Best Costumes for Guy Best Friends in 2024

One of the best things about Halloween is tapping into your creative side and finding some great costumes. What’s even better than that you might ask? Finding a costume that you can pull off with your best friend! These costumes may perform well on their own, but they’re even better when you have the other half; it’s like two peas in a pod.


Rick and Morty

Whether you’re more a naive person who’s willing to go along for the ride or more of a cynic who’s up for crazy adventures, you’ll surely find your match in this costume. The mad scientist Rick with his grandson Morty makes the perfect costume pair for you and your best friend this Halloween! Get ready to find yourself in crazy situations that you’ll have to use some creative thinking wits to get out of.

To get the look of Rick, you will need a tri-blend crew tee, a short spiky costume wig, a gold belt buckle with canvas web belt, a men’s white lab coat, straight leg pants, crew socks, and black walking shoes. For Morty’s simple look, what you’ll want to grab is a yellow t-shirt, light up space gun toy with sounds, Fruit of the Loom men’s socks, and classic white sneakers.


Will and Carlton from Fresh Prince

While it may seem like these two are at odds with one another, especially when they butt heads, they happen to be pretty close. Not only are these two figures but Carlton is his best friend and brother figure. If you have a close friend in your life, you probably won’t find a better costume for the occasion.

To get the look of Carlton, you will want a yellow knit crew neck sweater, men’s stretch chinos, a men’s Oxford shirt, leather dress belt, and lace dress shoes. For the Fresh Prince costume, you’ll want to grab an army military cadet cap, eyeglasses neck cord, retro Wayfarers, a retro t-shirt, slouch socks, cotton pocket shorts, and basketball ball shorts to finish off the look.


Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

There’s almost no better duo in Bikini bottom than Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy! Known for their television show in their younger years, they tend to more relaxed nowadays and fight crime occasionally. While Barnacle Boy may get frustrated with Mermaid man, he cares about him deep down, and they’re personalities play off well together. Are you ready to fight the crime that lurks Bikini Bottom? Here’s what you’ll need!

Make sure to grab an aqua man costume, white short hair wig, seashells bra with cord, yellow letter M belt, purple starfish, pink slippers and purple spray paint for Mermaid Man. For Barnacle Boy, you’ll need a sailor cap, black swimming goggles, solid color bandanna, a red long-sleeve shirt, black yoga shorts, blue rubber gloves and finally, black rain boots.


Deadpool and Peter W.

Unlike the other members of the X-Force, Peter W. happens to be human, but he knows how to hold his own in some situations. Deadpool is his former leader, friend, and savior which makes this the perfect costumes for two best friends!

What you’ll need for the costume of Deadpool is dual swords, Deadpool superhero full body suit, Deadpool belt with buckle and pouches, Neoprene knife holder with straps, heavy duty web belt, cold steel rubber trainer knife, Wade Wilson dog tags, tactical left handed leg holster, tactical right-handed leg holster, red and black motorcycle boots, .44 airsoft pistol and tactical half finger gloves.

For Peter, grab a long-sleeve linen shirt, basic character mustache, modern lace-up shoes, rucksack tactical backpack, straight fit pants, genuine leather belt, and helmet goggles.


Black Panther and Erik Killmonger

Erik Killmonger and Black Panther seem to be at odds with one another. A cousin of Black Panther, Killmonger has plans to take back the throne, but the Black Panther has plans to stop it. Grab a friend to pull off this pair and have an epic fight that many will be jealous of.

To get the look of Erik Killmonger down just right, you’ll want to grab a Killmonger vest, long sleeve performance tee, tactical combat shoes, paratrooper fatigue pants, tactical duty belt, Erik Killmonger weapons, tactical leg holster, Killmonger mask and a wig similar to his hairstyle. For Black Panther, you’ll want to grab a Black Panther latex mask, Black Panther Leather Jacket, Black Panther mask, black leather pants, Black Panther gloves, Black Panther full costume, and men’s tactical boots.


Batman and Joker

There’s almost no duo that’s more iconic than Batman and Joker. While Batman is doing his best to stop crime in Gotham, Joker is looking to push his buttons a little. These two have a history that’s long and full of chaos, but it’s an excellent choice for a double costume with your friend. Get ready to either save some civilians or cause some crimes!

To get the look of Batman, you’ll want to grab The Dark Knight deluxe muscle chest, Batman latex overhead mask, a black cape, black Gotham boots, Batarangs, and Batman gauntlet gloves. To get Joker’s look down, you will need a green curly wig, Joker multicolor tie, purple wool trench coat, Joker cosplay hexagon shirt, green costume vest, white clown makeup, purple and green Joker tac force knife, Joker costume socks and straight flat front purple pants.


Russell and Carl from Up

If you’ve ever watched Up, then you’ll know just how precious the friendship is between Russell and Carl. After losing his wife, Carl meets Boy Scout Russell who sticks to his side as though on a crazy adventure! Get ready for your heart to feel warm as you and your friend dress in these costumes.

To get the look for the costume of Russell, you’ll want an Ellie badge pin, a Wilderness Explorer iron-on patch, USA patch, yellow cap, orange neckerchief, neckerchief slide, orange camping backpack, Boy Scout shirt, badge sash, red rope, toy binoculars, brown shorts, army style flashlight, hiking boots, golden bugle, white crew socks and finally, felt circles to help finish off the look.

What you’ll need for the costume of Carl is wool dress pants, wool sports coat, distressed belt, clear lens square glasses, men’s dress shirt, solid bow tie, quad cane, walker tennis ball glides, Ellie badge pin, and leather suede shoes.


Thor and Loki

These two brothers have had quite the rocky relationship, and it’s quite iconic among fans. While not entirely blood brothers, it doesn’t stop jealousy regarding certain family things from getting under their skin. It seems though, at least in the newest films, that they’ve put aside differences to be allies for a moment.

To get the look of Loki, you’ll want to grab a Loki Helmet, Loki costume, Tesseract cube, a green cape, Loki boots, and Loki Scepter. For the look of Thor, you’ll need a Thor wig, Thor hero mask, Thor’s hammer, and Thor adult costume to finish off the look.


Pennywise and Georgie

The relationship that exists between Georgie Denbrough and Pennywise is one of just pure evil. If you’ve ever watched the film or read the book, you’d know that Pennywise kills Georgie as one of his first victims. While you don’t want to repeat what happens in the movie with your friend, this is a great spooky costume idea for Halloween!

What you’ll need for Georgie is a fleece sweatshirt, a rain jacket, a blue turtleneck, easy origami for beginners for you to make the boat, red balloons, regular fit jeans, and black rain boots. For It, you’ll need a Pennywise Cosplay Costume, a Pennywise mask, Pennywise contact lenses, a bald latex cap, red balloons, Pennywise Cosplay Shoes, a Pennywise wig, Pennywise makeup tutorial and finally a Pennywise makeup kit.


Harry Potter and Ron Weasley

Harry and Ron became best friends during their first year at Hogwarts and would eventually become brothers-in-law when Harry married Ginny. Their relationship became more brotherly than best friends before that, however. They saved each other’s lives and put themselves in mortal danger too many times to count. The entire Weasley family treat Harry as one of their own, which only deepens the bond between these two best friends. So be prepared to dive in front of spells and drag your partner in crime out of any danger they find themselves in!

What you’ll need for Harry Potter is Harry Potter adult deluxe robe, glasses, wand, and Firebolt broom. A Gryffindor Tie, snitch and house scarf and a white dress shirt. For Ron Weasley, you’ll need a short red hair wig, a Ron “R” sweatshirt and wand. A Gryffindor Robe, tie and scarf, a white dress shirt, scabbers plush, and black dress shoes.


Mario and Luigi

Mario and Luigi have a close brotherly relationship and stop at nothing to help each other when one is in trouble. Their close relationship has been portrayed many times throughout games, television shows, movies and comics that make up the Mario franchise. Luigi is the younger, taller twin brother of Mario; throughout his life he has lived Mario’s shadow, developing both cowardly and heroic tendencies. Despite this, Luigi has fought alongside his brother on numerous occasions.

What you’ll need for Mario is a Mario Hat and Mustache kit, red long sleeve t-shirt, high back bib overalls, yellow flatback resin buttons, Super Mario Brothers deluxe gloves, and USA sergeants verdict men’s boots. For his brother Luigi, you’ll need a Luigi Hat and Mustache kit, green long-sleeve t-shirt, high back bib overalls, yellow flatback resin buttons, Super Mario Brothers deluxe gloves and USA sergeants verdict men’s boots.


Doug and Skeeter

Doug and Skeeter are the best of best friends and are usually always seen together. Despite not knowing each other their whole lives, they have a bond one would expect from friends lifelong friends. They often prove their loyalty and willingness to help each other out in even the direst of situations, also if it may cause them grief. So be prepared to search the house far and wide to grab your buddy a beer!

What you’ll need for Doug Funnie is a green solid v-neck sweater vest, white ultra cotton t-shirt, flat front chino shorts, white over the calf tube socks and converse CTAS pro. To get started with Skeeter Valentine, you’ll need a lightning shirt, face paint, yellow shorts, white socks, and red Converse shoes.


Goku and Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta are opposites in almost every way, as such they went from enemies to rivals and eventually friends. They have a different kind of friendship. However, they certainly have had their fair share of “disagreements” over the years. But deep down they know, although they might have a hard time admitting it to each other they are close friends. Friends that continuously fight bicker and fall out. But friends. So grab that buddy of yours who you love to hate and go super Saiyan this Halloween.

What you’ll need for Goku is a both a Goku Saiyan and standard wig, Goku costume and shoes, some dragon balls and a bag of senzu beans. For Vegeta, you’ll need a Vegeta Saiyan and standard wig, costume, a lens scouter, and a dragon ball crystal ball.


Groot and Rocket

The relationship between Groot and Rocket closely resembles both a bromance and a father/son relationship. We meet them in the first Guardians films as partners in crime who apparently have a long and “healthy relationship” with one another. Rocket is also one of the VERY few people who can understand Groot, further solidifying their bond. In the first film we see Groot acting as Rockets protector and muscle; however, these roles are flipped in the second film. Grab your partner in crime and be prepared for a wild night!

For Groot, you’ll need a Groot cosplay mask, hands and a men’s haunted tree costume. What you’ll need for Rocket is a Rocket Raccoon mask, costume, and gloves, a Guardians of the Galaxy Blaster and some furry boot covers.


Captain Hook and Mr. Smee

Hooks and Smees have a trusting and classic villain and sidekick relationship. Hook always confides in his right-hand man Smee and turns to him when he has a risky plan or an iffy trick up his sleeve. Mr. Smee, being the trusted sidekick, is usually cautious but always does what he is asked. Smee represents the lighthearted side of pirating. When captured by Hook, every child in the hold loves Smee, despite believing they fear him. This compliments the scary Captain’s reign of terror perfectly.

For Captain Hook, you’ll need a Pirate Captain costume, Captain Hook wig and mustache, pirate hook, Caribbean combat boots, white knee-high socks, classic musketeer sword, and a toy pirate gun.

For Mr. Smee, you’ll need a red stocking cap with pompom, half-moon glasses, sky blue horizontal stripe t-shirt, white mutton chops, bulbous nose prosthetic, quicksilver blue chino shorts and brown leather slide sandals.


Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro Sanchez

Napoleon and Pedro are best friends. They are always helping one another with their goals and ambitions, be it assisting Pedro to become Class President, sharing tater tots or giving each other a ride to school. They don’t spend much time apart and are always striving to push each other. For Halloween, why don’t you grab your best friend and dress like the hilarious duo of Napoleon and Pedro?

For Napoleon, you’ll need a Brown afro wig, a vote for Pedro t-shirt, metal clear lens glasses, trapper keeper binder, 501 original fit jeans, classic sports digital watch, lightweight headphones, stereo cassette player and moon boot shoe covers.

For Pedro, you’ll need a single breasted two button navy blazer, black nerd wig, embroidered poly-cotton shirt, western bolo tie, vote for me button, leather belt with antiqued buckle, pencil-thin mustache set, Levi’s stonewash relaxed fit jeans and buckle up ankle cowboy boots.


Rick Grimes and Negan

Rick and Negan are on two ends of the spectrum when it comes to mortality. Even that even exists in a zombie apocalypse. Rick sees Negan as his enemy, as he does he carries out horrific acts, like enslaving other survivor communities and forcing them to pay tribute to him. Whereas Rick is described as the everyman character, who emphasizes moral codes and values. If you have a friend who often agrees to disagree, this is the perfect costume.

To dress like Rick Grimes you’ll need a leather walking jacket, two-tone short sleeve uniform shirt, single holster faux leather gun belt, king county sheriff metal badge, dickies original 874 work pant, western cowboy hat, 6-inch barrel spring powered airsoft revolver, king county Georgia sheriff’s department embroidered patch and a Laredo 12-inch trucker boot.

For Negan, you’ll need a classic leather motorcycle jacket, long-sleeve thermal, brown .38 caliber cartridge gun belt, solid burgundy red bandana, straight leg jeans, Louisville Slugger bat, silver barbed wire garland and genuine leather combat boots.


Bill and Ted

Bill and Ted are two slacker friends who want to pursue their band dreams than focus on schoolwork. They go to some extraordinary, time-bending lengths to ensure they are not separated and kept safe. They continually help each other out of the craziest situations without thinking twice. There doesn’t seem to be anything they cannot motivate each other to do, even taking on death itself! So grab that friend that doesn’t know when to stop and have a totally bogus night.

For Bill, you’ll need a Long sleeve button down shirt, white tee, relaxed cargo utility pants, friendship rope bracelet, red permanent marker, red shoelaces, and a Converse Chuck Taylor all star sneakers.

To become Ted, you’ll need a Van Halen 1984 t-shirt, classic fit vest, 505 regular-fit shorts, red slim denim jacket, black shoelaces, smiley face patch, relaxed white sweatpants, Converse Chuck Taylor all star sneakers, thermal boot crew socks, genuine leather cuff bracelet.


Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar

Wayne and Garth are two best friends who run a public access cable show. They are best friends and rely heavily on each other, especially Garth who gets extremely nervous when Wayne is not around. Despite wanting to be independent of one another, they just cannot be separated as their bond is as strong as they come.

For a Wayne Campbell look, you’ll need a black t-shirt, Wayne’s world hat, jeans with knee holds, black mullet wig, black converse sneakers, and a toy electric guitar. For Garth Algar, you’ll need a Garth Algar wig and glasses, purple plaid shirt, Aerosmith shirt, jeans with knee holes, black bracelet, classic drumsticks, and black converse sneakers.


Beavis and Butt-head

Though they are best friends, Beavis and Butt-Head have a jaded, savage and ruthless relationship. Beavis is often insulted and beaten by Butt-Head, but rarely fights back or stands up for himself. Despite this, they are clearly best friends considering their, shared interests, residency activities and total lack of any other friends. They will even occasionally compliment each other when one makes any sort of endeavor. Butt-Head appears to be the leader of the two, often giving the instructions when out and about.

To be Beavis, you’ll need temporary colored hair spray, Metallica men’s t-shirt, firm hold pomade, black shorts, comfort quarter socks, and authentic skate shoes. For Butt-Head, you’ll need Billy Bob teeth with braces, AC/DC men’s t-shirt, Firme hold pomade, red shorts, comfort quarter socks, and authentic skate shoes.


Mike and Dwight from The Office

On the surface, Michael and Dwight’s relationship appears to be one way. Dwight’s admiration for Michael is evident as he is thrilled when asked to handle any task given to him. However, Michael cares what Dwight thinks of him and is fond of him, even showing up as Dwight’s best man at his wedding. Although Dwight is exceptionally fond of Michael, he attempts to betray him on multiple occasions, only showing remorse once caught. Get a hold of that buddy who you love to hate and try not to embarrass each other…too much.

To be Prison Mike, you’ll need a blue suit, purple bandana, striped shirt, classic tie and dress shoes. To go as Dwight, you’ll need a two button classic fit suit, metal clear lens glasses, short sleeve poplin shirt, check style microfiber tie, Dunder Mifflin ID badge, prop pager and a calculator watch.


Dumb and Dumber

Lloyd and Harry are two people who were just meant to be best friends. After meeting in High School, they have been best friends ever since, supporting each other through the loss of parents and loved ones. It seems virtually impossible for them to fit any other human beings due to their obnoxious, immature and inept social skills. So they stick together and go to extraordinary lengths to achieve each other’s dreams. This is an excellent idea for you and that friend who can’t help but get weird when you’re together.

For Lloyd, you’ll need a Lloyd Christmas wig and tuxedo costume, an orange-colored cane, tooth f-x, and orange tuxedo shoes. For Harry, you’ll need a Harry Dunne wig and tuxedo costume, a blue colored cane, samsonite focus attache and baby blue tuxedo shoes.


Doc Brown and Marty McFly

Marty and Docs relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration. They both learn a lot about themselves and the world from one another. They first came together as they were the black sheep of their respective communities, but found each other cool and exciting. During their adventures, it is apparent they care deeply for one another at a family-esque level; and will often put themselves at risk to help the other. Great for you and that friend you admire, look up to and would tear a hole in space and time with on a night out.

For Doc Brown, you’ll need a mad scientist wig, radiation symbol decal, generic transmitter remote control, handheld LCD stopwatch, Gen-Nex painters coverall, yellow latex gloves, orange craft tape, black welding goggles, tool bag with poly web belt and a sparco bulldog clip.

For Marty McFly, you’ll need white grid check short sleeve, sierra down vest, the trucker jacket, cardinal cotton t-shirt, solid suspenders, stonewash 501 original fit jeans, hoverboard, CA53W calculator watch, match supreme leather shoe.


Ragnar and Floki

Floki is Ragnar’s closest and most trusted friend. Floki is often the source of entertainment among his close friends and is incredibly wise and is held in high regard, hence Ragnar’s trust. Ragnar is a family man disguised under a fierce and brutal facade. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with and incredibly loyal to one another on and off the battlefield. You and a friend will have to battle your way to the bar!

For the Ragnar Lothbrok look, you’ll need Viking leather armor, a medieval tunic, medieval renaissance ring belt, dragon bracelet steel, medieval renaissance lace-up pants, long-haired striped faux fur throw, ax of Ragnar Lothbrok, Viking medieval shield and captain 110 engineer belt.

For Floki you’ll need Viking leather armor, long sleeve slim fit henley t-shirt, medieval ring belt brown, adult elven brown cloak, classic black face paint, faux leather gauntlet wristbands, jogging gym harem pants, standard Viking axe, and Gotham engineer boots.


Captain America and Bucky Barnes

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are childhood friends who met when Bucky defended Steve from bullies. This was often the case when they were growing up; Bucky would often get Steve out of tight spots and defend him from less desirables. After they both joined the military, they were separated, only to be reunited later in life after many trials and tribulations. These would be the perfect costumes for you and a buddy who are reuniting at a Halloween party this fall!

For Captain America, you’ll need a Captain America muscle costume, utility belt, boots and shield, and a brown harness and brown gloves. The Winter Soldier needs a black hair wig, a Winter Soldier mask, gloves, and arm sleeve, Eisenhower jacket, condor modular vest, military army cargo pants, airsoft automatic rifle, men’s combat boots, black blade knives and a black tactical belt to finish off the look!

As you see from these men’s best friend costume guides, there is a variety of options out there for you and your best friend! You can go as close friends who share a familial bond or maybe a few spooky people who don’t quite get along. The choice is yours, and you can be creative as you’d like this Halloween. Put on as big of a show as you’d want with your best friend and make this a year they won’t forget!