Best Costumes for Women in 2024

When women dress up for a Halloween or cosplay, it’s their chance to look absolutely boo-tiful. Shopping for a great costume isn’t just for girls after all. But, as an adult, you don’t have a lot of time to track down all the items needed to create the best female costume possible. No matter if you’re going solo or taking along guys or girls, you need the top DIY cosplay ideas to ensure your costume looks amazing! Don’t rely on the store bought all-in-one costume kits or slipping on some lame mask. You’ve come to just the right place to find a list of the top step-by-step costume guides for women. Trending female characters for cosplay are broken down piece by piece to make finding everything a breeze. We make playing dress up fun again for ladies. Check out the guides listed below to see the best costumes for women in 2018.


Moana Costume

One of the top character costumes for women in 2018 is definitely Moana from the hit Disney film. Moana is beautiful inside and out with her strong will and desire to be great. She fights against odds that are sure to beat her, but that doesn’t stop her from doing everything she can to save her tropical island home from fading away.

You too can take on the fearless tides of the ocean by taking a look at the costumes we have found for you in this costume guide for women. Moana’s style consists of a long, flowing natural brunette wig, a red tropical fabric for her top, and a cream colored lace skirt with tropical flowers. We have also already found a wooden paddle, a magical seashell necklace, and a hula skirt to make your costume easy to complete!

Moana Costume
Moana Costume Guide
Jyn Erso

Jyn Erso Costume

You’re not doing women’s cosplay right if you don’t have at least one Star Wars costume. Jyn Erso is the newest Star Wars character in the film Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, where she appears as a rebel soldier and hardcore leading female character. Jyn is one of the best and most popular cosplay character ideas floating around right now!

Jyn is ready to fight and has the outfit to let her do so! We’ve found the essential costume pieces to make this your best women’s costume yet. You’ll need a brown cargo vest, short sleeve and long sleeve dark shirts, a gray infinity scarf, cargo pants, gloves, boots, and a belt and holster. Take a look at our items for more in-depth details and exactly where you can find them for you next women’s cosplay event!

Jyn Erso Costume
Jyn Erso Costume Guide

Rey Costume

Rey is all we’re hearing about in the Star Wars world at the moment! Get ready for a girl that is beyond brave and fierce! Rey made her first appearance in the film Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens and changed the entire game. She and her friends came face to face with some tough times and decisions, but the good in people always prevails.

You can be the best cosplay version of Rey with these costume pieces we found for you. This makes it easy for you to build the costume yourself because all you have to do is click the image for the costume pieces you want to add to your 2018 best costumes collection! You’ll be the hit of the cosplay show with Rey’s flowing jumpsuit, staff, Jakku blaster, boots, bag, BB-8, and more!

Rey Costume
Rey Costume Guide
Princess Leia

Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia: the woman all Star Wars fans either want to be or want to marry! Princess Leia first made her appearance in the original Star Wars film. She is one of the most worn costumes since the movie was released in 1977, and now we’ve found the perfect articles for you to build your own Princess Leia cosplay costume!

You want to be the fearless and beautiful Princess Leia? Get prepared to battle some stormtroopers! We’ve found the best costume pieces for you to easily make your own cosplay Princess Leia outfit. You definitely need the Princess Leia wig with buns, white robe, and boots; and you’ll need a pistol. We’ve found all of these items for you along with Princess Leia’s slave costume—the most famous women’s cosplay costume for Star Wars.

Princess Leia Costume
Princess Leia Costume Guide

Lagertha Costume

When you can dress up as a strong, warrior woman—you absolutely should! One of the newest independent and fierce women of television is Lagertha from the History Channel’s show Vikings. The best women are the ones who stand up for what they believe in and will fight anyone who comes in their way—that is Lagertha. You only need a few items and an easy hairstyle to mimic the popular cosplay outfit of Lagertha.

Lagertha, Queen of Kattegat, is what all women should aspire to be—loyal and courageous. She makes her presence known with these items that we have already found for you. Just click the link, and the items are ready to purchase! We have a corset, long sleeve shirt, skirt, pants, boots, sword, and of course, a shield—plus much more!

Lagertha Costume
Lagertha Costume Guide
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Costume

Near the end of 2016, Hillary Clinton was one of the most popular costumes you could purchase for cosplay events. This is a hilarious way to dress up as your favorite (or not so favorite) presidential candidate. Clinton dresses in a very classic and elegant way which is quite easy to replicate with just a few items. Get in your democratic state of mind and prepare to talk some serious politics!

For a Hillary Clinton costume, you will need a woman’s short, blonde, too-perfect wig, pearl earrings, pearl necklace, low heels, and a double-breasted pantsuit. Luckily for you, we’ve already found all of those items! You can easily create your own costume for a cosplay night out with all of Hillary’s essentials. Follow the links we’ve found for you, and you’ll be fighting Trump in no time!

Hillary Clinton Costume
Hillary Clinton Costume Guide
Maggie Green

Maggie Green Costume

There’s no place for the dead! Maggie Greene is armed and ready to kill any walkers that cross her path. Maggie is from the wildly popular show The Walking Dead. She may have started out as sweet and innocent Maggie, but since she lost her family, she is a brand new killing machine. Maggie is quite a popular choice for women’s costume ideas because it’s such a simple costume!

We’ve found all the items you need to dress up as Maggie Greene, but you may have some of these items already since they are pretty simple. Whatever pieces you are looking for for your costume-we’ve got it! You’ll need a dark colored tank top, dark jeans, a military style belt, sturdy boots, leg holster for your gun, and the necessity—a machete! Now you’re good to go!

Maggie Green Costume
Maggie Green Costume Guide

Eleven Costume

The show that everyone can’t stop talking about is Stranger Things on Netflix. If you’ve tuned in and caught a few of the episodes (or every single one), then you know the character Eleven. Eleven is a young girl that has some crazy psychokinetic powers. She uses those powers to protect her new friends and to help find a missing child. Stranger Things is pretty new, so you may be one of the few to show up to cosplay dressed as Eleven!

To get the look and make everyone around you wish they had dressed up as the character from Stranger Things, you will only need these few items that we’ve already scoped out and listed for you! The items include a blonde wig, a pink doll collared dress, a navy jacket, all white sneakers, tube socks, and a waffle!

Eleven Costume
Eleven Costume Guide
Joyce Byers

Joyce Byers Costume

If you’ve watched Stranger Things on Netflix, then you know the character, Joyce Byers. You may think she has lost her mind when her youngest son goes missing, but keep watching—it only gets crazier! Craziness REALLY comes out in a mother trying to save her children. If you dress as Joyce for cosplay, everyone will know exactly who your costume is resembling. Stranger Things is the hottest topic of 2018!

These costume pieces for women’s cosplay are super easy to put together, and it’s even easier because we have all the essentials listed for you! To jump into the persona of Joyce Byers, you will need a fatigue shirt, a striped tee, tapered jeans, a mid-length brunette wig, and a few other touches that will bring the entire look together.

Joyce Byers Costume
Joyce Byers Costume Guide
Nancy Wheeler

Nancy Wheeler Costume

Not many high schoolers have to deal with such things as one of their classmates going missing, but Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things on Netflix knows all about that. Nancy decides to take things into her own hands and figure out exactly what happened to the young boy who went missing in town. Dressing up as Nancy to a cosplay event is smart because not many other people will have thought to choose that costume.

2018 is the year of Stranger Things, and you want to have the best women’s cosplay outfit. Well, we’ve found all of the pieces you will need to put together a Nancy Wheeler costume. Follow the links and grab a flannel shirt, an oversized sweater, a faux leather shearling coat, fingerless gloves, ankle riding boots, watch with a black band, and a wooden baseball bat!

Nancy Wheeler Costume
Nancy Wheeler Costume Guide
Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Costume

Harley Quinn is easily the most popular cosplay outfit for women in 2018. You can find the sassy, sexy, quirky, and complete a everywhere in the media lately—people have gone crazy for Quinn. Harley Quinn is the super hot supervillain that we just can’t get enough of. She is Batman’s enemy and the Joker’s number one heartthrob. We have listed all of the items you will need to dress as Harley at the next cosplay event!

To be the best-dressed costume in 2018, you have to dress as Harley Quinn. The pieces you will need are already listed for you- easy as cake (or puddin’ in this case). The items you will find include a pink and blue ombre wig, “puddin” choker, wooden baseball bat, pyramid studded belt, Daddy’s Little Monster tee and a few more items!

Harley Quinn Costume
Harley Quinn Costume Guide
Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Costume

Some superheroes are born with their powers, but Scarlet Witch actually underwent scientific experiments and came out with powers like telekinesis and telepathy. She thought that defeating the Avengers was what she was meant to do, but she later found out they are the good guys. Scarlet joined teams with the Avengers and uses her powers to serve good to the world!

Scarlet Witch is a great choice for cosplay in 2018 because she definitely has that womanly superhero feel about her. She kicks butt by using her brain! To dress like Scarlet for your next cosplay, just order these essentials that we found for you. You’ll find a Scarlet Witch leather jacket, a black tank mini dress, leather arm warmers, women’s high black socks, red pendant necklace, and black combat boots.

Scarlet Witch Costume
Scarlet Witch Costume Guide
Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Another woman on television that has been raved about lately is Daenerys Targeryen from Game of Thrones. This innocent girl quickly turned into a fierce woman known for being the mother of dragons. If that isn’t hardcore, I don’t know what is! Daenerys is a character perfect for cosplay because when you dress in costume as her, you feel stronger and like everyone in the room is staring at you—because they want to be you!

You can easily dress up as Daenerys with these items we found just for you. You will find a women’s blonde barbarian bride wig, women’s Aphrodite costume, velvet hooded cloak, dragon tooth leather necklace, braided leather belt, and a Daenerys costume would not be complete without a small toy dragon.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume
Daenerys Targaryen Costume Guide
Emma Swan

Emma Swan Costume

The daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming has to be a favorite women’s cosplay costume right? Right! Emma Swan is the daughter of the two fairytale characters, and now she is taking over television with her own character. Her son who she gave up for adoption has now hunted her down and brought her back into the town of Storybrooke where everything seems a bit fantastical…

Emma Swan is an easy costume to put together, and we’ve made it even easier because we’ve listed all the items you will need in one list! Start with a red leather jacket, add a silver swan necklace, a Dolman long sleeve shirt, brown riding boots, and some skinny jeans and you’re ready to fight off an evil stepmother and other fairytale characters!

Emma Swan Costume
Emma Swan Costume Guide
Black Canary

Black Canary Costume

Arrow is a show that has been buzzing in the news lately for its awesome comic book characters—one of those being Black Canary. Black Canary was a regular woman until her younger sister died, and then she decided to not only fight crime by day as a District Attorney, but to seek justice and fight crime at night. Black Canary is a favorite women’s cosplay choice because she is so well-liked on the show Green Arrow.

You can easily create a costume for Black Canary by choosing some of the items we have searched and found for you. The character wears a long and straight blonde wig, a black tee, leather moto jacket, leather eye mask, holster and gun set, leather leggings, black lipstick, fingerless gloves, black riding boots, and a police force billy club.

Black Canary Costume
Black Canary Costume Guide
Ashley Spinelli

Ashley Spinelli Costume

Girls are tough too! We know this because we’ve been watching Ashley Spinelli on the television show Recess for years! Spinelli may be a small and adorable looking girl, but she’s one tough cookie that isn’t afraid to stand up for her friends and what she believes in. Spinelli is known as the feisty and aggressive kid in the group, so she’s definitely the one you want on your side when push comes to shove.

Spinelli is a popular women’s cosplay outfit because the costume is easy and fun to recreate! You can make your own costume by using these items we’ve found for you: orange hair ties, a cable knit slouchy beanie, a military jacket, a seamed stretch sheath dress, striped tights, and harness boots. Get these items and you will be ready to fight at cosplay!

Ashley Spinelli Costume
Ashley Spinelli Costume Guide
Android 18

Android 18 Costume

Cyborgs are always a good idea for cosplay costumes! This cyborg is probably one of the most popular characters you will find, especially among women. Android 18 is from the popular Dragon Ball Z, and she is a force to be reckoned with! Android 18 will fight anyone who steps up to the challenge and will most likely persevere.

To create your Android 18 costume for a cosplay night, just pick up these items that we’ve found! You’ll find a denim distressed sleeveless vest, a sleeveless Spandex tee, a long sleeved striped tee, a denim mini skirt, a Dragon Ball Z red ribbon patch, leather belt with a gold buckle, and round toe boots. Now you have everything you need to be the hottest topic for women’s cosplay of 2018!

Android 18 Costume
Android 18 Costume Guide
Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Costume

When we are talking about women cosplay costumes, one of the first characters to come to mind is obviously Wonder Woman. She is THE women superhero without a doubt. If you want to have the best idea and costume at cosplay, then you have to dress as Wonder Woman in 2018. She is one of the founders of the Justice League, and she has some of the coolest tools to help her fight evil.

To make your Wonder Woman cosplay idea come to life you will need the gold Wonder Woman tiara, red stud earrings, a brunette wig, Wonder Woman cuffs, foil logo sticker, red leather corset, small twist cord, gold belt, blue with white stars Spandex shorts, and of course the tall red boots. All of these items are necessary to have the best Wonder Woman costume!

Wonder Woman Costume
Wonder Woman Costume Guide
Vanellope Von Schweetz

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume

Sometimes we all feel like we’re a glitch in the system of the universe, which is precisely what Vanellope Von Schweetz is in the movie Wreck It Ralph. Vanellope is a sweet little character who has been dissed by all of the other racers in the film, except Ralph. Even though she has a tough exterior, she is just as sweet as the candy in their world!

To dress in the adorable costume of Vanellope for a 2018 cosplay, you will need a French terry hoodie, a bunny ears bendy headband, a brown tutu, snap hair clips, women’s striped tights, all black sneakers, and a sassy attitude! We have picked out these items for you, and you just have to follow the links to purchase your DIY women’s cosplay costume!

Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume
Vanellope Von Schweetz Costume Guide
Agent Carter

Agent Carter Costume

We all love Agent Carter (maybe not quite as much as Captain America does), and we love her vintage style! She is a real soldier filled with bravery, passion, and the need to fight for what she believes in. Agent Carter can easily defend herself even if she looks like she is here for a fashion statement. Don’t be fooled by her sweet demeanor. This is a fun and easy cosplay outfit to recreate!

To put together your DIY Agent Carter costume for cosplay fun, grab these pearl studs, red fedora, long sleeve white blouse, blue collar jacket and skirt, red clutch, semi-auto air pistol, red lipstick, red nail polish, and round toe pumps! Now that you have all of the essentials, you can dress as the soldier we all wish we could be!

Agent Carter Costume
Agent Carter Costume Guide

We’ve not only found the top costume ideas for women in 2018, but we show you just how easy it is to assemble each DIY outfit. We make getting the look of each female character incredibly easy! Each of this year’s top ladies costumes listed is broken out into complete outfits that include the jacket, shirt, dress, shoes, pants, and any accessories you may need to pull off the character’s look. Among the 2018 trending female costumes, you’ll find popular characters from TV shows, movies, video games, and pop culture. Though this list includes some of the trendiest outfits like Eleven from Stranger ThingsLagertha from Vikings, and Princess Leia from Star Wars.