Best costumes for Men with Moustaches in 2024

Whether you can grow it or you can’t, there are very few occasions you can flaunt a mustache. So why not build your next Halloween or holiday costume around it? You’ll be surprised by how many characters are recognizable by their iconic facial hair.

Want to give the mustached look a try? Look no further. This costume guide will provide you with all the ideas you’ll need!

Mike Ditka

Mike Ditka Costume

All for the love of the game. That seems to be Pro American Football player, coach, and TV commentator Mike Ditka’s life motto, with a life-long career dedicated to the sport. If you’re an American football superfan or want to impress friends who are, you can’t go wrong with going as this Hall-of-Famer.

To score a touchdown with a Mike Ditka look, you’ll need a white dress shirt with a brown wide striped tie, a Chicago Bears sweater vest, a plaid two-button suit, brown oxford dress shoes, and Owl classic aviator style sunglasses. Top it off with Amscan wacky facial hair and a large fake puff cigar.

Mike Ditka Costume
Mike Ditka Costume Guide
Milton Waddams

Milton Waddams Costume

Awkward and neurotic, Milton Waddams is the main character of the 1999 American film, Office Space. Often bullied for his compulsive quirks – like refusing to move his desk or changing stapler brands – Milton gets frustrated by his work situation. Don’t be fooled by his gawky exterior, inside is a bubbling Milton who’s gathering the courage to fight back.

Get Milton’s office misfit look with a brown mustache, a Casio calculator watch, bridged square glasses, a gray short-sleeved dress shirt with a dark grey pattern tie, black dress pants with a grey belt, a pocket protector, an ID badge holder, and Kenneth Cole black oxford shoes. Of course, you can’t go without a red Swingline stapler.

Milton Waddams Costume
Milton Waddams Costume Guide
Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly Costume

Mr. Monopoly, also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags or Monopoly Man, is the famous mascot of the hit family board game, Monopoly. Mr. Monopoly has been the face of the classic Parker Brothers game since the 1930s. His style is classic and expensive. If you want to look like a million bucks, you can’t go wrong with this costume.

Turn up looking like you can buy just about anything with the roll of a dice. Come in a morning suit with a black felt top hat, a round handle wood cane, and halftime oxford shoes. Top it off with a signature bar style mustache to complete that Mr. Monopoly look.

Mr. Monopoly Costume
Mr. Monopoly Costume Guide
Pablo Escobar

Pablo Escobar Costume

Plata o plomo? Whether you’re into history or the Netflix hit show Narcos, you’re bound to know the infamous cocaine kingpin, Pablo Escobar. Relentless, tactical, and filthy rich, Pablo makes you wonder if he could actually be a fictional character. But he was as real as you could get, life ablaze with guns, gold, and glory.

To get Pablo’s look, you’ll need a long-sleeve oxford shirt, a sweatshirt, relaxed-fit jeans, Reebok leather fashion sneakers, a foam belly with straps, and a hairy black mustache. Really look the part by carrying a fake bundle of cash and a bag of flour.

Pablo Escobar Costume
Pablo Escobar Costume Guide
Pedro Sanchez

Pedro Sanchez Costume

Anyone who’s been a new kid at school knows how painfully awkward it can be. Not for Napoleon Dynamite sidekick Pedro Sanchez though. Originally from Mexico and on a student exchange program in Idaho, Pedro quickly found friends to hang out with and even went on to get elected as class president. Can I get a heck yes?

To get Pedro’s look, you’ll need a single-breasted two-button navy blazer, an embroidered poly-cotton shirt, a western bolo tie, a leather belt with antiqued buckle, Levi’s stonewash relaxed-fit jeans, and buckle-up ankle cowboy boots. Complete the look by also wearing a black nerd wig, a pencil-thin mustache set, and of course, a Vote for Me mini button.

Pedro Sanchez Costume
Pedro Sanchez Costume Guide
Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya Costume

Known to be the greatest swordsman who ever lived, Inigo Montoya is the well-loved character from the 1987 film adaptation of William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. Inigo is dedicated and ambitious, rising to the height of his skill just to avenge his father’s death and ultimately kill his biggest enemy. Until now, his line “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die” still remains iconic.

Look like the best swordsman of all time with a long black curly wig and a fake mustache, a male renaissance vest, a lace-up tunic, men’s chino pants, a leather bridle belt, and harness boots. Top it off with a leather sword frog and a plastic fencing sword.

Inigo Montoya Costume
Inigo Montoya Costume Guide
Ron Burgundy

Ron Burgundy Costume

Ron Burgundy is a character of his own league. Weirdly charming and 100% cocky, Ron funnily makes a sex symbol out of an otherwise plain career as a famous newscaster. Whether you love him or you hate him, you’re sure to laugh at Will Ferrel’s portrayal in the hit movie Anchorman.

To get Ron Burgundy’s 70’s anchorman look, you’ll need a 70s wig and mustache set, a two button burgundy dress suit, a wrinkle-free shirt, a white belt with roller buckle, a striped tie, and white loafers. Don’t forget to wear a Channel 4 ring and bring around a Channel 4 mug.

Ron Burgundy Costume
Ron Burgundy Costume Guide
Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams Costume

Don’t judge a book by its cover has never been truer than when applied to the Addams Family’s head of household, Gomez Addams. Don’t let his dark, ghoulish appearance fool you. Deep inside, Gomez is just a kid at heart who owns more gizmos and gadgets than his two kids combined! And nothing will warm your heart more than his deep affection and love for his wife, Morticia.

Get that Gomez Adam look with a Gomez Addams wig and mustache, a pinstriped costume suit, a white button up tie, a slim black tie, black oxford shoes, and a fake cigar.

Gomez Addams Costume
Gomez Addams Costume Guide

Scoundrel Costume

If you’re a gaming fan, what better way to slip into a costume than to put on a skin in real life? Scoundrel is the popular male skin option in the co-op game Fortnite. With a slogan like Moisty’s Most Wanted, Scoundrel isn’t just any other burglar. He’s there to take down everyone else and help you win the game.

To look like a real-life scoundrel, you’ll need white hair dye, shin guards, black pants, military boots, a black backpack, a long sleeve striped shirt, a beanie, an eye mask, knit gloves, and of course, a fake mustache.

Scoundrel Costume
Scoundrel Costume Guide
Peter W.

Peter W. Costume

Only people with superpowers and super gadgets can be, right? Wrong. Peter W. definitely proves that an Average Joe can also try to save the world from doom and destruction. This sunny, optimistic character from Deadpool 2 will have you questioning what it means to be a real hero.

Getting Peter W.’s look is pretty simple. You’ll only need a long-sleeve linen shirt, a basic character mustache, modern lace-up shoes, a tactical rucksack backpack, straight fit pants, a genuine leather belt, and helmet goggles.

Peter W. Costume
Peter W. Costume Guide
Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson Costume

Parks and Recreation Director Ron Swanson is the exact opposite of his subordinate Leslie Knope – irreverent, glum, and cheeky. His views on everything from politics and government to skim milk and yoga are as different as they are funny. Ron may have a despondent demeanor, but he’s a joy to watch on any screen.

To cop the Ron Swanson look, you’ll need a character mustache, a leather strap watch, dress pants, a long sleeve polo, a classic belt, and some cam slip-ons.

Ron Swanson Costume
Ron Swanson Costume Guide

PPAP Man Costume

Get a song stuck in your friends’ heads with just one look at you. PPAP Man, also known as Piko Taro, is the man behind the viral YouTube video Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. PPAP Man has got the whole world singing and dancing one song at the height of his popularity. Relieve those moments with your friends by cosplaying him.

To get his viral look, you’ll need a snakeskin pattern blouse shirt, a leopard print scarf, a snakeskin t-shirt, snakeskin printed pants, brown tint rectangular framed eyeglasses, white tuxedo dress shoes, a gold watch, a gold chain necklace, and a thin mustache. Make sure you get everyone dancing by bringing a video of PPAP, too!

PPAP Man Costume
PPAP Man Costume Guide
Balthazar Bratt

Balthazar Bratt Costume

People say child stars have a harder time growing up. That seemed to be the case for Balthazar Bratt, the lead villain in Despicable Me 3. Dismayed by the cancellation of the popular TV show he starred in, Balthazar decides to live a life of super crime instead. When he rises to supervillain status, he not only wants to gain world domination but also cast revenge of Hollywood.

To steal Balthazar’s look, you’ll need a rock star wig, a walrus mustache, a purple suit jacket, a turtleneck pullover top, skinny purple pants, fingerless gloves, loafers, and a wireless keyboard.

Balthazar Bratt Costume
Balthazar Bratt Costume Guide
Bob Belcher

Bob Belcher Costume

Being the title character of hit show Bob’s Burgers, Bob Belcher is many things: a husband, a father, and a restaurant owner. Even though it’s hard to be the best at all of those things, no one can deny that Bob tries his very best. Cosplay an all-around good guy and well-loved character like Bob, and you’ll be sure to discover some fans of the show. Just be careful, they might ask you to try your hand at cooking some of those delicious burgers!

To serve this Bob Belcher look, you’ll need black slip-on dress shoes, a classic crew neck t-shirt, a bib apron, gray khaki pants, and a gentleman’s mustache.

Bob Belcher Costume
Bob Belcher Costume Guide
Dick Dastardly

Dick Dastardly Costume

Dick Dastardly is proof that trying to take shortcuts in life just doesn’t work. In the popular cartoon shows Wacky Racers and Dastardly and Muttley in their Flying Machines, Dick Dastardly is known for trying to win races through cheating and scheming. He invents things that are supposed to make him get ahead of his opponents, but ultimately, just lead to his demise. No matter though, because it also means amusement for us and his sidekick dog, Muttley, who always seems to laugh at him when he’s in sticky situations.

To get the Dick Dastardly look, you’ll need a thin mustache, an aviator hat, genuine leather gloves, a purple trench coat, some casual pants, and engineer motorcycle boots. Make sure you also have a Muttley dog costume for your pet to complete the cosplay.

Dick Dastardly Costume
Dick Dastardly Costume Guide
Edward Ratchett

Edward Ratchett Costume

Played by Johnny Depp in the film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express, Edward Ratchett is the subject of the murder mystery. A corrupt businessman, Edward was murdered while aboard the Orient Express. As the characters try to solve the mystery, more intricate truths are uncovered that center Edward and the life he led.

To kill it in an Edward Ratchett cosplay, you’ll need a brown trench coat, a slim fit suit, a handmade necktie, a dress shirt with vintage silver cufflinks, men’s dress shoes, and a felt fedora hat. Don’t go without a bandit mustache.

Edward Ratchett Costume
Edward Ratchett Costume Guide

Hackerman Costume

Hackers get a bad reputation these days, but truth be told, they can be some of the most brilliant contemporary minds. With their deep understanding of complex data and technology, they can very much use their skills for good if they wanted to. That’s what Hackerman did in the 2015 Swedish comedy Kung Fury. This silent hero helped save the world by changing the timeline and allowing Kung Fury to defeat Adolf Hitler. How’s that for nerds saving the day?

Hack into Hackerman’s look by wearing a shoulder-length mullet wig, some reading glasses, a Nintendo power glove, a brown leather jacket, a New York City t-shirt, Hit-Men boots, and original-fit jeans. Don’t forget the mustache and commodore keyboard!

Hackerman Costume
Hackerman Costume Guide
Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan Costume

Well, let me tell you something brother! Hulk Hogan is probably one of the most popular professional wrestlers the world over. Blonde, muscled, and defying age, Hulk Hogan stays true to the inspiration of his name. Dress up as him and invite people for a friendly go inside the ring. Just make sure to practice your leg drop!

Smash that Hulk Hogan look with a red Hulkmania bandana, a Hulk Hogan wig, a Hulkmania sleeveless t-shirt, Mueller white athletic tape, ASICS red wrestling knee pads, red and yellow tie-dye wrestling leggings, a Hulk Hogan wrestling weight belt, and Hulk Hogan wrestling boots.

Hulk Hogan Costume
Hulk Hogan Costume Guide

Ignacio Costume

Fueled by his love for the orphans he helps through cooking, Ignacio, with his kind heart, decides to raise more money for them as a luchador (or wrestler). However, he faces two main obstacles: one, wrestling is forbidden in the monastery he works for and two, he’s not very good at wrestling. But these don’t stop him from working hard – for his dreams and for the orphans.

To get the iconic Nacho Libre look, you’ll need a red cape, a wrestling mask, compression pants, red underwear, sew-on fabric oval patches, and pro-wrestling boots. Of course, don’t forget the mustache!

Ignacio Costume
Ignacio Costume Guide

Bonus: Moustache Pairs ????

What’s better than one mustache? Why, of course, two! Make a bigger impact where you’re going by bringing a friend, and you can be a power mustache duo. Here are some favorite mustached pairs to give you some ideas.


Mario and Luigi

This is a mustached pair almost everyone grew up knowing. Whether you picked Mario or Luigi as your player, you’re sure to know both of them. As the lead characters of Super Mario, these two really made our fingers exercise as we helped them save Princess Peach through tunnels and clouds, with the help of mushrooms and flowers, and past evil turtles and what-have-you.

Get this classic Nintendo look with a friend. To get Mario’s look, you’ll need a Mario hat and mustache kit, a red long-sleeve t-shirt, high back bib overalls, yellow flat back resin buttons, Super Mario Brothers deluxe gloves, and USA Sergeants Verdict men’s boots. To get Luigi’s look, you’ll need a Luigi hat and mustache kit, a green long-sleeve t-shirt, high back bib overalls, yellow flat back resin buttons, Super Mario Brothers deluxe gloves, and USA Sergeants Verdict men’s boots.


Wario and Waluigi

If you think Mario and Luigi are not your styles, maybe you can relate more to their evil alter egos, Wario and Waluigi. These two are the complete opposite of Mario and Luigi and have since been making it hard for Mario and Luigi to succeed in their goals throughout the gaming franchise. If you want a different spin and a taste for some trouble, find a close friend to cosplay this conniving duo.

To get Wario’s look, you’ll need Wario bib overalls, a Wario hat, glove, and mustache, a yellow short sleeve shirt, green elf shoes, turquoise tempes eyeshadow, and bushy eyebrows. Really steal the look with a nose prosthetic and some bright pink face paint. For evil brother Waluigi’s look, you’ll need denim overalls, a long sleeve crewneck t-shirt, a Waluigi kit, yellow buttons, Super Mario gloves, elf shoes, and self-adhesive removable letters for your hat. Finish the look with elf ears, a pointed nose, and pink face paint.


Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday

We can’t have a mustache list without mentioning some iconic people from the Old West. Fearless and gunslinging, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday are known for the most famous gunfight in history. Earp was a sheriff and Marshall while Holliday was a dentist and gunfighter. Both were gamblers and friends. It is believed that while many got hurt and died in that famous gunfight in O.K. Corral, Earp and Holliday left without a scratch. Wild, wild West indeed!

To take a shot at Wyatt Earp’s look, you’ll need a white victorian shirt, a sheriff’s badge, a black vest, a gun and holster belt, black pants, a black cravat, a black trench, a cowboy hat, a gunslinger moustache, a gold pocket watch, cowboy spurs, a side loadin’ pistol, and some cowboy boots. To cop partner Doc Holliday’s look, you’ll need a trench coat, a victorian collar dress shirt, a satin floral puff tie, a gun holster, a red vest, some cowboy boots, pinned stripe pants, mustache stickers, and a cowboy hat.


Pedro and Uncle Rico

Pedro isn’t the only mustached character in Napoleon Dynamite. There’s also the annoying Uncle Rico who is the temporary guardian for Napoleon and his brother Kip. Overly confident and obnoxious, he is a big contrast to the cool and collected Pedro. While Pedro makes his way to class president, Uncle Rico is stuck in the glory days from when he was still thriving as a high school football player. Cosplaying this pair will be mighty interesting as Pedro’s almost deadpan personality clashes with Uncle Rico’s colorful character.

To get Pedro’s look, you’ll need a single-breasted two-button navy blazer, an embroidered poly-cotton shirt, a western bolo tie, a leather belt with antiqued buckle, Levi’s stonewash relaxed-fit jeans, and buckle-up ankle cowboy boots. Complete the look by also wearing a black nerd wig, a pencil-thin mustache set, and of course, a Vote for Me mini button. As for Uncle Rico, you’ll need a brown wig, a white headband, a medium brown mustache, a classic polo shirt, a blue vest, stone wash bell bottoms, a Timex classic digital watch, a black gem gold plated ring, and black ankle boots. Complete the look with a Wilson NFL MVP football.

And that’s the end of it: the best costumes you can wear if you want to pull off a mustache. You have plenty to choose from – from real life people to iconic characters from any kind of screen: movies, television, or gaming. Whether you can grow one of your own in time for next Halloween or not, these costumes are sure to be a hit. We hope you’ve found one you can confidently pull-off for your next party.