The Best Disney Princess Costumes in 2024

When you think of dressing up as a princess for your next cosplay adventure, you probably don’t think of royalty. More than likely, you think of how to dress up like your favorite Disney princesses! Whether your top choice is a damsel in distress like Snow White or the sassy hero like Merida, there are no wrong choices when it comes to Disney princesses! Disney has given us so many options for Halloween or cosplay! Get all your gal pals together and make this into a women’s group cosplay by checking out these easy to assemble DIY Disney princess costumes. Choose your favorite princess below and get started with the corresponding step-by-step guide to create a costume of royalty.

Princess Merida

Princess Merida Costume

Princess Merida is unlike any other Disney princess we have met yet! This young Scottish girl has the most beautiful and curly hair around, but she isn’t quite what you expect when you think of a princess. Yes, the other Disney princesses have a mind of their own and want to go on their own adventures, but Merida wants absolutely nothing to do with being a princess and finding her “perfect suitor.” Merida wants to explore the lands, shoot her bow and arrow, and ride her best friend Angus the horse throughout the wilderness.

All you need to dress like this headstrong gal is a Princess Merida Cosplay Wig, H&M Dark Green Maxi Dress, Tan Suede Genuine Leather Belt, Gold Arrow Pendant with Necklace, Dark Brown Elia Slouch Boots, an OMP Suede Side Quiver and Wooden Bow Set with Arrows. Merida knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to take a shot at it!

Princess Merida Costume
Princess Merida Costume Guide
Princess Anna

Princess Anna Costume

Princess Anna has been trapped inside her family’s castle for many years since the unfortunate passing of her parents and the fact that her only sister has hidden away in her room. Anna learned how to entertain herself over the years, but she couldn’t contain her excitement when the moment came that she just might have the chance of being close with her sister again and also finding true love the very same day! Little did she know that things aren’t always what they seem, and family comes before anything.

You can get Anna’s happy-go-lucky Disney Princess look with a High Waisted Royal Blue Maxi Skirt, Long Sleeve Button-Down Sky Blue Shirt, a Women’s Tailored Vest, a Brown Weaving Braid Wig, Princess Anna Fuchsia Cloak, and a pair of Women’s Black Valley Boots. She’s on a mission to save her kingdom!

Princess Anna Costume
Princess Anna Costume Guide
Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa Costume

Elsa took a turn on the dark side for a little while, but you never have to worry about the Disney Princesses for too long. She got lost along the way, but Elsa realized that her family is her most treasured possession even when she tried to fight it for so long. She is quite the opposite of her optimistic sister, but Elsa looks at every situation for the most likely outcome and she wants to be prepared for the good or the bad!

Get the Frozen Queen Elsa’s Disney style with a Long Sequins Blue Evening Dress, Slim Fit Long-Sleeve Baby Blue Crop Top, L’Oreal Paris Lipstick – Evangeline’s Red, Clear Peep Toe Heels, and White Glitter Snowflake Fabric for a shimmering cape. Don’t forget the accessories for your hair (because we know all Disney Princesses have wonderful hairdos) with a Light Blonde Long Weaving Braid, Elsa Hairpin Snowflake Hair Clips, and a Frozen Elsa Tiara.

Queen Elsa Costume
Queen Elsa Costume Guide

Cinderella Costume

Cinderella is one of the classic Disney Princesses that everyone adores—well, minus her evil stepmother and stepsisters! Cinderella stares off into the sky, daydreaming of the day she will meet her prince and all of her dreams will come true. With the help of her mice friends and her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella makes all of her dreams come to life, but she has to keep an eye on the clock while doing so!

Get Cinderella’s Disney Princess costume with a Cinderella Long Quinceanera Gown, a Satin Covered Headband, Plain Black Velvet Choker, and Cinderella Dress Pump. Don’t forget that Cinderella has two styles, so take a look at which one you would want to dress as for some Disney cosplay fun!

Cinderella Costume
Cinderella Costume Guide

Rapunzel Costume

Rapunzel has spent all of her life in the tip-top of a tall tower, but when her curiosity starts to get the best of her, she takes off for a little adventure. She meets a friend along the way, but there’s a lot more to her younger years that her so-called mother isn’t telling her! Rapunzel finds out some secrets that have been hidden from her all while finding out who she truly is.

You too can have the Disney Princess Rapunzel’s look with a Long Blonde Braid Tangled Wig, a Tangled Halloween Costume, a Nonstick Frying Pan, a pair of Women’s Ballet Flats, and a Disney Tangled Pascal plush doll. Rapunzel doesn’t go anywhere without her weapon of choice and her gecko companion! Now you can be the girl from the tower and go as a Disney princess for Halloween or a cosplay event!

Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel Costume Guide

Pocahontas Costume

Pocahontas lived in a small village where her father was the village chief. Despite her bold attitude, Pocahontas never shied away from obeying her father–that is until John Smith traveled across the waters and into her village. John came from America, and he and Pocahontas quickly fell in love. Their relationship was forbidden, but that didn’t stop John and Pocahontas from fighting for their love that they knew was true. She learned so much about herself and her village by John coming into her life.

Pocahontas has a look unlike any other Disney Princess. Get her costume with a Long Black Anime Cosplay Wig, RG Women’s Costumes- Pocahontas, a Pocahontas Necklace, and a Pocahontas Costume Armband. You can’t forget to take Pocahontas’ best friend, so grab a Disney Pocahontas Plush Meeko toy on your way to cosplay!

Pocahontas Costume
Pocahontas Costume Guide

Mulan Costume

Mulan grew up in a family that could be described as strict—which would be an understatement! Her family values their traditions and beliefs, and they have a very high expectation for Mulan. The only thing is that Mulan isn’t like most girls in her community because she doesn’t have all of the feminine qualities like the other girls. Instead of being like everyone else, Mulan decides to save her family and go to war…as a man!

Get ready to fight as Mulan, the Disney Princess, with either of the Mulan Princess Costumes, a Mulan Prop Sword, a Women’s Black Wig, a Handheld Folding Fan, and a pair of Black Flats. Now you’re ready for Halloween night or the next cosplay party you have lined up! You can’t go wrong with a Disney princess costume!

Mulan Costume
Mulan Costume Guide

Belle Costume

Belle has to be one of the favorite Disney Princesses because she has a love for books and finding adventure in her life! She simply wants to escape her provincial town, and to avoid Gaston as much as possible! Belle goes on a hunt to save her father and comes across a Beast. Come to find out, he isn’t quite the beast he appears to be. Belle and the Beast learn quite a lot about each other in the time they spend together.

Get Belle’s famous look with either of the Princess Belle Costume Outfits, a blue Bow from Big Hair Bows, a pair of Women’s Ballerina Ballet Shoes, and The Trading Picnic Basket. Grab a book to carry around if you really want to give off the impression of this intelligent princess. Who doesn’t want to dress up as this Disney princess?

Belle Costume
Belle Costume Guide
Snow White

Snow White Costume

Snow White is known for being the loving and innocent Disney princess, and she is also the very first one which makes her special. She has a love for nature and animals, and she has no idea how to be an unkind person. On the other hand, her stepmother is the evil of all evil and wants nothing more than to get rid of Snow White. She is naive in trusting her stepmother which lands her in an awful situation. Since Snow White is such a good person inside and out, something wonderful will come her way.

Get the original Disney princess’ look with a Snow White Costume, a Girl’s Black Character Wig, Yellow Ballet Flats, all or a selection of The Seven Dwarves plush dolls, and of course a Fake Red Apple. You can’t go wrong with dressing as the very first Disney princess for cosplay!

Snow White Costume
Snow White Costume Guide
Princess Jasmine

Princess Jasmine Costume

Princess Jasmine is much like any other teenage girl sneaking out of her home and coming back to tell her best friend (who is a tiger) all about her adventures. While sneaking out is as fun as it sounds, Jasmine knows she is missing something in her life. Her father means well, but he also has the evil Jafar whispering in his ear so he can manipulate him into allowing Jafar to marry Jasmine. She won’t allow it, and then suddenly an interesting man named Aladdin enters her life who has the same hunger for adventure.

Get Princess Jasmine’s beautiful style with a Princess Jasmine Costume, a Polished Necklace, a Ponytail Wig, Gold Teardrop Earrings, a Princess Jasmine Headband, Princess Jasmine Shoes, a Rajah Plush Doll, and an Aladdin Plush Doll as well! Jasmine is a fun and fearless Disney Princess to dress as for cosplay!

Princess Jasmine Costume
Princess Jasmine Costume Guide

There are so many Disney princesses to choose from and this list of costumes doesn’t make choosing any easier! Once you have narrowed down which Disney princess you would like to be like, check out the linked costume guide to get all the details. You’ll find each costume piece with a link indicating the place to buy each item. You’ll also find interesting information about each Disney princess. Whether dressing up as damsel in distress or a sassy hero, now you can go have fun with your friends dressed like the entire Disney princess line-up! As others admire your royal costume, you can tell them exactly how you dressed up as a Disney princess.