish. She was supposed to have Nemo as her pet before the grand escape. She’s a nerdy and hyper child with a tendency to be disastrous. Nevertheless, she’s a character who added an extra thrill to the story.

Get the look of nerdy school girl Darla by wearing a purple V-neck sweater, white button-down shirt, yellow plaid skirt, and pink backpack. Complete the look with a pigtail hairstyle and fake dental braces with aluminum wire.

Darla Sherman Costume
Darla Sherman Costume Guide

Ellie Costume

Ellie is Carl Fredricksen’s other half in the 2009 Pixar animated feature film, Up. She played a significant role as Carl’s beloved wife who is the reason why Carl embarked on an exciting adventure up in the sky in his balloon-powered house. They met as childhood friends and grew up together. She was a very imaginative child with a thirst for adventure. Her personality is what drawn Carl fell in love with her. After her death, Carl was left alone to fulfill their dream adventure.

Reminisce the good times dressed as Young Ellie Fredricksen and pair up with your very own Carl Fredricksen. Become the outgoing and free-spirited Young Ellie by wearing an overall over a floral shirt, a green square patch, purple hair bow, pins pack, and brown hair wig. Ellie has a loose tooth so you want to add that as part of your makeup.

Ellie Costume
Ellie Costume Guide
Bo Peep

Bo Peep Costume

Little Bo Peep is one of the many characters who played significant supporting roles in the Toy Story franchise. Bo Peep is the only porcelain doll in Toy Story. She is a shepherdess figurine and was originally an adornment on Molly Davis’ bedside lamp along with her sheep. She is also the girlfriend of Sheriff Woody. Bo Peep may be seen as a damsel in distress because she is always at Woody’s side, but she’s smart, sensible, brave, and vocal. She’s a strong and independent female character who can take care of herself.

Get the look of the brave and lovely shepherdess from Toy Story with this easy-to-follow costume guide. Dress up as this lovely character wearing a custom made Bo Peep costume, paired with flats. Accessorize your blonde hair with a pink bow headband, and finish the look with a staff as a prop.

Bo Peep Costume
Bo Peep Costume Guide

Barbie Costume

Everybody knows who Barbie is. She’s considered to be one of the most popular toys ever created, no wonder she appears in Pixar’s 2010 animated film Toy Story 3. She is a genuine doll toy line made by the company Mattel and was only allowed to appear in the 3rd film by the company after proving its success. Barbie in Toy Story 3 is a slender blonde doll with fair skin, blue eyes, and pink lips. She strongly believes in fashion and is in a romantic relationship with Ken who’s also a fashion doll.

Cosplay Barbie and be the most popular person in your school. As Barbie from Toy Story, get ready to hit the gym in your stylish turquoise spandex accessorized with the perfect leg warmers in colorful stripes. You can even go straight to date with Ken in this outfit!

Barbie Costume
Barbie Costume Guide
Laurel Lightfoot

Laurel Lightfoot Costume

Laurel Lightfoot is an elf and a major character in the 2020 Pixar animated feature film Onward. She is the hardworking, sarcastic, and devoted single mom of Ian and Barley. She was left widowed by his husband, Wilden Lightfoot, who left her a gift to be given to her kids when both become sixteen. Believing that the gift will allow his husband to return for 24 hrs, she encourages her sons to go on a magical adventure to see their father. She works hard for her family giving everything she can to raise her kids.

Dress up as the ever-loving and brave modern elf mom from Onward. Cop the look by wearing a knit sweater, blue jeans, and shoes with white Socks. Complete your look with short blue hair, elf ears, and glasses.

Laurel Lightfoot Costume
Laurel Lightfoot Costume Guide
Imelda Rivera

Imelda Rivera Costume

Imelda Rivera is one of the major characters in the 2017 Pixar animated film Coco. She is the matriarch of the Rivera clan who left a music ban as her legacy in the family after her death. Having nothing to do with music, she started a shoe business to raise her family. Despite the music ban, the love for music still lingers in their blood especially on her great-great-grandson Miguel which leads him to uncover the secret behind the decree.

Imelda is a woman who puts her family above everything else. Music may have torn her family apart, but shoes kept them whole. Cosplay as Imelda, the protective matriarch of the Rivera family. Dress up in an Imelda-inspired dress over a skeleton suit. Pair it with a black boot heels and accessorize with an Imelda wig, gold hoop earrings, and a purple choker. Finally, add an Imelda Mask or paint your face to complete the look.

Imelda Rivera Costume
Imelda Rivera Costume Guide

Abuelita Costume

Abuelita is a grumpy old lady. She is Elena Rivera, the daughter of Coco and Julio and the grandmother of Miguel from The Disney Pixar movie Coco. With her mother Coco getting old, she took over their shoemaking family business and believes that the important thing in life is family and hard work. Because of the history of music breaking up relationships in their family, she strongly imposed the music ban on their family. She hated the music that even the smallest mention irks her. This makes her relationship with her grandson Miguel a strain because Miguel loves music.

To get the look of Abuelita, the overprotective but loving grandma of Miguel, dress up in a nice floral dress, red checkered apron, brown sandals, and gray hair wig as shown in our easy to DIY costume guide.

Abuelita Costume
Abuelita Costume Guide

Voyd Costume

Karen Fields a.k.a Voyd is a young superhero wannabe from Pixar’s 2018 animated film, Incredibles 2. She is part of the Supers who aspire to join the ranks of superheroes. Voyd can divert and warp objects around her. As a superhero, she looks up to Elastigirl as her role model who made her feel hopeful and helped her embrace her powers as a gift and not a curse. However, when superheroes were banned, she was forced to hide her abilities. She then joined Winston Deavor’s campaign in bringing back the superheroes.

Cosplay as the young fanatic of Elastigirl, Voyd, and embrace your superpowers. Get the look by wearing Voyd’s custom-made super-suit that is a tight lime, teal leotard with sleeves with a big indigo “V” in the middle. Top off the look with a blue eye mask, a straight blue wig to look like Voyd.

Voyd  Costume
Voyd Costume Guide

Moana Costume

Moana is the main female protagonist of Disney’s 2016 animated film of the same name. She’s a vibrant, tenacious, and positive island girl of Motunui Village with a great love for the seas and voyaging which she inherited from her parents, Chief Tui and Sina. One day, her island was covered by life-killing darkness. Chosen by the ocean to save her people, Moana set out on a journey across the sea to bring back the life of the island. She braved through the ocean, with a will to step out of her comfort zone, she’s set to find her real self.

The sea is calling. Get the look of the tropical island girl, Moana, with the help of this easy to follow costume guide. Dress up in a tropical Moana dress, Hawaiian leaf hula skirt, accessorize with a long curly brown wig, magical seashell necklace and carry a wooden paddle replica as a prop.

Moana Costume
Moana Costume Guide
Queen Anna

Queen Anna Costume

Queen Anna of Arendelle, is one of the female main characters of Disney’s 2013 animated films, Frozen, and its 2019 sequel, Frozen II. She is the younger sister of Elsa the Snow Queen, and the contemporary ruler of Arendelle. Compared to Elsa who is composed and graceful, Anna is more adventurous and fearless. She is a character who is willing to go through anything for the sake of her kingdom and loved ones.

Get the look of the ever-optimistic heroine from Frozen with the help of this costume guide. In your sparkly green diamond tiara, yellow diamond ring, blue diamond earrings, and the signature Queen Anna wig, and elegant dress, dress up as the unflappable Queen Anna on her coronation day ready to take on any adventure for the sake of her kingdom.

Queen Anna Costume
Queen Anna Costume Guide
Princess Anna

Princess Anna Costume

Princess Anna is the second daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna from Disney’s animated film Frozen. She is the younger sister of Elsa. Because of an unfortunate accident that put her life in danger, Elsa became distant from her as she blames herself for the accident. Since then Anna grew up alone and eager for some company. She is daring, playful, and friendly. She takes on an adventure to save her kingdom and repair her relationship with Elsa.

Dress up as the brave Princess Anna who is up for any adventure that life may lead her. To cop the look of Princess Anna, you will need a ready-made Anna costume or get similar pieces such as a royal blue maxi skirt, long-sleeve button-down shirt, and vest. Accessorize with a brown weaving braid wig, a fuchsia-colored cloak, and black boots for comfort.

Princess Anna Costume
Princess Anna Costume Guide
Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa Costume

Get ready to dress up as the Ice Queen, Elsa from Pixar’s 2013 animated film Frozen. Queen Elsa is the first daughter of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna of Arendelle. The throne was eventually passed down to her. Born on the winter solstice, she was born with the powers to manipulate ice and snow that she used to entertain her sister when they are little. This, unfortunately, caused an accident that harmed Anna leading Elsa to grow distant from her sister and treating her gift as a curse.

This Halloween, dress up as Elsa the Ice Queen together with Queen Anna of Arendelle. To cop the look of the Ice Queen, you will need a ready-made Queen Elsa dress. Completely transform into Elsa by wearing a light blonde long weaving braid, snowflake hairpins, and a tiara.

Queen Elsa Costume
Queen Elsa Costume Guide

“In every story that a movie tells be it real or animated, it is always the role of females that balances out the tale. As cliche as this line may sound, “Behind a successful man, is a strong woman”, the addition of a female character always brings out some spice in any character whether as a damsel in distress, a princess, a friendly character, or even a badass sidekick.

The characters from the collection may not be all famous characters for cosplay but they make a great companion or a solo act for any costume parties. Like Elastigirl and Violet for a fun mother-daughter cosplay tandem. Dressing up as Joy, Disgust and Sadness also make a fun emotion-stirring group cosplay. Take your pick from our collection and bring along friends that you can dress up with. Check out each character in detail to find which one is right for you to dress up for your annual themed-costume party.”