Best costumes for Male Pixar characters in 2024

If you’re a guy who has a passion for anything Disney and Pixar and you’re not afraid to look absolutely adorable, well, you’re in luck! There are a bunch of Pixar costume options for men, whether you’re young or old, thick or slender, human or a hero. If you’re going solo, you will definitely have no problem choosing a Pixar costume that suits you best, but if you’re going as a group, then will definitely more fun since there are tons of options for pair or group cosplays! Check out the characters we have here to choose the perfect costume for your next Halloween party, Disney Cruise Pixar Day at Sea, Walt Disney World trip, and cosplay event. Each costume set has a step-by-step how to guide to pull off the Pixar look without a hitch! Get off to the right start with these amazing costume sets.

Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen Costume

Carl Fredricksen is the grumpy old man from the movie, Up, that we’ve all come to love. He was a lonely man before meeting Ellie, who later became his wife. They spent beautiful years together doing adventures, dreaming, and planning to do more, but tragedy struck when Ellie became sick and died, leaving Carl behind. He became bitter at life and wanted to hide from the world, but he decided to go to Paradise Falls, which he originally planned with Ellie before she got sick.

If you’re a lovable grandpa looking for the perfect Pixar costume, there’s nothing better than dressing up as Carl! It’s a simple look to pull off—you need a brown wool sport coat, matching dress pants, bow tie, distressed belt, leather suede shoes, and glasses with square frames. Complete the look with that signature quad cane and the Ellie badge pin.

Carl Fredricksen Costume
Carl Fredricksen Costume Guide

Russell Costume

Russel is the light in grumpy Carl Fredricksen’s life in the Disney Pixar movie, Up! Despite Carl’s attempts to shoo him away, Russel is determined to be on the old man’s side and also to get that one more badge he needed to become a senior wilderness explorer. He joins Carl on the journey of a lifetime and the two became unlikely friends, saving each other’s lives in so many ways.

You will need lots of pieces to pull off Russel’s adorable explorer look, but the effort is definitely worth it! On top of the Boy Scout shirt and brown shorts, you will need to accessorize the costume with an orange neckerchief, camping backpack, hiking boots, toy binoculars, yellow cap, and several patches. Don’t forget the best part of the costume—the sash filled with badges!

Russell Costume
Russell Costume Guide
Sheriff Woody

Sheriff Woody Costume

Sheriff Woody is one of the most popular Pixar characters ever, especially coming from the hugely successful Toy Story film series. As one of Andy’s favorite toys, Woody has gone on lots of adventures together with his pals Buzz Lightyear, Hamm, and Jessie. He was considered Andy’s go-to toy, but was threatened when Buzz showed up. His jealousy drove him do all sorts of things to get rid of Buzz. As the movie goes on, Woody and Buzz slowly became the best of friends.

Turn yourself into Pixar’s favorite sheriff by dressing up as Woody. This distinctive look requires a yellow checkered shirt, cowhide vest, jeans, bull belt buckle, a classic cowboy hat, and a pair of Denver boots. Don’t forget the necessary accessories—toy gun and holster, bandanna, and sheriff badge.

Sheriff Woody Costume
Sheriff Woody Costume Guide
Dash Parr

Dash Parr Costume

If you’re a kid at heart who loves The Incredibles, then dressing up as Dash Parr is the best option for you. Dash is an adorable ball of energy with a personality so upbeat it tends to irritate his sister, Violet, who is a lot calmer. He doesn’t possess superhuman strength, but he has incredible durability. He wants to show off his abilities to the world and doesn’t understand why he has to keep them hidden.

Don the red bodysuit and transform yourself to look like Dash Parr. It’s a simple costume that doesn’t require much (a fit body, perhaps). Pair this costume with a pair of black boots, black gloves, and black eye mask. You need to wear your hair blonde, but if you have darker tresses, you can just put on a blond wig on to complete the look.

Dash Parr Costume
Dash Parr Costume Guide

Frozone Costume

A superhero who is cool as ice is Frozone from the Pixar film, The Incredibles. He is a retired superhero known as Lucius Best and a trusted ally to the superhero family, The Parrs. He and Mr. Incredible are best friends and were a team for years. He has awesome ice powers, which he put to use once again when he decided to come out of retirement to help Bob Parr, Mr. Incredible.

Rock the blue and white bodysuit to look like Frozone. Accessorize with a pair of white gloves, knee-high boots, and those super cool cyclops glasses. Invite your buddy to dress up as Mr. Incredible so you can have twice the fun!

Frozone Costume
Frozone Costume Guide

Anger Costume

Anger is one of the five emotions within Riley Andersen in the Pixar movie, Inside Out. Like the name suggests, Anger goes into outbursts when things did not go as he expects. He has red skin, which fits his name.

Dressing like Anger is simple and requires just a few pieces. To achieve the red skin, you will need a red face paint and a red compression sleeve shirt for your body. Get a white dress shirt, brown pleated front slacks, and a pair of brown shoes. Accessorize with a red and silver striped tie, leather belt, and red gloves. If you don’t have spikey blonde hair, just wear a Goku cosplay to achieve the look.

Anger Costume
Anger Costume Guide
Miguel Rivera (Coco)

Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume

Miguel Rivera is a 12-year-old aspiring guitarist in the Pixar film, Coco. He struggles with his passion because his family banned music when his great-great-grandmother was abandoned by her husband so that he could travel the world and play music. He finds himself magically transported in the Realm of the Dead, where he searched for his idol Ernesto dela Cruz to help him find his way back home.

This Pixar costume is ideal for those who want to put minimal effort in their costume. All you need to dress like Miguel Rivera is a red hoodie sweater, a pair of jeans, brown boots, and a white guitar. If your red hoodie doesn’t have white stripes along the sleeves but, you can simply use white tape to get the look.

Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume
Miguel Rivera (Coco) Costume Guide

Syndrome Costume

Syndrome is the super villain alter-ego of Buddy Pine in the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles. He idolized Mr. Incredible as a young boy and wanted nothing more to be just like him. But when he was disregarded by his hero, he turned evil and used his talents to develop gadgets that compensate for this lack of powers.

Dressing like Syndrome takes some boldness, since you have to wear that distinctive black and white bodysuit, but if you don’t have it, you can wear a Syndrome t-shirt paired with black compression pants and long sleeved shirt. Complete the look with a pair of white gloves, white boots, and a black mask. An orange wig should match the hairstyle.

Syndrome Costume
Syndrome Costume Guide
Young Carl Fredricksen

Young Carl Fredricksen Costume

As a young boy, Carl Fredricksen always dreamed of flying and exploring the world. When he was nine, he became a fan of a famous pilot named Charles F. Muntz. The young Carl in Up would often dress like him. His love for adventure and exploring would later lead him to meeting his future wife, Ellie.

If you’re too young to play the elder Carl Fredricksen, perhaps his younger version is the better look for you. This boyish pilot outfit calls for a yellow collared shirt worn under a brown sweater vest and tweed pants. Find an aviator hat with goggles for your head and finish the look with brown boots and eye glasses.

Young Carl Fredricksen Costume
Young Carl Fredricksen Costume Guide
Duke Caboom

Duke Caboom Costume

Duke Caboom is the super confident stuntman toy in the Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story 4. While he’s a daredevil on the surface, he’s broken on the inside. He was rejected and thrown out after he was opened as a gift on Christmas Day. He gave up on himself because of the rejection, but he eventually learned to pick himself up.

Duke’s costume is as adventurous as his character. Suit up with the red and white Canadian costume worn over a red shirt. Accessories include a pair of white gloves and white boots. You need to have a mustache for this one, but there’s a fake one you can get in case you can’t grow one just in time.

Duke Caboom Costume
Duke Caboom Costume Guide

Forky Costume

Forky is a spork created by Bonnie in the movie, Toy Story 4. Bonnie is the new owner of Andy’s toys, who left them for her at the end of Toy Story 3. Forky is toy, but he thinks he’s trash and thus tries to throw himself in the garbage bin all the time. Woody manages to stop him everytime he does this.

Forky is an interesting costume that are put together by simple pieces – a white sweater, beige jeans, and a pair of Adidas sneakers. What makes it stand out are the accessories—beige buttons, red knit gloves, and the Forky mask, which is easy to make using fabric paints.

Forky Costume
Forky Costume Guide

Sid Costume

Sid Philips is the only human character who knows that the toys are alive in the Disney Pixar movie, Toy Story. He is also its main antagonist who loves to torture and destroy toys. He later on developed a fear of toys when he witnessed them coming to life and turning against him when rescuing Buzz Lightyear.

Dressing up as Sid is a simple as could be. You only need a black t-shirt with a white skull design, a pair of Levi’s jeans, and black Converse All-star sneakers. He also wears fake braces, something which is very easy to find. Complete the look by carrying Woody and Buzz action figures when you go to your costume party or Disney Cruise.

Sid Costume
Sid Costume Guide

Ken Costume

Those who know Barbie must surely know who Ken Carson is. He’s the fictional boyfriend of the popular fashion doll, Barbie. He comes from Wisconsin and Barbie legend says the two met on the set of a TV commercial. He is among one of the iconic toys seen in the Pixar Toy Story series.

Ken’s outfit is not for the faint of heart. You need a certain attitude to pull off a blue cheetah print shirt, blue Cali shorts, and blue loafers. Ken’s look is not complete without accessories, so you also need a blue silk scarf, a khaki belt with gold buckle, and a wig of wavy brown hair. Don’t forget the sunglasses for this Malibu model look.

Ken Costume
Ken Costume Guide
Barley Lightfoot

Barley Lightfoot Costume

Barley Lightfoot is the rowdy teenage elf in the Disney Pixar film, Onward. He goes on a quest with his brother Ian hoping to rediscover the lost wonder and magic of their world. But he finds his world loaded with technology and he realizes that the magic he was seeking is slowly fading away. On Ian’s 16th birthday, their mother Laurel gave them a wizard staff which they use to attempt to bring their father back to life.

If you don’t mind painting yourself blue, then Barley Lightfoot is a great costume for you. First, put together an outfit that consists of a black shirt, denim vest, green cargo shorts, and a pair of black Converse shoes. Liberally apply blue face paint to the exposed parts of your body and blue dye for your hair.

Barley Lightfoot Costume
Barley Lightfoot Costume Guide
Ian Lightfoot

Ian Lightfoot Costume

Ian Lightfoot is a teenage elf in the Disney Pixar film Onward. He and his brother Barley are sad to see their world of mythical creatures slowly dying away because of technology. On his 16th birthday, he and his brother Barley received a wizard staff from their mother. The boys use the staff to try bringing their father back to life as they go on a quest to rediscover their world’s magic.

Ian’s costume is pretty much like any other teenager—a red flannel shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers. What makes the difference are the accessories, which include the elf ears. Use blue face paint on your skin and the hair dye to color the wig blue.

Ian Lightfoot  Costume
Ian Lightfoot Costume Guide
Mr. Lightfoot

Mr. Lightfoot Costume

Mr. Lightfoot is the father of teenage elves Ian and Barley in the Disney Pixar movie, Onward. Before he died, he left a magical staff to his wife and told her to give it to their boys once they reach the age of sixteen. His sons use the magical staff to try to bring him back to life, for just 24 hours.

Get the disjointed body look of Mr. Lightfoot by wearing a gray pullover sweater under a blue puffer vest, plus khaki pants, and brown dress shoes. Complete the look with accessories like purple socks, brown gloves, green hat, brown belt, and orange sunglasses. Get a couple of your friends or kids to come as Ian and Barley for a total Onward cosplay.

Mr. Lightfoot Costume
Mr. Lightfoot Costume Guide

Kristoff Costume

Kristoff Bjorgman is an ice harvester who became the boyfriend of Princess Anna in the Disney Pixar movie, Frozen 2. He wanted to propose to Anna so they can get married, but he was always getting interrupted. He joins her and Elsa on a journey to the unknown. During the journey, he questions his readiness for a big commitment, but eventually he gathered the courage to finally propose to Princess Anna.

A true protection from the cold is what Kristoff’s costume provides. Recreate the look by wearing the iceman costume over a fleece sweater and sweatpants. Bundle up further with a pair of brown boots. Don’t have Kristoff’s shaggy blond hair? A wig styled just like it will do just fine.

Kristoff Costume
Kristoff Costume Guide
Kristoff Bjorgman

Kristoff Bjorgman Costume

Kristoff Bjorgman is one of the main characters in the Disney Pixar hit Frozen. He is an ice harvester and his business suffered when Queen Elsa makes the kingdom go into an endless winter. He agreed to work with Princess Anna to stop her sister Elsa and restore summer once again. Kristoff and Anna eventually warmed up to each other and became romantically involved.

Prepare for lots of warmth when you don a Kristoff costume. Underneath, you have to wear a fleece sweatshirt and pants and then accessorize with a pair of winter gloves and a toy pickaxe. As for his wavy blond hair, a wig will come in handy if you happen to have a different hairstyle.

Kristoff Bjorgman Costume
Kristoff Bjorgman Costume Guide
Joe Gardner

Joe Gardner Costume

Joe Gardner is a middle school teacher in the Disney Pixar movie, Soul. He dreams of performing jazz music live on stage, but before he can do so, he got into an accident in which his soul was transported from his body. He finds himself at a You Seminar in which he has to work with souls in training and help them find out what their passions are.

Joe’s schoolteacher costume is an outfit that you may already have in the closet. All you need is a green turtleneck shirt, brown pants, brown dress shoes, and a gray hat. Accessories are minimal—a leather briefcase, eye glasses, and a fake mustache, in case you are not sporting facial hair.

Joe Gardner Costume
Joe Gardner Costume Guide

Andy Costume

Andy is the owner of Sheriff Woody and a slew of other toys in the Disney Pixar series, Toy Story. Unlike other toy owners, he doesn’t throw away his old ones after a short while but keeps them and holds on to them for as long as he could. Among his toys, Sheriff Woody was his favorite until a new one, Buzz Lightyear, arrived. This sparks jealousy within Woody and he does everything he can to get rid of Andy’s new favorite toy.

The Andy costume is just perfect for the kid at heart. Just wear a raglan t-shirt, cargo shorts, and a pair of Converse sneakers to nail the look. Don’t forget to wear a red hat and carry a Buzz Lightyear and Jessie Figure with you to the party.

Andy Costume
Andy Costume Guide

Fear Costume

Fear is one of the emotions within Riley Andersen in the Pixar movie, Inside Out. As befitting his name, Fear is always on the lookout for dangers in order to keep Riley safe. His avoidance of danger influences Riley’s decisions. He assumes everything is a threat to Riley’s safety and thus can become quite obsessed in watching out and observing everything she does.

If you love the color purple, you will definitely love dressing up as Fear. It’s a classy outfit that consists of a stripe broadcloth shirt, houndstooth v-neck sweater, dress pants, and black slip-on shoes. Accessories include a purple bowtie and purple gloves. You also need a face paint to paint your exposed skin purple and then use the chenille stems as the final flourish.

Fear Costume
Fear Costume Guide

Screenslaver Costume

Screenslaver is the enigmatic supervillain in the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles 2. As a master manipulator, he can bend people to his will and with this talent, he creates havoc all throughout the movie. No one knows his true identity—an innocent pizza delivery boy who becomes a villain every time he falls under Evelyn Deavor’s hypnotic control.

Transform yourself into Screenslaver with an outfit that looks part-robber and part-alien. To achieve this look, wear a black turtleneck shirt, black chino pants, and Chelsea boots. Put a cycling face mask on and wear safety goggles on top of it. Complete the outfit with a half face mask and classic motorcycle gloves.

Screenslaver Costume
Screenslaver Costume Guide

These costume options offer something for any man or boy who wants to transform into a beloved Pixar character. Whether you’re young or old, regardless of body type and your preference of a hero or villain, you will find a Pixar costume that is perfect for your costume party, Disney Cruise, or trip to Disneyland.

From sentimental favorites such as Carl Fredricksen to Sheriff Woody, villains such as Syndrome, and adorable heroes such as Bob and Dash Parr there’s an excellent male Pixar costume waiting for you to show off.

These costume guides have everything you need to nail each Disney Pixar look. Going as a group is even better, especially with Disney Cruise’s Pixar Day at Sea, as you’ll find costumes for multiple characters from each movie. Have a blast choosing different costumes with your friends among Disney’s top Pixar movies.