Best Costumes for Men with White Hair in 2024

Whether you’re already sporting natural silver hair or just fancy having white hair (even if it’s just a wig) for a change, you definitely have lots of options when it comes to costumes for Halloween or a cosplay event.

Since most people with graying or white hair are older ones, these costumes are perfect for the mature ones, but it doesn’t mean you have to be old to wear these. Also, not all white-haired characters are old, so there’s definitely something for the younger ones here. We got anime characters, tough grandpas, sea creatures, and so much more! You will definitely nail these costumes with ease, thanks to the step-by-step guide we have provided for each costume set. From the hair to the clothes and right down to the accessories that will totally complete the look, we got you covered!

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam Costume

No one, young or old, will fail to recognize who you are when you wear this costume. Uncle Sam is one of the most popular icons around the world as the personification of the U.S. government. There are lots of theories as to how this character was created, but one of the most popular theories is that Uncle Sam was inspired by a man named Sam Wilson, a well-respected guy from New York who delivered barreled meat to the soldiers during the 1812 war.

Finding an Uncle Sam costume is easy since most costume shops have this in stock. This patriotic look consists of a jacket with coattails, striped trousers, stovepipe hat, bowtie, and gloves – all combined to produce a vision of red, white, and blue. Wear a pair of black dress shoes plus fake beard and you’re all set!

Uncle Sam Costume
Uncle Sam Costume Guide
Ongo Gablogian

Ongo Gablogian Costume

Ongo Gablogian is the alter ego of Frank Reynolds, a character in the popular FX show “”It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”” Adorably played by Danny DeVito, Ongo is an art collector with an eclectic attitude and a shock of white hair. His purpose is to convince the gallery owner to show up at Paddy’s Pub for an art opening. It’s one of the hilarious disguises of Frank, a former successful businessman and a master manipulator who often leads The Gang’s schemes.

Ongo’s look is basic and very easy to pull off. You just need a black turtleneck shirt, black trousers, a pair of Oxfords dress shoes, dress belt, a pair of glasses, and a white clown wig. If you don’t have Ongo’s generous belly, you can simply buy a belly stuffer under your shirt.

Ongo Gablogian Costume
Ongo Gablogian Costume Guide

Parzival Costume

Parzival is one of the avatars in the Steven Spielberg film “”Ready Player One.”” He is used by the movie’s main character and protagonist Wade Watts, a young man obsessed with video games and has social skill problems. Deeply engrossed in the virtual reality world of OASIS, he becomes an adventurous hero by his avatar Parzival and attempts to unlock the Easter eggs hidden in the game. The avatar is named after Percival, King Arthur’s knight.

Parcival’s mane is a cool example of a young character with white hair. The rest of his outfit is easy to put together – black shirt and pants, blue Converse sneakers, a denim vest, and a simple waist bag. Accessories include an Extra Life Token, a Ready Player One key pack, and blue body paint, which you will use to color the edge of your white wig.

Parzival Costume
Parzival Costume Guide
Jacobim Mugatu

Jacobim Mugatu Costume

Jacobim Mugatu is the evil fashion villain played by Will Ferrell in the Zoolander movies. He is a famous fashion designer who highlights as an international criminal. Mugatu uses model Derek Zoolander, played by Ben Stiller, to attempt to kill the prime minister of Malaysia because the leader’s anti-child labor laws are affecting Mugatu’s fashion empire.

As a man of style, Mugatu always looks good no matter how evil his agenda is. If you have the flair to dress as a stylish international criminal, you will need a gray knitted turtleneck sweater, slim straight slacks in dark gray, a black neck warmer, waist trainer corset, and a pair of black boots. You also need to accessorize with a black neck warmer, a neck tie with piano design, arm bracers, and iron-on letters to spell “”MUGATU”” on your sweater. A wig will take care of the eccentric Mugatu hairstyle.

Jacobim Mugatu Costume
Jacobim Mugatu Costume Guide

Guzma Costume

Guzma is one of the characters featured in the Nintendo video game “”Pokemon Sun and Moon.”” He is the only character in the game in the Team Skull Boss Trainer class, which makes him respectful as well as he is notorious. Guzma sports an intimidating style with his distinct black and white scheme and the purple tattoo on his left arm.

In order to achieve this cool Guzma cosplay, you will need gray short-sleeved hoodie, gray jogger pants, a white shirt with a crew neck, and a pair of white sneakers. Complete the look with a Team Skull Pendant necklace, beads bracelet, a PokeBall, gold watch, and the unique yellow-framed Guzma glasses. Now all you need is a shaggy white wig and you’re all set!

Guzma Costume
Guzma Costume Guide
Professor Rowan

Professor Rowan Costume

Professor Rowan is one of the characters in the Generation IV game Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, He is the man who will get you started if you’re a Pokemon trainer starting out in the Sinnoh region. You can rest easy knowing that you will be trained by this experienced Pokemon Professor, who himself was trained by no less than the renowned Professor Oak. His stern and serious look may be intimidating, but Professor Rowan greatly cares for his trainers.

If a dignified elderly professor is your preferred costume, then the Professor Rowan set is the best for you! Raid your father’s or grandfather’s closets for these – white button-up shirt, blue vest, gray tie, trench coat, black trousers, and gray dress shoes. Complete the look with a sturdy briefcase, a Pokeball, and of course, gray wig and mustache.

Professor Rowan Costume
Professor Rowan Costume Guide

Near Costume

Near is one of the main characters of the Japanese manga series Death Note. He is one of the two successors to L, a legendary detective who was obsessed in investigating the mysterious serial killer Kira until he died. Near is not good with interacting with others despite his being a genius. He grew up loving puzzles and problem-solving, which led him to his passion for detective work.

If you love an all-white anime ensemble, then you will definitely love dressing up as Near. You only need a white long-sleeved shirt, white pants, and a white shaggy wig. In order to get Near’s white face, you just need white foundation makeup for your skin. Complete the look with several dices and you’re good to go!

Near Costume
Near Costume Guide
King Triton

King Triton Costume

King Triton is the ruler of the undersea and the mermaid Ariel’s overprotective father in the Disney animated movie “The Little Mermaid.” Ariel dreams of going to the dry land and interact with humans but King Triton would have none of it, forbidding his daughter from spending time in the surface.

With his glorious mane of white hair, beard, and impressive upper body, King Triton is certainly a commanding cosplay to pull off. You will need a mermaid tail costume, a golden crown, gold wrist cuffs, trident, and a white wig and beard. If you don’t have his six-pack abs, compensate by wearing a muscle shirt and just wing it with confidence. Get one of your lady friends to go as Ariel for the best Little Mermaid tandem at the party.

King Triton Costume
King Triton Costume Guide
Jack Frost

Jack Frost Costume

Jack Frost is the main protagonist of the DreamWorks film “Rise of the Guardians.” He is an immortal supernatural being who thrives on being a rebel, doing pranks and causing mischief with his winter pranks. He is the Guardian of Fun and the Spirit of Winter with the ability to summon snow, ice, and frost using his magical staff, Twinetender. Jack can also fly by riding the wind.

Dressing up like Jack Frost requires low effort, since all you need is a blue hoodie, brown pants, and a shaggy white wig. He goes around barefoot, but you can wear brown shoes if you don’t want to show up without footwear. Don’t forget the Shepherds Staff, which you have to paint white using white fabric spray.

Jack Frost  Costume
Jack Frost Costume Guide
Killua Zoldyck

Killua Zoldyck Costume

Killua Zoldyck is one of the main characters of the Japanese manga series Hunter x Hunter. He was a middle child who was born into a well-trained assassin family – at just three years old, he was already trained to tail people to eliminate them. Instead of following the path that his family laid out for him, he ran away from home to become a Rookie Hunter. Killua is considered as one of the greatest assassins in the series.

For a master assassin, Killua dresses very casually, exuding a carefree skater-boy look. Create this cosplay by wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, silver v-neck shirt, purple chino shorts, and purple Converse sneakers. Don’t forget the spiky white wig and the yellow skateboard to complete the look.

Killua Zoldyck Costume
Killua Zoldyck Costume Guide

Dante Costume

Dante is the main character from the Capcom video game series Devil May Cry, where he is a destroyer of evil, supernatural forces. When evil forces killed his mother and corrupted his brother, Dante became a private investigator who would not stop until he has avenged his mother and brother. He is also a son of a demon, thus making him possess powers that he uses to full advantage on his life’s work.

Cosplaying as Dante means wearing a kickass outfit that consists of a long red coat, black double-breasted jacket, dark red jeans, leather chaps, and combat boots. Accessories include fingerless biker gloves, airsoft gun, replica sword, and a wig of silvery straight hair.

Dante Costume
Dante Costume Guide
Mermaid Man

Mermaid Man Costume

Mermaid Man is a semi-retired superhero on the Nickelodeon cartoon series Spongebob SquarePants. He lives in Shady Shoals Rest Home in the city of Bikini Bottom and has Barnacle Boy as a sidekick. SpongeBob and Patrick Star convinced Mermaid Man to come out of retirement to continue fighting crime and put order among the creatures of the sea.

Mermaid Man’s outfit looks like Aquaman’s old costume – orange long-sleeve top, yellow belt, black shorts worn over green tights. What makes this different is the seashell bra and pink slippers, plus the white wig and the purple starfish as accessories. Get a bottle of purple spray paint as well to color the shells, starfish, and the nose part of your face.

Mermaid Man Costume
Mermaid Man Costume Guide

Sephiroth Costume

Sephiroth is a supervillain character in the Final Fantasy VII RPG game. He was a war hero before becoming a bad guy. His cold and professional demeanor doesn’t earn him real friends and just basically tolerates his closest companions. Despite his sadistic and pleasure in inflicting mental torture, he actually ignores orders it he thinks it will affect the safety of other people.

Dressing up as Sephiroth means putting together a badass villain costume that will surely earn stares at your cosplay event. Your main garb is a long black coat with silver accents, which include metal shoulder pads. A pair of knee-high boots, a sword, and long silver gray wig will complete the look.

Sephiroth Costume
Sephiroth Costume Guide
Hershel Greene

Hershel Greene Costume

Hershel Greene is one of the characters in the TV series The Walking Dead. He is the stern old farmer with a good heart who certainly knows how to shoot his gun. If you want to cosplay an old badass character, then dressing up as Hershel is ideal for you. Because of his skill and morals, he becomes an advisor to Rick Grimes. His two daughters, Beth and Maggie, saw him get decapitated by The Governor during a showdown in prison.

An old farmer with an attitude is what Hershel is all about. Get the look by wearing a long-sleeve, well-worn shirt, dark khaki pants, black leather suspenders, and dark brown boots. Accessories include a leather side gun holster, a pair of crutches, a toy revolver, and a full white costume beard.

Hershel Greene Costume
Hershel Greene Costume Guide
Ice King

Ice King Costume

Ice King is a character in the Cartoon Network animated TV series Adventure Time. His real name is Simon Petrikov and his magic, as well as his mental instability, is contained within his golden crown. He was once a young and handsome researcher, but he became who he is today because of the perils and tragedies in his life. He may seem evil to the bone, but the reason behind his actions is his loneliness, as well as his desire for friendship and a happy family.

Dressing up as Ice King is as simple as putting on a royal blue kimono bathrobe, a white wig and beard, and a golden crown, which you will decorate using gem stickers. You can achieve his long nose using a fake piece made of latex. Paint your face and exposed skin with pale blue face paint to complete the look.

Ice King Costume
Ice King Costume Guide
Kabuto Yakushi

Kabuto Yakushi Costume

Kabuto Yakushi is one of the characters from the popular anime series Naruto. Most of his life was spent working as a spy, gathering intelligence on people, organizations, and countries. He became legendary ninja Orochimaru’s right-hand man. When he got tired of serving other people, he sought power and became a major player in the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Kabuto has a striking costume that will surely get recognized easily at the party or cosplay event. Complete this look by wearing a one-piece purple costume with turtleneck and obi-like white belt, a white shirt underneath, and blue ninja shoes. Accessories include a toy kunai and holder, elastic bandages, sound ninja headband, circular eyeglasses, and a long silver white wig.

Kabuto Yakushi Costume
Kabuto Yakushi Costume Guide
George Washington

George Washington Costume

George Washington is the first president of the United States, known for leading the army during the Revolutionary War. He was born in 1732 and was the oldest of six children. George was made Major General and leader of the colonial army during the war and also known for giving counsel to Congress for a time. He is the only president in U.S. history to be approved by all members of the Electoral College.

If dressing up as the first president of the U.S. is more your fancy, then prepare to get your regency look on, complete with a white ponytail wig. You will need a blue regency coat worn over a beige vest and high-neck Victorian shirt, beige pants, and riding boots. You also need a tricorn hat to be worn on top of the white hair wig.

George Washington Costume
George Washington Costume Guide

Inuyasha Costume

Inuyasha is a half-demon character in the manga and anime series Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale. He attempted to become a full demon by stealing the Shikon Jewel, but was foiled by the priestess Kikyo, who bounded him to a sacred tree. She reincarnates as Kagome and in her attempt to release Inuyasha from the spell, she accidentally shattered the jewel into pieces. Inuyasha and Kagome had to work together to collect the fragments of the jewel.

A striking costume of red and white is what you need for an Inuyasha cosplay. This means wearing a red kimono with pants, a long flowing white wig, and kitten ears. You also need to accessorize with a bead necklace and a samurai sword. Make this cosplay even better by getting a female friend to dress up as Kagome for a perfect Inuyasha cosplay.

Inuyasha Costume
Inuyasha Costume Guide
Third Doctor

Third Doctor Costume

The Third Doctor is one of the characters in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who. Played by Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor appeared on the show from 1970-1974. He would, just like all the other Doctors in the show, travel in time and space in the TARDIS. The Third Doctor worked for the UNIT for free as a scientific advisor, continuing his service even after his exile was lifted. One of his foes was The Master, but the Third Doctor treated it as a friendly rivalry.

Going to your party or cosplay event as The Third Doctor means donning a gentleman’s costume. You will need a vintage velvet smoking jacket, a frilly white shirt, a purple cape, black pants, and black dress shoes. Accessories are minimal – a gold pinky ring, black leather gloves, and sonic screwdriver. A white curly wig completes the look.

Third Doctor Costume
Third Doctor Costume Guide
First Doctor

First Doctor Costume

He is the first incarnation of Doctor Who, the main character of the popular BBC sci-fi series which aired for the first time in 1963. Played by William Hartnell, the First Doctor was considered the greatest Time Lord of his years. Using TARDIS for his time travels, he landed on Earth in 1963 and went on to have many adventures. On Earth, he found his granddaughter Susan and decided to bring her along to his travels.

You have to dress like a real gentleman in order to nail The First Doctor’s look. With luck, you can find these pieces at your grandpa’s closet. Look for a navy suit jacket, gray checkered pants, a white dress shirt, beige waistcoat, and dress boots. To make it look truly dapper, accessorize with a vintage gemstone ring, bow tie, and a handsome wooden walking stick. Don’t forget the white wig if you don’t have natural silver hair.

First Doctor Costume
First Doctor Costume Guide
Michael from The Good Place

Michael from The Good Place Costume

Michael is the antagonist-turned-protagonist in the fantasy comedy series The Good Place. He is an immortal architect who is in charge of human habitation in the afterlife, but it was revealed later on that he is actually a demon in a suit whose main agenda is to manipulate humans into thinking that they are in The Good Place when in fact they are not.

Michael is a stylish, well-dressed chap who wears a perfectly tailored gray suit, pink plaid tie, light button-down shirt, and black dress shoes. His eyeglasses and his neat white hair complete his immaculate appearance. You can rent a good suit for your party or you can buy the entire set so you don’t have to worry about putting the pieces together.

Michael from The Good Place Costume
Michael from The Good Place Costume Guide
Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom Costume

Danny Phantom is a half-ghost in the Nickelodeon show of the same name. He is Daniel “Danny” Fenton in real life, a normal 14-year-old who accidentally became a half-ghost after he activated his parent’s Ghost Portal. His parents are ghost hunters and now that Danny himself has become a ghost, they have become a threat to him. He chose to protect Amity Park from the evil spirits from the Ghost Zone using his persona.

Wearing a Danny Phantom costume means having the confidence to put on a tight black bodysuit. If you can’t find a ready-made Danny Phantom suit, you can create your own by using a generic black one and draw the “”D”” on the chest area using a White Sharpie pen. Then get the rest of the all-white accessories – the shaggy wig, boots, belt, and leather gloves.

Danny Phantom Costume
Danny Phantom Costume Guide
Doc Brown

Doc Brown Costume

He is the eccentric but lovable scientist in the classic Back to the Future movies. Dr. Emmett Lathrop, Ph.D is an iconic character played by Christopher Lloyd and is the creator of the Delorean, the equally iconic car slash time machine. He teams up with Marty McFly, his only friend, in their time travel adventures.

Doc Brown’s mad scientist look is a classic, so you should get every detail perfect to pull off this look with aplomb. Start with a white painter’s overall and then add the accessories – generic transmitter remote control, LCD stopwatch, yellow latex gloves, orange duct tape, welding goggles, tool bag with poly web belt, and Sparco bulldog clip. Last but not the least, a messy white wig to capture Doc Brown’s wild hairstyle.

Doc Brown Costume
Doc Brown Costume Guide
King George III

King George III Costume

King George III is the mad monarch in the Broadway musical and film, Hamilton. He is the king of England who doesn’t like America’s success in the Revolutionary War, claiming that America cheated in its victory. His deteriorating mental healthy became well-known, with people attributing his condition to a disease called porphyria.

Dressing like the Mad King requires the ability to carry a royal costume with the pomp and pageantry it requires. You need to layer on the following – a King’s Robe, which has capes and coats, red pants, knee-high socks, and white dress shoes. You also need to accessorize like a king by wearing chain clips, white bow tie, staff, and the grand crown on top of your white hair wig.

King George III Costume
King George III Costume Guide

White-haired characters is not just for the older ones, but also for younger people who want to experiment by dressing older or creating the look of their favorite anime character. There are costumes for those who want to look like normal people, such as Hershel, or dapper gentlemen such as the Doctors from Doctor Who. Younger ones will certainly have a blast cosplaying white-haired anime and video game characters such as Near, Killua, and Inuyasha.

There’s no need to stress about putting these outfits together. Our costume guides has all the details you need to perfect each look, even down to the specific accessories. White wigs in various lengths and styles will help you achieve the silver-haired characters you want to look like. Cosplaying alone or with your friends is easier and more fun when you have complete costume sets to help you out.