Best Costumes for Redheads in 2024

One of the biggest reasons to dress up for Halloween or cosplay is to become someone other than yourself. Maybe you’ve always dreamed of having red hair, but have never taken the chance to change your hair color. If that’s the case, we’ve listed a ton of red-headed costumes for women that you’ll definitely love. Whether you want a red-haired costume that’s more orange or dark red, you’re sure to find the perfect personality to fit the look you want. If you’re a natural redhead, you’ll need one less piece to buy from each costume guide! Here’s a list of the best red-head costume ideas for women!


Ariel Costume

One of the most iconic Disney characters ever created become the princess of the sea with this Ariel Costume. When you take in consideration of the costume and begin to comb your hair with a dinglehopper, you’ll have quite the authentic costume.

What you’ll need to pull off the look of Ariel are just a few key pieces. First, you either need to dye your hair red temporarily or find a wig if you do not have natural red locks. You’ll then need a seashell bra, a green mermaid tail, light purple paint and plushies of Sebastian the crab and Flounder to show off your close friends!

Ariel Costume
Ariel Costume Guide
Daphne Blake

Daphne Blake Costume

Ready to solve some mysteries as none other than Daphne Blake? Grab a few friends along to get the crew all together and don’t forget Scooby-Doo! Daphne is a character who has a bit of a fiery side to her when it comes to interacting with the villains but she also has a soft side to her as well.

What you’ll need to complete this look is a red wig if you do not have natural red hair, a long sleeve purple dress similar in style to Daphne’s, a purple headband, lavender tights, light purple fabric to decorate the dress, lavender ballet shoes and a silk line green scarf!

Daphne Blake Costume
Daphne Blake Costume Guide
Kim Possible

Kim Possible Costume

Who’s says a teenage girl can’t fight crime? Kim Possible is able to do it all; from cheerleading to studying to capturing the bad guys, she does it and she does it in style. Her outfit isn’t just cute, it’s also completely functional and hides all her little gadgets and tools.

To get the look of this crime stopper, you’ll need a black long sleeve crop top, grey leather gloves, green cargo pants, brown utility belt, black boots and of course, red hair whether natural or a wig.

Kim Possible Costume
Kim Possible Costume Guide
Princess Merida

Princess Merida Costume

Ready to become a princess who’s not only headstrong but has a heart of gold? While she may be a bit rebellious towards her family which may cause a bit of trouble, she always does what is best for her and her loved ones. She doesn’t fit your typical Disney princess mold and that’s exactly what makes her just so charming.

The things you’ll need to become this archer princess is a dark green maxi dress, a red curly wig or your natural hair, a gold arrow pendant, a tan suede leather belt, a suede side quiver, a wooden bow set with arrows and dark brown slouch boots.

Princess Merida Costume
Princess Merida Costume Guide

Sally Costume

A ragdoll creation who was born from various pieces stitched together, she realizes her love for Jack Skellington and helps him throughout the movie. If you wish to look like this iconic character, there are a few things you’ll need to pull off this spooky whimsical look.

What you’ll need is either your natural hair or a dark red wig, The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally dress, face paint to get her look just down right with a Sally makeup tutorial, a dark red lip stain, The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally tights, white and black socks and some black ankle boots to finish off the look.

Sally Costume
Sally Costume Guide

Blossom Costume

Looking to fight crime while also looking completely adorable? Well then, Blossom is the costume for you! One of three members of the Powerpuff Girls, Blossom has the brains and brawns to help stop crime alongside her sisters. You can always expect to find her in pink no matter where she goes.

To get the look of this Powerpuff girl, you’ll need a long red wig, a Blossom eye accessory to give off the look of her giant eyes, a pink sleeveless belted skater dress, a large red bow headband, a black stretch belt, white knee-high stockings and black buckle shoes with straps.

Blossom Costume
Blossom Costume Guide

Misty Costume

A member from the original Pokémon group, Misty is a feisty teen and former gym leader. Running alongside Ash and Brock, Misty can always count on the help of her water Pokémon to get her through battles and explore the regions!

Want to get the look of this iconic Pokémon trainer? What you’ll need is a long orange wig styled accordingly, a yellow ribbed tank top, a red backpack, denim shorts, red Converse, red suspenders, a Poké Ball with lights and sounds and a Togepi plushy to keep by your side.

Misty Costume
Misty Costume Guide
Wendy Corduroy

Wendy Corduroy Costume

Working at the Mystery Shack may not always be fun but going on adventures with Dipper and Mabel Pines sure is! Wendy is pretty laid-back and very few things bother her in the show of Gravity Falls but she does have a bit of a rebellious spirit to her, especially while working.

To get her look before going out on your adventures, you’ll need a few things first! Grab long wavy red wig or use your natural hair, a corduroy faux fur trapper hat, round stud earrings, black bow tie, a green flannel button-down, skinny jeans, and black rain boots.

Wendy Corduroy Costume
Wendy Corduroy Costume Guide
Black Widow

Black Widow Costume

Very few people would not know who Black Widow is if you brought her up in a conversation and for good reason; Black Widow is quite the iconic superhero! As a member of the Avengers team and an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Natasha Romanova or otherwise known as Black Widow is an incredible crime fighter.

There are a few key pieces you’ll need to get the look of Black Widow! First, you’ll need a Black Widow cosplay wig, an Avengers Black Widow Costume, Black Widow Gloves, an air-soft pistol, black boots, and tactical right and left leg holsters.

Black Widow Costume
Black Widow Costume Guide
Lois Griffin

Lois Griffin Costume

Mother and wife, Lois definitely has her fair share of stress with all the antics her family causes on Family Guy. Lois is usually portrayed as the stereotypical television mother but she also gets into some crazy situations herself at times!

To get the look of Lois Griffin down pat, you’ll need a red wig in the style of her hair, red lipstick, stud earrings, a green long sleeve shirt, khaki pants, ballerina flats and a Stewie plus doll to carry with you. Putting on her voice isn’t required but it’s definitely fun to try for a more authentic twist on the character!

Lois Griffin Costume
Lois Griffin Costume Guide
Eliza Thornberry

Eliza Thornberry Costume

Have you ever wanted to go on tons of adventures while also having the ability to talk to any animal you came across? While you may not be able to obtain that ability, you can still pretend by dressing up as Eliza Thornberry from The Wild Thornberrys!

What you’ll need in order to complete this costume is a red sleeveless turtleneck, casual yellow dress to wear over top of the turtleneck, clear circle lens glasses, red iron-on vinyl to put onto the dress, a canvas backpack, brown lace-up shoes, fake teeth with braces and blue thick socks.

Eliza Thornberry Costume
Eliza Thornberry Costume Guide

Columbia Costume

One of the servants alongside Riff Raff and Magenta, Columbia held her own in the movie The Rocky Horror Show. She was a groupie and a lover of Frank and if you wish to copy the eccentric look of this character, there are a few key pieces that you’ll need.

What you’ll need is a Columbia Costume, red lipstick, some eyeliner, blue women’s fishnet tights, an ombré wig, plain ankle socks and blue pumps to finish off the whole look.

Columbia Costume
Columbia Costume Guide

Jessie Costume

A key character to the Toy Story movies, Jessie is quite the cowboy character with a little bit of spunk to her. Getting into some crazy adventures with the rest of the characters, you’ll be sure to love her sassy attitude she brings along for the ride. It’s no wonder you want to recreate her look for your special occasion!

The things you’ll need are a yellow bow tie, a Jessie costume, a white button-down shirt, white buttons with gold trim and yellow felt sheets to add to your shirt, red sequin string, bootcut jeans and brown cowboy boots to complete the look.

Jessie Costume
Jessie Costume Guide
Beverly Marsh

Beverly Marsh Costume

Between dealing with her chaotic home life, growing up in school and a killer clown, it’s no wonder why Beverly has a feisty attitude to back herself up. One of the seven members of The Loser Club, Beverly finds herself in quite a bit of trouble with It but her and her friends fight back against the evil clown.

To get her look, you’ll need a floral summer dress, a long red wig or your natural hair, a leather belt, a dainty key necklace, a green backpack, a black string bracelet and finally, black boots.

Beverly Marsh Costume
Beverly Marsh Costume Guide
Claire Dearing

Claire Dearing Costume

While we may never have actual reanimated dinosaurs walking around, it doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be one of the characters from a Jurassic Park Movie! A Senior Asset manager, Claire Dearing helps with the park in Jurassic World while also looking completely and utterly stylish.

To get Claire’s look, you will need an auburn wig or your natural hair, a white button-down shirt, a women’s white blazer, a lavender cotton tank top, a gold buckle with a white elastic belt, a white skater skirt and taupe heels to finish off the look.

Claire Dearing Costume
Claire Dearing Costume Guide
Darla Sherman

Darla Sherman Costume

If you’ve ever watched the 2003 movie, Nemo, you would know that Darla Sherman becomes the owner of Nemo which Nemo wants no part of. Darla can have a bit of an attitude at times but she’s a good child deep down. There is a problem though; Darla tends to get overexcited at times and when she does, she ends up killing her fishes. While you won’t be killing fishes, this is still a cute costume to wear!

What you’ll need is purple hair ties, pliable aluminum wires, dental bib clips, dental bibs, a purple v-neck sweater, a white button-down shirt, dark purple zip-up tie, iron-on transfer sheets, yellow plaid skirt, white knee high socks, black Mary Janes, fake braces teeth, a fuchsia backpack and a Nemo plushie.

Darla Sherman Costume
Darla Sherman Costume Guide
Gadget Hackwrench

Gadget Hackwrench Costume

Have you ever had the desire to dress as an adorable mouse? Well, if you follow this guide to dress just like Gadget Hackwrench, you’ll be able to do just that! Gadget happens to be the oh so adorable member of the Rescue Rangers. She’s always thinking up new and creative inventions to help her teammates get through a situation!

What you’ll need to pull off her look is an orange hair wig, blue welding goggles, work coveralls, purple waist belt, mouse ears and tails, lavender fabric dye, off-white shoes, and a toy wrench.

Gadget Hackwrench Costume
Gadget Hackwrench Costume Guide
Judith Funnie

Judith Funnie Costume

Judith was pretty unique in her ways with her laidback attitude and chic clothing choices. While she gave off an ‘I don’t care attitude’ at times, you could tell she was very protective of her younger brother Doug.

What we recommend to pull off the look of Judith is a purple beret, short orange hair with bangs, black sunglasses, a black long sleeve shirt, purple dress, black leggings, and purple flat shoes.

Judith Funnie Costume
Judith Funnie Costume Guide
Lucy Wilde

Lucy Wilde Costume

A rookie agent of the Anti-villain league and wife of Felonius Gru, Lucy Wilde is a character in her own league. She’s charming, she’s intelligent and she’s a pretty deadly fighter. She has the task of hunting down villains and nothing will stop her from completing her goals.

To get a replica of her look, you’ll need a turquoise flared dress, a turquoise double-breasted coat, a polka dot scarf, retro sunglasses, a white tote handbag, dress sandals and a straight bob wig with bangs.

Lucy Wilde Costume
Lucy Wilde Costume Guide
Max Mayfield

Max Mayfield Costume

Moving all the way from California, she and her step-brother aren’t exactly happy with relocation but she ends up experiencing quite a few situations on the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. She’s a tough girl with an attitude that many can’t match. She’s confident in who she is as a person and she’ll definitely let you know it.

To get the look of Max down pat, you’ll need a baseball shirt, a yellow v-neck pullover, a skateboard, red hair dye if necessary, light blue jeans and red vans.

Max Mayfield Costume
Max Mayfield Costume Guide
Ms. Frizzle

Ms. Frizzle Costume

Ready to go on a crazy adventure as the world’s most famous red-headed teacher and see just what the world has to offer you? Dressing as Ms. Frizzle may not transport you to almost magical scenarios with the Magic School Bus but it’ll probably help you step out of your comfort zone at least for the night!

What you’ll need for this costume is a Ms. Frizzle dress, a Ms. Frizzle wig, star stud earrings, chunky heels, a stuffed lemon-lime gecko and a toy bus.

Ms. Frizzle Costume
Ms. Frizzle Costume Guide
Princess Anna

Princess Anna Costume

Very few people would be unsure of who Princess Anna especially with how big Frozen was in the last few years! Unlike her sister Elsa, Anna is very optimistic, eccentric and maybe even a bit naive at times. She cares greatly for her older sister and when a situation happens, she will stop at nothing to protect her.

If you wish to get the look of this Princess, you’ll need a few key items in order to complete the look. What you’ll need is a long-sleeve button-up sky blue shirt, a reddish brown braided wig, a tailored vest, a Princess Anna fuchsia cloak, a royal blue maxi skirt and black boots to complete the look.

Princess Anna Costume
Princess Anna Costume Guide
Ruby Roundhouse

Ruby Roundhouse Costume

The ever loved Jumanji franchise had another movie join its ranks in 2017 with the release of Jumanji: Welcome to The Jungle. Not only did we get a new movie, we got a few new characters as well just like Ruby Roundhouse.

She’s doesn’t just have a beautiful look but she’s also skilled in what she does and can outmatch almost anyone in a fight. To get the look of RubyRoundhouse, you’ll need a red crop top, a black leather vest, cargo shorts, fingerless gloves, an adjustable choker, a brown utility belt, and brown knee-high boots.

Ruby Roundhouse Costume
Ruby Roundhouse Costume Guide
Splatoon Inkling Girl

Splatoon Inkling Girl Costume

Splatoon Inkling Girl happens to be one of the many characters from the incredibly creative and wonderful game of Splatoon. Released for Wii U in 2015 and for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, Splatoon is one of a kind game. You can choose to be either a girl or boy in the game but for this guide, we’ll show you just how to pull off the Inkling Girl’s look.

You’ll need gaming headset headphones, black leather eye mask, orange hair color spray, Splatoon t-shirt, a squid plush, black and orange sprint shorts, pink athletic shoes, blue shoelaces and finally, a Splatoon water gun.

Splatoon Inkling Girl Costume
Splatoon Inkling Girl Costume Guide

Starfire Costume

A founding member of the Teen Titans, Starfire is a cute superhero who’s a bit naive but has a heart of gold. She rarely ever loses her temper but when she does, it’s likely that you’ve shown harm to her friends and loved ones and she’ll protect them at any cost.

To get the look of this superhero, you’ll need an army knight’s gorget, a black onyx pendant with silver chain, a long straight red wig, purple over the knee socks fingerless opera gloves, silver arm bracelet, a leather belt for your waist, a purple skater skirt and finally, purple GoGo boots!

Starfire Costume
Starfire Costume Guide
Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Costume

This red-headed villain has quite the bold and beautiful look which makes it a must to replicate, even if just once. Poison Ivy has big plans to take over Gotham and nothing will get in her way. Having a poisonous kiss and an ability to seduce even the toughest of men, she might quite easily achieve that goal.

To get this seductive look, you’ll need a long red wig if needed, a green sequin eye mask, a strapless green leotard, Poison Ivy glovelette, fake green vine leaf garland, green leaf thigh wraps, green heel high boots and finally, green tights to finish off the look.

Poison Ivy Costume
Poison Ivy Costume Guide

After checking out the list or red-headed characters, you’ll find there are a ton of diverse characters with red hair that you can look like. From sexy characters that pack a punch to quirky ones that you just can’t help but love, there’s a character well-suited for just about any personality! These costumes can also be simple enough to put together all at once, or you can show more creativity by adding your own unique spin to the red-haired costumes listed. Whatever route you choose, we hope that you find a costume that you’ll love whether you have red hair or not!