Best Costumes for Plus Size Men in 2024

When it comes to finding characters to cosplay, you may feel stuck if you’re a plus-size man. Maybe you feel uncomfortable cosplaying a character that isn’t your size, or perhaps you want to represent plus-size men with your costumes. While cosplay and costumes are free for creativity and you should feel comfortable dressing as whatever you please, here’s a list of the best plus-size costumes for men. We know you’ll find one that you’ll love.

Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry Costume

So the thing about Dennis is, he’s not the biggest fan of his job. He’s excellent at what he does, but he also happens to be somewhat lazy and a bit selfish and that’s where the problems come in. This plus-size programmer has different ideas in mind for the park, but he learns that maybe he should have stuck to just doing his job when the dinosaurs begin to escape.

Get ready to run away from dinosaurs with this Dennis Nedry costume! The things you’ll need for a look worthy of a Jurassic Park is half frame wayfarers, a large yellow raincoat, a Grey Members Only racer jacket, a blue polo shirt, classic fit pleated pants, a Jurassic Park Ranger logo velcro patch, Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park Fake ID and a fake can of Barbasol Shaving Cream.

Dennis Nedry Costume
Dennis Nedry Costume Guide
Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester Costume

Uncle Fester has a look that’s somewhat unique but also a bit gloomy. Completely hairless, on the heavy side and complete with sunken eyes and an evil smile, it’s easy to see why people may fear him. Uncle Fester happens to be one of the most gentle people out there though and probably wouldn’t hurt a fly… well, maybe just one.

If you wish to get the look of Morticia Addams’ maternal uncle, you’ll first need to grab a few key items. You’ll need a white bald cap, an Uncle Fester costume, light grey face paint, pale green face paint, a magnetic control trick light bulb to help you do the cool electricity tricks and an Uncle Fester makeup look to get his look down perfectly.

Uncle Fester Costume
Uncle Fester Costume Guide

Wario Costume

He may not be the brother of Mario or Mario himself, but Wario has a face that almost everyone recognizes. First appearing in a 1992 Game Boy game, Wario has been causing crime ever since. Just one look at this plus-size character with his large mustache and evil laugh would be enough for anyone to see that he’s just up to no good.

Before you can start stealing coins, you’ll need to grab the proper attire first. What you’ll need to replicate Wario’s look is Wario bib overalls, Wario hat, Wario gloves and mustache, bright pink face paint, a nose prosthetic, bushy eyebrows, turquoise eyeshadow, green elf shoes, and a yellow short sleeve shirt.

Wario Costume
Wario Costume Guide
Wreck-It Ralph

Wreck-It Ralph Costume

Most video games have a very clear hero and villain; Ralph always happened to be the latter. This large and sometimes intimidating character was perfect for the villain role, but Ralph wasn’t happy with it anymore. That’s why, in the Wreck-It Ralph movie, Ralph goes on the quest to become a hero this time and meets some new people along the way.

What you’ll need to become the hero of your own story is a two-button baseball jersey, a green cotton t-shirt, fake unibrow, a red fabric marker, duck bib overalls, a muscle chest shirt, Ralph Smash hands and jumbo bare feet shoe covers.

Wreck-It Ralph Costume
Wreck-It Ralph Costume Guide
E. Honda

E. Honda Costume

E. Honda made it his mission as a child to be the very best sumo wrestler. He began training at an early age and thanks to it; he’s one of the original eight fighters. What he lacks in speed because of his required heavyset frame, he makes up for in his immense strength which you can see when playing the game, Street Fighter II.

To get the look of this powerful fighter, you’ll want to grab a sumo suit, a Japanese samurai wig, a vertical stripe white/navy fabric and red face paint to finish off this look.

E. Honda Costume
E. Honda Costume Guide

Mario Costume

When you think of a pudgy plumber with a mustache and blue overalls, who comes to mind? Most likely, Mario, and that goes to show just how iconic a character he is, especially in the world of gaming. He is the face of the Super Mario Bros. Franchise alongside his brother Luigi, and Mario is also thought to be the face of Nintendo.

Before you go jumping on the head of Goombas, you’ll need to put together your Mario costume first. Grab a Mario hat and mustache kit, a red long sleeve t-shirt, a high back bib overalls. Yellow flatback resin buttons, Super Mario Brothers deluxe gloves, and brown work boots.

Mario Costume
Mario Costume Guide
Eugene Porter

Eugene Porter Costume

Eugene happens to be a bit awkward at times and at the beginning of the apocalypse in The Walking Dead, he wasn’t too good at protecting himself. He was so bad in fact that he lied about being a scientist just to find a group and have people defend him. As the seasons went on, he learned how to actually give back to his group and be useful. One thing that didn’t change though was his outdated look. Heavyset, always disgruntled looking and with a mullet, his look may not be, but it’s a look that he owns well.

To get his look, you’ll need a mullet wig, a black mesh fishing vest, a windowpane-check dress shirt, light khaki twill cargo shorts, airsoft spring pistol with silencer and hiking boots.

Eugene Porter Costume
Eugene Porter Costume Guide

Genie Costume

A magical character from the movie Aladdin, Genie sure knew how to make the audience laugh especially in times that were tenser. From his little quips to changing into any object that he pleases, Genie had a ton of power but a small place to live. Go on adventures with Aladdin and the rest of the crew by pulling off the perfect replication of Genie with this guide!

What you’ll need to pull off the look of this plus-size blue genie is a Genie muscle costume, face paint, latex pointed ears, yellow hoop earrings, solid brass flat cuff, Genie pants, men’s cummerbund, Aladdin’s lamp, and Jester shoes.

Genie Costume
Genie Costume Guide
Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack Costume

A world-traveler who’s always up for an adventure, this plump mouse is also known by the name of Monterey Jack. He’s tough and lets nothing stand in his way of accomplishing what he needs to, that is, if it’s not a cat in his path. He’s pretty terrified of felines, but it’s something he doesn’t like to let others know if he can help it.

Get ready to go on a rescue mission (that’s hopefully filled with cheese) with this Monterey Jack costume! You’ll need an aviator hat, comfy khaki trench coat, grey mouse ears and tail costume set, handlebar mustache, walnut khaki pants, a steel blue turtleneck sweater, and a cheese stress toy.

Monterey Jack Costume
Monterey Jack Costume Guide
Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee Costume

As much as Captain Hook would like Mr. Smee to be evil, it just seems like he doesn’t have an evil bone in his body. He’ll do a few things here or there, but he’s just too much of a plump and gentle pirate. Mr. Smee made his debut in 1953 with the movie Peter Pan, but even decades later, people of all ages still know who he is thanks to the popularity of the film and those that came afterward.

To get the look of Mr. Smee and become a pirate, you’ll need a red stocking cap with pompom, half-moon glasses, a sky blue horizontal stripe t-shirt, white mutton chops, a bulbous nose prosthetic, blue chino shorts and brown leather slides.

Mr. Smee Costume
Mr. Smee Costume Guide
Patrick Star

Patrick Star Costume

Patrick Star is the lovable but also naive sidekick of Spongebob Squarepants. While a lot of what Patrick may say sounds rather dumb, there are a few instances that have you wondering if Patrick actually knows more than he lets on.  If you’re ready to be this chubby pink goofball, keep reading this guide to help you put together the perfect costume.

What you’ll need to perfect this starfish look is pink dress socks, a Patrick costume, pink gloves and finally, a pair of pink shoes to finish off your look. You’ll be living in Bikini Bottom in no time.

Patrick Star Costume
Patrick Star Costume Guide
Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin Costume

If you’ve ever watched the show, Family Guy, you’d know that Peter isn’t the smartest person on the show; actually, he’s pretty far from it. While he may make plenty of mistakes, at the end of the day, he’s a family man who cares deeply for his family and has a lot of love to give. Be prepared though to get into a ton of shenanigans because if there’s one thing that Peter knows how to do, it gets into trouble!

What you’ll need for your Peter Griffin costume is a white long-sleeve button-down, a Peter Griffin mask, round metal clear glasses, green chinos, a black belt, a golden buckle, and dark brown shoes to finish off the look.

Peter Griffin Costume
Peter Griffin Costume Guide
Professor Shelly Oberon

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume

If you watched the 2017 movie, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, you’d know that Professor Shelly Oberon is one of the main characters and he makes sure we’re entertained throughout the whole movie. Popular cheerleader, Bethany, chose the Professor as her character and so when they get transported into the game, Bethany is suddenly living the life of an overweight and incredibly intelligent professor.

If you’re looking to get the look of the Professor, you’ll need a bucket hat, green bow tie, circle framed glasses, men’s plaid shirt, brown cotton vest, utility belt, brown cargo pants, safari jacket, and rain boots.

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume
Professor Shelly Oberon Costume Guide
Pugsley Addams

Pugsley Addams Costume

When people look at Pugsley Addams, they may just see an overweight boy who’s a bit unique and classify him as a misfit, but they’d be totally wrong. While he may be considered such to people who don’t know him, he fits in wonderfully with his outlandish family. Smart and always looking to play jokes, you can easily spot Pugsley a mile away with his signature striped shirt.

What you’ll need for your Pugsley Addams costume is hair gel, black and white striped shirt, high voltage sign, black shorts, Laboratory bottles, black crew socks, black oxford shoes and toxic stickers to finish off the look for this costume.

Pugsley Addams Costume
Pugsley Addams Costume Guide
Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid Costume

Taller than most, heavy-set and with a booming voice, it’s easy to see why many may be intimidated by Hagrid at first glance. This wizard without a wand commands quite a lot of attention, but the truth is, a big old softie. A strict one but a softie nonetheless. Get dressed and get ready to help out your fellow wizards in the situations that are bound to happen.

What you’ll need for this costume is a Hagrid wig and beard set, a pink umbrella, leather belt, faux-fur overcoat, long-sleeve henley shirt, dark brown suede vest, Hagrid fang dog plush, brown canvas pants, and men’s harness boots.

Rubeus Hagrid Costume
Rubeus Hagrid Costume Guide

Russell Costume

There are many reasons why the movie Up stayed in the hearts of people of all ages, and it wasn’t just for the heart-wrenching scenes. Seeing the bond that grows between the chubby, lovable Russell and the grumpy old, Carl Fredricksen is definitely sweet to see throughout the movie.
Keep on reading to see how you can get ready to earn your last badge with this Russel costume guide!

What you’ll need is a Ellie badge, a Wilderness Explorer iron-on patch, a USA patch, a yellow cap, orange neckerchief, neckerchief slide, orange camping backpack, boy scout shirt, badge sash, red rope, toy binoculars, brown shorts, army style flashlight, felt circles, hiking boots, golden bugle and white crew socks.

Russell Costume
Russell Costume Guide
Soos Ramirez

Soos Ramirez Costume

Soos Ramirez may look like your average, heavyset adult male but underneath his exterior, he has the playfulness of a child. He’s always going on adventures around Gravity Falls and getting into a bit of trouble. He’s optimistic and maybe a bit naive, but he loves his life, the people around him and his job at the Mystery Shack.

If you’re interested in cosplaying as Soos Ramirez, here are the items that you will need! Make sure you grab a brown baseball cap, khaki cargo shorts, a Gravity Falls Soos question mark t-shirt, white ankle crew socks, and brown slip-on shoes to finish off the look.

Soos Ramirez Costume
Soos Ramirez Costume Guide
TF2 Heavy

TF2 Heavy Costume

Have you ever played a game called Team Fortress 2? If so, you probably remember a certain heavyweight character known as TF2 Heavy. An incredibly strong and built man from the USSR, Heavy is a very popular character even to this day.

If you wish to cosplay as The Heavy Weapons Guy or Heavy for short, here are the things you’ll need to pull off the perfect costume! You’ll need to grab an undercover travel vest, a black t-shirt, fake bread, a pump action shotgun, tactical waist holster, Gatling Blaster, spray paint, refill bullet, outdoor motorcycle gloves, men’s tactical pants, tactical waterproof boots, and a tactical belt.

TF2 Heavy Costume
TF2 Heavy Costume Guide
Taurus Bulba

Taurus Bulba Costume

A criminal mastermind and also quite the sharp dresser, Taurus Bulba is the stout anthropomorphic bull from the show, Darkwing Duck. Darkwing Duck has expressed how Taurus Bulba is one of the most dangerous criminals he’s ever faced during his spree of crime fighting. Even though Bulba is serving a 99-year jail sentence, he still is committing crimes by operations outside the prison.

Get ready to be a criminal mastermind by grabbing a light blue button-down shirt, red double-breasted suit, horns, purple face paint, a gold tie, grey dress pants, and brown dress shoes.

Taurus Bulba Costume
Taurus Bulba Costume Guide
Chris Griffin

Chris Griffin Costume

A favorite character from the show Family Guy, Chris tends to get picked on pretty often in the show. Overweight and a bit unintelligent, Chris tends to be the target for bullies sometimes, especially when his sister Meg is around. He does his best to stand up to bullies, and if you get to know Chris, you can see just how affectionate and sweet he is deep down.

To get the look of Chris Griffin, you’ll need a plain blue shirt, trucker hat, blonde hair, gold earrings, black chinos, and Adidas sneakers.

Chris Griffin Costume
Chris Griffin Costume Guide
Comic Book Guy

Comic Book Guy Costume

The Comic Book Guy may not show up extremely often in The Simpson’s, but he’s definitely an icon nonetheless. This overweight and sarcastic man is the owner of Springfield’s comic book store known as The Android’s Dungeon & Baseball Card Shop. When you walk into his store, you can be sure to hear a ton of information and surly remarks from him.

Want to dress as The Comic Book Guy this Halloween? This is what you’ll need! Grab a Supersuit costume, a cold drink tumbler, a men’s unisex belly, a blue short-sleeve shirt, a ponytail wig, waterproof pen liner, blue Chuck Taylor converse, and red shorts.

Comic Book Guy Costume
Comic Book Guy Costume Guide
Crazy Dave

Crazy Dave Costume

When you play the game Plants vs. Zombies, you’ll realize that Crazy Dave happens to be something like your Narrator during adventure mode. He spends his time introducing new weapons and levels, and before he can tell you Dr. Zomboss’ weakness, he gets abducted by a bungee zombie. It’s up to you to figure out his weakness from there!

To get the look of Crazy Dave, you’ll need a white polo shirt, aluminum pan, whiteout crazy contact lens, full brown beard, saltwater chinos, casual jean belt, brown sneakers, men’s big belly and a PvZ peashooter plush.

Crazy Dave Costume
Crazy Dave Costume Guide
Darryl Philbin

Darryl Philbin Costume

One of many lovable characters from The Office, this chubby and iconic character is Darryl Philbin! While Darryl knows how to push Michael Scott’s buttons, he can also get right down to work and be an incredibly dedicated worker.

Have the urge to dress as Darryl Philbin for Halloween? Well, you’ll need a few essential items first! Grab a long-sleeve work shirt, a twill work jacket, relaxed-fit jeans, an essential watch, and black shoes to finish off the look.

Darryl Philbin Costume
Darryl Philbin Costume Guide
Bob Newby

Bob Newby Costume

Bob Newby doesn’t show up too much in the first season of Stranger Things, but he plays a big part in the second season. Bob begins dating Joyce who’s son, Will Byers, had disappeared the year before. He doesn’t know exactly what he’s getting into, but he’ll learn soon enough.

If you’re looking to play the overweight and super nice owner of the local Hawkins RadioShack, you’ll need a few things first. What you’ll need is a white pinstripe button down shirt, golf jacket, brown pants, brown striped tie, a camcorder and brown shoes.

Bob Newby Costume
Bob Newby Costume Guide

Brutus Costume

You may recognize this hefty, strong man as the enemy of Popeye! Appearing in the Popeye series in 1960, he tried his best to get in the way of Popeye. Too bad for Brutus that Popeye’s strength just can’t be matched and always ends up winning against him in anything that happens.

If you wish to get this strongman look, you’ll need a muscle man shirt, a navy blue yacht captain hat, gnarly teeth, short boxed beard, short-sleeve jersey polo, web belt, yellow felt circles, brown boots, and yellow flat-front chino pants.

Brutus Costume
Brutus Costume Guide

Whether you’re tall and large or small and chubby, there’s a costume that is no doubt suited for you. As the years go on and people become more understanding of the vast difference in sizes among people, various amounts of costume choices will open up. We hope that after browsing this list of plus size costumes for men that you found one, you love. Hopefully, you saw the perfect costume idea for your next event!