Best costumes for Couples in 2024

Dressing up for cosplay and Halloween on your own isn’t near as fun as making a couples costume! Here is an entire list of characters to dress for you and your friend or partner’s next cosplay idea. Choose from animated characters like Stu and Didi Pickles from the classic show The Rugrats, or new characters that are huge hits at the moment like Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things. Each set of couples costumes comes (say that three times fast) with their own step-by-step instructions to recreate your newest and best cosplay costumes yet! Browse through the characters to choose who you will partner up with next!


Wade Watts and Samantha Cook

Wade Watts is the main character from the 2018 film Ready Player One. In the movie, Wade is on a hunt to find the “Easter Egg” in the virtual reality game OASIS. Samantha Cook is also a massive fan of the game and is known for her skills in egg hunting. The two embark on the journey of finding the Easter Egg hidden in the game, and Wade makes it very clear that he has feelings for Samantha. But she has her eye on the prize and won’t admit her same feelings until the hunt is over.

Dress as the two gamers as they face off in the hunt of their lives. Get Wade’s style with a plaid shirt, baseball shirt, blue jeans, Converse sneakers, fingertip lightning gloves, a black belt, and a virtual reality system. For Samantha, you will need a black tank top, a blue cardigan, denim shorts, black tights, brown boots, and a short orange wig.


T.J and Ashley from Recess

Throughout Disney’s TV show Recess, Spinelli seemed to be more than just friends with T.J. Detweiler, and it looked as though T.J. had similar feelings. T.J. is the ringleader of his group of friends and is mostly responsible for all the schemes and tricks they get themselves in to. Even though he’s a prankster, T.J. is also very kind-hearted and genuinely cares about the other kids in school. While T.J.’s academic achievements are subpar, he’s a genius when it comes to inventing a new prank or scheme.

Dress up as the perfect playground pair this Halloween. Get T.J.’s look with a green MA-1 flight jacket, a red baseball hat, a men’s short sleeve tee, straight-leg rugged jeans, and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star red shoes. Spinelli keeps her look super laid back but girly with a seamed stretch sheath dress, military Anorak jacket, stripe tights, harness boots, orange hair ties, and a cable knit slouchy beanie.


Raven and Beast Boy

Raven and Beast Boy are two of the team members of DC Comics Teen Titans. Raven has the ability to levitate, teleport, and perform astral projection among many other powers. She is afraid to let anyone too close to her emotionally and pushes people away with sarcasm. Beast Boy, the shapeshifter, is the polar opposite of Raven where he loves to horse around and make everyone laugh- but opposites attract especially in this case.

Get the two Teen Titans costumes ready to recreate for a couples costume with all of the necessary pieces! Grab Raven’s costume with a crystal bindi pack, an antiqued red and gold pendant and corresponding flat tag, the five stones chain necklace, and light grey face paint. Pull the couple together with Beast Boy’s cosplay style by getting green with green hair spray and face paint, a black long sleeve compression shirt and matching compression tights. Then add a Beast Boy shirt, fashion colored bottom sneakers, grey gloves, and pointed ear tips.


Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp team up as they are learning about their superhero suits and new-found skills. The Wasp trained Ant-Man as he took over the suit from the original superhero, and then The Wasp learned that she was actually the daughter of the original Wasp and Ant-Man. Hope and Scott took on the roles of the newest superheroes together and learned how to save the world side-by-side.

Dress as the dynamic duo from the world of Marvel with their superhero suits. For Ant-Man, you will need an Ant-Man jacket, black leather pants, Ant-Man Helmet, black tactical boots, Ant-Man gloves, wrist guard, and the round cap push button to get Ant-Man’s complete look. To recreate The Wasp’s costume, make it easy with a Wasp costume set, Wasp helmet, wings, and a Hot Wheels 30-car storage case for her accessory.


Archie and Veronica from Riverdale

Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge are two of the main characters from The CW’s popular show Riverdale. Archie grew up in Riverdale, and Veronica’s parents moved her away to escape their drama. Veronica’s mother decided to move back to Riverdale, and Archie and Veronica instantly had a connection (that some people were not very fond of). The two had a rocky relationship in the beginning, but ultimately decided they were great friends and possibly would make a strong couple.

Coordinate the couple’s look by getting Riverdale’s signature style from this costume guide! Start out with Archie by throwing on a grey henley underneath a Riverdale letterman jacket, a pair of blue jeans and some red sneakers. Don’t forget to transform your hair into Archie’s signature red hairdo with temporary hair dye or a wig. Veronica is full of New York style, and you will need a black tank top, plaid skirt, black heels, and a black wig to mimic her look. Accessories are a girl’s best friend, so be sure to add a pearl necklace, gold bracelet, and a classy satchel handbag because Veronica wouldn’t be seen without them!


Princess Bean and Elfo

Princess Bean and Elfo live in Dreamland in the animated adult series, Disenchantment. Princess Bean isn’t about the princess life, and Elfo is ready to explore the world to find out what it’s like to experience other feelings than positivity and complete happiness. Princess Bean can usually be found drinking to escape her life, and Elfo has already beaten her to the punch and abandons the life laid out for him because he is tired of making elven candy every single day. The two embark on adventures together that go against their families and how they are “supposed” to live their lives.

Princess Bean doesn’t dress like the ordinary princess and Elfo isn’t exactly your normal elf either- which makes them perfect for each other and a cosplay option! To recreate the Princess’s look, get dressed for adventure with a sleeveless tunic tank top, brown tights, tooth caps, a white t-shirt, brown casual boots, a leather belt, and white long wavy hair. Complete the best friend pair by having your friend dress as Elfo with a Viking tunic, blue shorts, elf ears, a toy knife, green body paint, a dwarf hat, elf shoes, fluffy balls.


Chucky and His Bride

Chucky and his Bride, Tiffany Valentine, are dolls who are possessed by serial killing souls. Chucky, who is possessed by the spirit of Charles Lee Ray- The Lakeshore Strangler, is on a mission to find a human body to possess that will get him out of his doll prison. Tiffany was Charles Lee Ray’s girlfriend at one point when he was living, and then Chucky used voodoo to bring her to the killer doll side and married her.

Dress as the classic Halloween pair of Chucky and his bride this year to get a few spooks! Find a pair of overalls and a striped long sleeve to start recreating Chucky’s signature look. Add a Chucky mask, red Adidas shoes, and a fake bloody knife for a murderous feel. For Chucky’s not-so-better-half, get a deathly bridal look with a white cocktail dress, leather jacket, fishnet leggings, and black dress pumps. Finish off Tiffany’s style with a Bride of Chucky wig, a fake voodoo knife, and a temporary Chucky tattoo!


Jim and Pam from the Office

Jim and Pam are two of the most loved characters from the insanely popular show, The Office. They both work at the paper supply company Dunder Mifflin, where Jim is a salesman and Pam is the receptionist. The two begin to develop feelings for each other, but neither act on their feelings because Pam is engaged to another man. Fortunately for the two of them, her relationship changes and Jim has a chance to swoop in on his girl!

Jim is quirky and quite uninterested in his job, so to get his Halloween costume that shows how he feels about the company- go with Three Hole Punch Jim! Get the “other version” of Jim with a white button-up shirt, brown tie and pants, a leather belt, brown dress shoes, a coffee mug, black watch, and three black circles stuck to your shirt. To get Pam’s (Jim’s true love) classy style, search your closet for a white shirt, pink cardigan, brown skirt, and white shoes. Add a long brown wig, and you have Pam’s office look. Now you are the perfect pair!


Squints and Wendy from Sandlot

From the hit movie, The Sandlot, Squints and Wendy Peffercorn have an interesting relationship. Squints has some pretty strong feelings for the blonde bombshell who also happens to be the lifeguard at the local swimming pool. Squints even goes as far as jumping into the deep end of the pool when he doesn’t know how to swim because that means Wendy must come to his rescue. As soon as Wendy begins CPR on him, Squints steals a kiss, and his life has been made.

Dress as these two characters from the timeless movie, The Sandlot, for your next cosplay event as a couple’s costume that everyone will love! Squints sports a striped crew t-shirt, blue jeans, white high top sneakers, a black cap, black horn rim glasses, and a baseball and glove. Dress as Squints’ perfect woman with a red one-piece swimsuit, red headband, lifeguard patch and lanyard, white sunglasses, and a whistle.


Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz

Wreck-It Ralph is the big guy running around destroying everything in site in the animated film with the same name, and Vanellope Von Schweetz is the complete opposite- tiny and sweet! They do have a few things in common though. Ralph and Vanellope were both shut out by everyone around them because they don’t understand the wonderful people they are. Ralph is known as the bad guy around, but all he wants are some friends and to be seen as the good guy that he really is. Vanellope has a glitch in her video game character, so everyone views her as broken- except for Ralph.

Couple it up as Ralph and Vanellope from the fun and animated movie Wreck-It Ralph! Get Vanellope’s sweet and sassy style with an aqua colored hoodie, striped leggings, a brown skirt, black sneakers, a pink bunny ear hair bow, and multi-colored hair clips and barrettes. Think utterly opposite style for Ralph and dress as his character with one orange and one green shirt, brown overalls, a muscle chest shirt, Ralph smash hands, jumbo bare feet shoe covers, a red fabric pen, and fake eyebrows.


Arthur and D.W.

Halloween and cosplay costumes don’t always have to be romantic couples, take Arthur and D.W. for example- they are brother and sister! Here’s a safe option for friends or siblings when planning a couples costume. Arthur and D.W. are both characters from the PBS show Arthur. D.W. is his younger sister, and they butt heads just like any other siblings do, but the two actually get along quite often and really care about each other.

Get the two talking aardvarks attire by with some clothes you probably have stashed in your closet! Arthur wears blue jeans, red Converse shoes, a men’s white dress shirt, a yellow sweater, round glasses, and of course you will need animal ears that look like Arthur’s. For his sister D.W.’s style, you will need the same set of ears, a white long sleeve shirt and white tights underneath a short pink flare dress, with blue shoes, and a short brown wig.


Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable

Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable are two heroes who save the lives of their friends, families, and people within their community- oh, and they are teenagers! The two started their journey when they were accidentally contacted for a super job, and they took the idea and ran with it! Kim is quite the superhero, but without Ron, she wouldn’t make it through saving the lives of others or even her everyday teenage issues. The two are always seen with the third member of the team- Rufus, the naked mole rat.

Get ready to save the day dressed as Kim Possible and her trusty sidekick Ron Stoppable! Kim’s look can be recreated with a black long sleeve crop top, grey leather gloves, green cargo pants, a brown leather utility belt, and a pair of black boots. Ron dresses a little more casual with a dark blue turtleneck shirt, red hockey jersey, brown cargo pants, white shoes, an olive green backpack, and of course a stuffed Rufus doll.


Rick Sanchez and Unity

Rick Sanchez and Unity are two of the hilarious characters on the show Rick and Morty. Rick is a genius scientist with a few flaws, and Unity is the group of alien avatars that have been in a relationship with Rick before. Unity is on a mission to control as many species as possible, but Rick is a distraction that causes Unity to fail at every attempt. The two decided to split ways, but Rick didn’t take the separation very well.

Dress as the two forbidden lovers by assembling the pieces of each character. Rick wears a turquoise crew neck t-shirt, a spiky blue wig, white lab coat, brown pants, black canvas belt, white crew socks, and black walking shoes. Unity comes in different genders, shapes, and sizes, but you can achieve the look with a nude colored tank top, open blazer, black skirt, heels, square-framed glasses, a wine-colored wig, pink lipstick, pearl earrings and necklace, and most importantly- teal body paint!


The Wacky Racers

Get on the tracks as Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly- two of the Wacky Racers from the Cartoon Network animated television show. The dueling duo is perfect for a couples cosplay because nothing is more fun than dressing as two characters who don’t get along! Penelope is the sweet southern belle racer and the only female on the track! Dick Dastardly is always scheming against the other racers, but his nasty tricks only ever end up hurting himself.

Prepare to race as Penelope Pitstop and Dick Dastardly by prepping with the right pieces for this couples costume! Get Penelope’s preppy and pink style with a flared skater skirt, legging pants, a long sleeve Polo t-shirt, leather gloves, a red heart lapel pin, a batter’s helmet, a long silk scarf, white vintage goggles, a long blonde wig, and a pair of white go-go boots. On the dark side, get Dick’s costume with a purple trench coat, black pants and boots, a red aviator hat and matching leather gloves, a fake mustache, and a Muttley plush doll or costume for your own pup!


Anakin and Padme

Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala are two of the most popular and loved characters from the Star Wars movie franchise. Anakin was sent to protect Padme as she was the Queen and eventually the Senator of Naboo. Padme repeatedly encouraged Anakin that he had goodness inside him, but after the birth of their twin children and Padme’s passing, Anakin succumbed to the dark side and became Darth Vader.

Dress as the most famous couple from the Star Wars films by recreating their looks with the best possible pieces. For Anakin, dress as a little bit of dark and light with a Jedi braid, an Anakin Skywalker costume set, boots, gauntlet, belt buckle holsters, and Anakin’s lightsaber. Padme’s look is classy but ready for battle with a white long sleeve bodysuit, tactical belt, Padme’s gun, a cream blanket, and cream colored knee high boots. Battle good and evil with this couples costume of the galaxy!


Stu and Didi Pickles

Stu and Didi Pickles are the loving parents of Tommy and Dil Pickles on the hit animated show, The Rugrats. Stu is a toy inventor and seriously loves his job, but sometimes the kids are more cautious of the toys that he creates. Stu and Didi are very loving of each other and not just the kids, although Didi’s main aspiration in life is to take care of her children the best way possible!

Get the two animated looks and bring them to life to recreate the hilarious couple from The Rugrats! Stu is ready for business in his lime green dress shirt, green sports jacket, red polka dot tie, jeans, brown loafers, and his wacky purple hair! Didi’s style is one of a kind! You can get her look with an orange wig, round glasses, a red turtleneck dress, red socks, tan loafers, and her accessories including hoop earrings, gold bead necklace, gold bangle bracelet, baby bottle, and diaper bag!


Star-Lord and Gamora

Star-Lord and Gamora team up with Drax the Destroyer, Rocket the Raccoon, and Groot to form the Guardians of the Galaxy! Star-Lord and Gamora have an “unspoken thing” as Peter (also known as Star-Lord) puts it, but they have yet to act on it and make it a legit “thing.” That doesn’t stop Peter from letting Gamora know he is attracted to her, and she is learning that she reflects those same feelings toward him as well- but she keeps pulling back!

Dress as the superheroes for your next couples cosplay by grabbing a friend to tag along with you. Get Star-Lord’s look with Star-Lord shirt, his galaxy super jacket, motorcycle pants, engineer boots, a Star-Lord belt, mask, and blaster! Gamora’s style is a little bit sexier, but get ready to fight in a green spandex catsuit, Gamora costume, green face paint, green lipstick, a Guardians of the Galaxy makeup kit, a long fashion wig, braided leather cords, and a cosplay samurai sword.


Joyce Byers and Bob Newby

Joyce isn’t new to the scene of Stranger Things, but Bob Newby came in on the second season without any knowledge of what has been going on in the small town of Hawkins. Bob took great care of Joyce and her boys, even though Jonathan gave him a hard time in the beginning. Joyce quickly found out that Bob was dedicated to her and her family, although he ended up getting himself in a sticky situation.

Get Joyce and Bob’s costumes by bringing the 80s look back to style! Joyce’s costume can be easily recreated with only a few pieces: a striped t-shirt, a green ROTHCO men’s shirt, relaxed fit tapered jeans, a brown wavy wig, fake cigarettes, a costume axe, and white string lights! Bob’s look can be found either in your own closet or in a consignment shop with a white pinstripe button down shirt, brown pants, a brown striped tie, brown golf jacket, brown dress shoes, and a camcorder.


Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler

Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler are polar opposites in the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. Steve is the hunky, popular guy but he suddenly gets his eyes set on Nancy Wheeler- the studious, good girl in school. Nancy gives Steve a chance (and a second one) to prove that he’s more than the high school jock because she’s on a mission to find out why her best friend went missing, and she doesn’t have time to mess around.

Dress as the favorite couple in high school set in the 80s as Steve Harrington and Nancy Wheeler. Steve’s costume can be recreated with a vintage green sweatshirt, light stonewash jeans, a casual blue jacket, white casual Nike shoes, band-aids, a wooden bat, and an Elvis wig. Nany’s style is just as vintage with a long sleeve plaid shirt under a knitted sweatshirt and a women’s lapel faux leather shearling coat. Add a pair of dark, relaxed fit jeans, ankle riding boots, fingerless gloves, a wooden baseball bat, a black leather watch.


Ragnar and Lagertha

Ragnar and Lagertha Lothbrok are husband and wife in The History Channel’s television show, Vikings. Ragnar and Lagertha are known for being extremely loyal and taking pride in their family. They have a child together, but after losing their second child, some issues appear in their relationship. The two not only protect each other, but they are both known for their strengths as warriors in the Viking world.

Get ready for battle and dress as the two you would want by your side in a fight, Ragnar and Lagertha! Put Ragnar’s costume together with a medieval tunic, Viking leather armor, renaissance lace-up pants, Captain-110 engineer boots, a dragon bracelet, a medieval ring belt, a faux fur throw, a Viking shield, and axe of Ragnar. Lagertha is one of the only female warriors among the Vikings, and she is also ready to fight in a long sleeve v-neck shirt, suede leggings, a blue maxi skirt, a Viking corset, slouch boots, leather arm braces, ring belt, Viking cosplay sword and shield, a hooded dress and rope belt. Don’t forget to follow the video tutorial to style your hair just like Lagertha’s.


Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Ruby Roundhouse

Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Ruby Roundhouse are the virtual personalities of Spencer and Martha who get stuck in detention and end up playing the game of Jumanji. Dwayne Johnson portrays Bravestone, who is the nerd turned into super hunk. Ruby is also a transformation of a timid high school girl, Martha. The two must decide if they like their gaming avatars more than their real-life appearances all while trying to beat the game of Jumanji.

Dress as the two gaming avatars of Dr. Smolder Bravestone and Ruby Roundhouse. Get Ruby’s kick-butt moves and her style with a red crop top, a black leather vest, cargo shorts, knee-high boots, a brown utility belt, and a leather choker. Bravestone’s look isn’t quite as sexy, but recreate his look with a men’s short sleeve cargo shirt, tactical pants, combat boots, an airsoft gun, a thigh gun holster, and fingerless gloves. Bring it on, Jumanji!


Baywatch Lifeguards

The hit show from the 90s, Baywatch, has been recreated with Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Priyanka Chopra, and other gorgeous people! Dress up as a male and female lifeguard from the movie to make a dynamic duo. Choose any specific character that you like or go with the signature style and everyone will be fully aware of what costume you are sporting for Halloween or a cosplay night out!

Save a few lives or just run along on the beach with these Baywatch costumes. Dress up as a couple with a female costume by wearing a red monokini swimsuit or a red bikini top and blue bikini bottoms. Add an inflatable float, lifeguard fanny pack, and a pea whistle with a lanyard to complete the look. The men’s style is similar colors but with red board shorts, a blue quarter-zip shirt, an inflatable float, lifeguard fanny pack, pea whistle and lanyard, and of course a pair of aviator sunglasses.


Batman and Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman always find each other in the end, whether they are fighting against each other or are sending googly eyes to one another. One thing you can count on the duo- they are going to save the day and kick some serious butt.

Get ready for another wild adventure by dressing as the classic superheroes for your next cosplay look. Recreate Batman’s dark style with a Dark Knight deluxe muscle chest, a Batman latex mask, black cape, black Gotham boots, Batman gloves, and some Batarangs. Catwoman has a simple and sleek look that you can style yourself with either a Catwoman costume or pieces to style her everyday look. For that you will need a black scoop neck t-shirt, black blazer and skirt set, black heels, leather gloves, black tights, a long brown wig, pearl earrings, black floppy hat with a white ribbon, a black leather tote, black roller bag, and finish it all off with dark red lipstick.


Woody and Jessie from Toy Story

Woody and Jessie are toys of Andy Davis in the animated movie franchise, Toy Story. Woody is Andy’s oldest and favorite toy while Jessie is one of the newer toys on the block. At first, Woody isn’t fond of Jessie or any other new toys that come along, but he quickly grows fond of her and her determination. Jessie also becomes the love interest of Buzz Lightyear, but her friendship with Woody is the most impressive of all.

Get the cowboy and cowgirl style of Andy’s toys for your next Halloween costume! Woody’s look can be recreated with a Woody costume shirt, a cow printed vest, a cowboy hat, jeans, cowboy boots, a red bandana scarf, steer belt buckle, boot spurs, a rubber snake toy, a gold sheriff badge, and a toy gun and holster. Jessie’s look is easy to buy or make yourself with either a Jessie costume, or a white button shirt, bootcut jeans, cowgirl boots, a yellow hair bow, felt sheets, white buttons, a red sequin string, and brown leather spur straps.


Robbie and Tambry from Gravity Falls

Robbie and Tambry are characters from the Disney show, Gravity Falls. Robbie is secretly trying to win back his ex-girlfriend Wendy Corduroy even though he is currently dating Tambry. Tambry isn’t the most social butterfly, but if it has anything to do with her phone, texting, or Tweeting, she is all over that! We can’t say that this couple will last in the long run, but they make for a funny couples cosplay at least!

Bring Robbie and Tambry’s outfits from your television into your real life by putting these pieces together! Start with Robbie and recreate his emo look with a short and straight black wig, a bleeding heart hoodie, skinny gray jeans, Van’s classic slip-ons, black ear cuffs and studs, a large key ring and a set of keys. Rock Tambry’s purple style with a purple flip out wig and a clip-on pink hair clip, black ball earrings, purple eyeshadow, lavender tights, a white long sleeve shirt, a purple long sleeve, a purple skirt, black suede boots, and a flip cell phone.

Couples costumes bring cosplay ideas to a whole new level! Instead of flying solo for Halloween or your next cosplay event, find a friend to tag team one look together to knock it out of the cosplay park! Now that you have seen all of the characters listed above from Viking warriors to Baywatch lifeguards, you and your friend can choose which outfit will be the most fun for you! Luckily, these costumes are easy to put together with the costume guides for each set of couples that have easy DIY instructions. Make sure to send us pictures of your completed looks that we can post in our costume albums!