Best Costumes for Women with Curly Hair in 2024

If you’re a woman with naturally curly hair, you can probably understand that while your curly hair is beautiful, you may have a difficult time finding a top costume that has curly or frizzy hair like yours. In the past, you may have even found yourself wearing a wig to try to tame your mane in order to get the look of a female character you’re dressing up as just right. If you do this in a formal or business setting, there’s no reason to do it for Halloween too!

With this costume collection, you’ll find quite the selection of female curly-haired characters to cosplay! If your hair isn’t curly, feel free to still enjoy some of the best women costumes ideas! Find your favorite curly hair costume listed below and check out the corresponding DIY costume guide to get the look. No wig necessary!

Debbie Thornberry

Debbie Thornberry Costume

Rebellious and just looking to enjoy life as an everyday teen, Debbie Thornberry can’t exactly do what she wants. As much as she desires a teen life, she stuck with her family traveling the world as they film for their television show.

Debbie’s look fit her stylish but also rough attitude and if you wish to get it, you’ll need a few key pieces! Get a blond long curly wig or your natural hair, a green plaid shirt, purple lipstick, an orange crop top, black vans, and blue wide flare jeans to finish off the look.

Debbie Thornberry Costume
Debbie Thornberry Costume Guide
Didi Pickles

Didi Pickles Costume

One of the most unique things are Didi Pickles would have to be without a doubt, her curly reddish orange hair. She has a very vibrant look and personality which she shows through loving her husband and children.

To get the unique look of Didi pickles, you’ll need an orange curly wig, green round eyeglasses, gold hoop earrings, gold plated bead necklace, gold hoop bangle, red turtleneck dress, a baby bottle, diaper bag, red socks, and tan loafers.

Didi Pickles Costume
Didi Pickles Costume Guide
Gratuity Tip Tucci

Gratuity Tip Tucci Costume

Gratuity Tucci who usually goes by the nickname of “Tip” is a spunky, sassy and absolutely lovable character in the Dreamworks movie, Home. From her beautiful curly hair to her calm and collected personality, Tip is a character that you’ll definitely remember. Go on adventures with your best friend, Oh, as you avoid bad guys, policemen and so much more.

What you’ll need for this look is green fleece hoodie, a synthetic fiber 3/4 half wig or your natural hair, blue jeggings, Lavender blue Oh stuffed doll, and Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Sneakers.

Gratuity Tip Tucci Costume
Gratuity Tip Tucci Costume Guide

Mick Costume

Mick is an outcast who tags alongside Kali Prasad and her gang but she happens to be quite mysterious. Clearly, she’s around for a reason but she hasn’t made her intentions quite sure just yet. What does she know about Eleven and the laboratory and how exactly could she impact the future of what’s to come?

To get Mick’s look, you’ll need an afro wig or your natural hair, a red and black flannel, a white t-shirt with a pocket, a green jacket, ripped blue jeans, and black converse.

Mick Costume
Mick Costume Guide
Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger Costume

Have you ever wanted to experience the world of Harry Potter and go on magical adventures with the characters? Well, you may not be able to do that exactly but you can get into the role of Hermione Granger and reenact fun scenes with your friends. A curly haired overachiever with a great skill for magic and knowledge, this character is perfect for your next costume.

You’ll need a white long-sleeve button-down, an adult robe cloak, a black long skirt, a Gryffindor necktie, a Rubies Harry Potter magic wand, black ballet flats with ankle straps, and knee-high grey socks.

Hermione Granger Costume
Hermione Granger Costume Guide
Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle Costume

Ms.Frizzle definitely got up to some crazy antics in the show The Magic School Bus but she also taught her students tons of educational things. Ms.Frizzle also had an eccentric look with her orange curly hair and an outfit to match the days’ adventure. Curious to get Ms.Frizzle’s look? This is what you’ll need!

Make sure to grab a Ms. Frizzle dress, Ms. Frizzle wig, star stud earrings, red chunky heels, a lemon-lime stuffed gecko toy, and a toy bus to finish off the look.

Ms. Frizzle Costume
Ms. Frizzle Costume Guide
Patti Mayonnaise

Patti Mayonnaise Costume

Patti Mayonnaise happens to be the curly haired athletic girl that appears on the Nickelodeon show, Doug. She is the secret crush of Doug who often daydreams about her. Her cheerful disposition also shows through in her outfits and if you wish to pull off her look flawlessly, you’ll need these items.

What you’ll need is a short curly blonde wig or your natural hair, blue long-sleeve shirt, pink felt circles for the shirt, long tube socks, a blue skater skirt, and pink Chuck Taylor All-Star Sneakers.

Patti Mayonnaise Costume
Patti Mayonnaise Costume Guide
Princess Merida

Princess Merida Costume

Are you ready to become a princess who’s not only headstrong but has a heart of gold? While she may be a bit rebellious towards her family which may cause a bit of trouble, she always does what is best for her and her loved ones. She doesn’t fit your typical Disney princess mold and that’s exactly what makes her just so charming. Well, besides her beautiful curly red-hair of course.

The things you’ll need to become this archer princess is a dark green maxi dress, a red curly wig or your natural hair, a gold arrow pendant, a tan suede leather belt, a suede side quiver, a wooden bow set with arrows, and dark brown slouch boots.

Princess Merida Costume
Princess Merida Costume Guide

? Bonus: 7 More Costumes for Men!

Here are 7 additional curly-haired characters for men to cosplay! The prior list included just female options, but this bonus list also includes male costumes just like the women earlier in the list. No wig necessary if you’re a guy with naturally curly hair! Feature your natural hair while stepping into an entirely different character.

Dustin Henderson

Dustin Henderson Costume

Need to look for your best friend Will after he disappears? Well, you can’t do that until you get into your proper Dustin Henderson costume. Your night will be filled with mystery, creatures and maybe a little fun game of Dungeons and Dragons if you’re lucky.

For this costume, you’ll need a two-tone trucker hat, a curly wig similar to Dustin’s or your natural hair, Waupaca Wis which is a Dustin t-shirt, stonewashed denim jacket, silk-tapered corduroy pants, tooth wax, deluxe map compass, denim backpack, and white basketball shoes.

Dustin Henderson Costume
Dustin Henderson Costume Guide
Buddy the Elf

Buddy the Elf Costume

Buddy the Elf is a character you just can’t help but love. He has a very naive but cheerful spirit that he spreads to everyone around him. If you’re looking to get into the Christmas spirit of things, put together this Buddy the Elf costume and start working in Santa’s workshop!

What you’ll need for this costume is a Buddy the Elf wig, Buddy the Elf costume, a bottle of maple syrup, and munchkin costume shoes.

Buddy the Elf Costume
Buddy the Elf Costume Guide
Frodo Baggins

Frodo Baggins Costume

The main character of the series, Lord of the Rings, this curly-haired hobbit goes on plenty of adventures! He lives with his cousin Bilbo Baggins and if you’re ready to go adventure with Bilbo to find the ring and fight against the bad guys, you’ll need a few items first!

What this costume needs is a curly black wig or your natural hair, ear tips, Leaf of Lorien Clasp, The One Ring with chain, a beige button-up Henley, a brown button-up vest, sting sword, brown pants, green cloak, hobbit feet, and a green canvas rucksack.

Frodo Baggins Costume
Frodo Baggins Costume Guide
Jon Snow

Jon Snow Costume

A rather major and popular character from the HBO show Game of Thrones, Jon Snow makes quite the appearance with his dark appearance. While he joins the Night’s Watch to escape his status, he is eventually betrayed and killed. If you’re ready to stand your ground and fight as King of the North, keep reading to see just what you’ll need.

You’ll want a tunic costume, a black pirate shirt, Viking leather armor, a velvet cloak with a hood, faux fur collar shawl shrug, adult costume gloves, black costume boots, black sweatpants, a medieval crusader sword, and a medieval black ring belt.

Jon Snow Costume
Jon Snow Costume Guide

Joker Costume

Ready to get into the character of a criminal mastermind who also seems to enjoy having fun with his crimes? Joker is a popular character for a reason. From his iconic laugh to his curly green hair, he definitely makes a statement in everything he does.

To get the look of Joker, you’ll need green curly hair, a Joker multicolor tie, a purple wool trench coat, Joker hexagon shirt, green costume vest, white clown makeup, purple and green Joker knife, Joker purple gloves, Tinsley Transfers Smiley, Joker costume socks, and purple dress pants.

Joker Costume
Joker Costume Guide
Otto Mann

Otto Mann Costume

While he may not be a huge character of the FOX show The Simpsons, he makes his statement in his own right. He happens to be the bus driver for Springfield Elementary school bus and it’d be rare to not see him rocking out to heavy metal.

To get his look, you’ll need a yellow full-body unitard, a baseball hat, stereo earphone headset, orange short sleeve shirt, face paints, a portable Walkman, Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers, a curly black wig, and twill casual pants.

Otto Mann Costume
Otto Mann Costume Guide

Hopefully, you’ve found the perfect curly-haired female character in this collection. There were a variety of characters listed, all of which have curly hair, but different shades of course. Never feel as though you can’t dress up as a particular character because your hairstyle doesn’t exactly match, but if it does, all the better!  Ditch the wig and the flat iron and embrace your naturally curly hair with one of these costumes!