Best Disney Villain Costumes for Women in 2024

Disney Villains have always been a popular choice for costume ideas, and with so many wickedly wonderful characters to choose from, it’s easy to see why! This collection focuses on the best Disney Villain costumes for women, including iconic and stylish characters like the Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil, and Maleficent. Embrace your dark side and let your inner villain shine at your next cosplay event or party. Each character featured here has a distinct look and style, complete with a step-by-step DIY costume guide to help you transform into these unforgettable and iconic villains.

Evil Queen

Evil Queen Costume

The Evil Queen is the original Disney Villain, and her sinister elegance makes her a perfect choice for a costume. To create her regal look, you’ll need a long, dark gown with a high collar, a golden crown, a red cape, a black wig styled in a tight bun, and dramatic makeup that highlights her arched eyebrows and red lips. Don’t forget to carry a poison apple to complete the ensemble!

Evil Queen Costume
Evil Queen Costume Guide

Yzma Costume

Yzma is the eccentric and cunning villain from Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. Her unique costume features a long purple gown, a purple feather headdress, a fur-trimmed shawl, and a pair of large round earrings. Add a pair of fingerless gloves, a black wig styled in a high bun, and Yzma’s exaggerated makeup to complete the transformation.

Yzma Costume
Yzma Costume Guide

Voyd Costume

Voyd is a complex and intriguing character from Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. To capture her superhero-turned-villain look, you’ll need a form-fitting blue jumpsuit with a V-shaped logo, a pair of blue gloves, and a pair of blue boots. Don’t forget Voyd’s signature short blue hair and a green mask to complete the ensemble.

Voyd  Costume
Voyd Costume Guide
Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil Costume

Cruella De Vil is a stylish and iconic villain from 101 Dalmatians. To recreate her look, you’ll need a black and white wig, a black and white faux fur coat, a form-fitting red dress, red gloves, and red heels. Accessorize with a cigarette holder and dramatic makeup, including her signature red lipstick.

Cruella De Vil Costume
Cruella De Vil Costume Guide

Maleficent Costume

Maleficent is a powerful and captivating character who brings a darker twist to the classic Sleeping Beauty tale. For her costume, you’ll need a long black dress with a dramatic collar, a black horned headdress, a dark cape, and a staff. Complete the look with Maleficent’s signature makeup, including her sharp cheekbones and deep red lips.

Maleficent Costume
Maleficent Costume Guide

Embrace your inner villainess and let your wicked side shine with these fantastic Disney Villain costumes for women. From classic characters like the Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil to newer villains from Pixar movies like Voyd and Darla Sherman, there’s a character to suit every style and taste. So, gather your friends, choose your favorite villain, and make a wickedly unforgettable entrance at your next cosplay event or costume party!