Best Costumes for Men with Long Hair in 2024

As a guy, you can show off your own long hair or grab a wig to dress up as a number of male characters with long hair! There are wizards, zombie hunters, computer nerds, and Scottish warriors to choose from. The best part about the characters in this collection is that they all have companions that could be a great group cosplay. Take a look through the personalities listed who appear in movies and video games to see who you want for your next cosplay or Halloween event. Every male character has all the details needed to look the part including a step-by-step DIY costume guide to recreate each long-haired look and bring the character to life!

Rubeus Hagrid

Rubeus Hagrid Costume

Some may say that Rubeus Hagrid is the simple-minded character in the Harry Potter series, but the true wizards know that Hagrid is the kindest and most loyal person out of anyone. He is your go-to for magical creatures and is basically a family figure to Harry.

Switch up your Harry Potter costumes with the friendly giant look! Grab a long-sleeve thermal shirt, a brown suede vest, a pair of brown pants, a long faux-fur jacket, a leather belt, and some dark brown boots. Of course, Hagrid wouldn’t be himself without a pink umbrella (where he secretly stores his forbidden wand), and a large plush dog that looks like Fang! Don’t dress the part alone! Bring some of your friends dressed as Harry, Ron, and Hermione to magically pull this look together!

Rubeus Hagrid Costume
Rubeus Hagrid Costume Guide

Sephiroth Costume

You will recognize Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy game series, who started out as a warrior hero but then fell from his pedestal and became the one to stay far away from. He quickly showed his dark side and believes that he is the “chosen one” of all the warriors. Sephiroth is undoubtedly one of a kind.

Final Fantasy characters are super popular for cosplay because their costumes are down-right awesome! Get a hold of a Sephiroth costume, black knee-high boots, a Sephiroth sword, white pressed powder for your face, and a really long silver wig to recreate this character’s style.

Sephiroth Costume
Sephiroth Costume Guide
Severus Snape

Severus Snape Costume

Severus Snape will always (yes, always) be one of the most loved and hated characters from Harry Potter. He is cruel and nasty to Harry but has good reason that goes deeper than his outer appearance. But, we sure do love this outer appearance because its a prime example of how evil Snape leads his character to be.

You can quickly change from the well-known good guys from the series into Snape’s dark and twisted style with only a few items! Grab a long black, button-up coat, black dress pants, a black cape, black dress shoes, a black wig at Snape’s long hair length, a black wand, and a spell book- no, it doesn’t need to be black. Get your friends to dress as Hagrid, Harry, or Draco Malfoy, and you will definitely look the Harry Potter part!

Severus Snape Costume
Severus Snape Costume Guide

Tonto Costume

Tonto is the Comanche played by Johnny Depp in the Disney film The Lone Ranger. Tonto survived his entire village being murdered when he was a young boy all thanks to a young John Reid, the Lone Ranger. Tonto later returned the favor to John when they were adults, and they realized instantly that they had a connection in this life and should stick together.

Tonto’s appearance is super fun to recreate because it is out of the ordinary! All it takes to master this costume is a long dark wig, toy crows to place on your head, brown pants, brown slippers, an American chest piece, fake pheasant feathers, a Native warrior bracelet, white and black face paint, and a partner to come dressed as the Lone Ranger to complete the look!

Tonto Costume
Tonto Costume Guide
Winter Soldier

Winter Soldier Costume

The Winter Soldier is a Marvel villain seen in the film Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The soldier, once known as Bucky Barnes, was held captive by HYDRA until they needed him to hunt down and assassin someone they couldn’t which led Bucky face-to-face with his childhood best friend- Captain America. Uh oh!

Get The Winter Soldier costume with all black clothing including military pants, an Eisenhower jacket, combat boots, a Condor Modular vest, tactical belt, a black wig, Winter Soldier gloves and mask, and his arm sleeve along with cosplay weapons. Captain America is the only thing that could make this look even better and is the perfect excuse for a Marvel cosplay!

Winter Soldier Costume
Winter Soldier Costume Guide
Greg Universe

Greg Universe Costume

Greg Universe is the father figure and actual father of Steven from the Cartoon Network series, Steven Universe. Greg is one of the only humans living in the Gem’s world because he fell in love with Rose Quartz and they had their child, Steven Quartz Rose- the half-gem and half-human character.

Unlike most of the other characters on the show, you can easily achieve Greg’s costume with only six pieces. You will definitely need cut off jean shorts, a white tank top, a half bald wig, and a brown goatee. Throw on a pair of blue flip-flops and mist on some spray tan to get a serious farmer’s tan! Don’t forget to drag along a friend dressed as Steven to really pull this look together.

Greg Universe Costume
Greg Universe Costume Guide
Purple Puma

Purple Puma Costume

Purple Puma can only be the name of a pro wrestler- make that the alter ego of a Crystal Gem pro wrestler! When Amethyst decides that she doesn’t want to be judged, she quickly switches to her purple, muscular, pro-wrestling other self! Purple Puma’s partner in crime is Tiger Millionaire. So grab the pieces you need for this costume and team up with a friend to recreate this dynamic duo!

You surprisingly don’t need much for this costume other than a purple bodysuit, a wrestling singlet, white high top shoes, fake fur fabric, a purple eye mask, gray wristbands, and purple face paint.

Purple Puma Costume
Purple Puma Costume Guide

Hackerman Costume

Hackerman plays a huge role in the film Kung Fury! Kung Fury’s mission is to go back in time to World War II to defeat Adolf Hitler, and he needs Hackerman for his tech skills! Hackerman’s main job is to send Kung Fury to the correct time period so he can defeat Hitler once and for all. It doesn’t go quite as planned the first time around…

Along with other characters from the Kung Fury movie, Hackerman makes for an awesome cosplay idea because his style is one of a kind. Get the look with a New York City t-shirt, plain blue jeans, Hit Men boots, and a brown leather jacket. Where his style is unique is with these pieces: a brown, shoulder-length mullet, big reading glasses, a Nintendo power glove, and a Commodore keyboard. Now you’re ready to tech out!

Hackerman Costume
Hackerman Costume Guide
Inigo Montoya

Inigo Montoya Costume

Inigo Montoya is on a mission to avenge his father’s death in The Princess Bride. This cult classic shows the dreadful childhood Inigo went through of watching his father work hard and then be killed by a horrible man. Inigo decided he would train himself to become the greatest swordsman of all time to avenge his father once and for all.

Look just like Inigo from The Princess Bride with a white lace up tunic and brown vest, brown Chino pants, and leather belt, harness boots, a leather sword frog, a fencing sword, and of course a black curly wig and fake mustache. Now you are the greatest swordsman, or wizard that is!

Inigo Montoya Costume
Inigo Montoya Costume Guide
Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow Costume

He may be the worst pirate you have ever heard of, but you have definitely heard of him! That’s all that matters to Jack Sparrow, and maybe a little bit of gold now and then. Get the witty pirate’s style with only a few items! Once you have the costume put together, be sure to bring along some friends dress as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.

Turn Jack Sparrow into your next cosplay look with a Jack Sparrow costume set, a pair of knee high pirate boots, a Jack Sparrow dreadlock wig (this one is an essential!), a Jack pirate hat, a pirate sword, pirate jewelry, a mustache and beard set, and of course- some eyeliner!

Jack Sparrow Costume
Jack Sparrow Costume Guide
Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski Costume

You could be “The Dude” from the hit film, The Big Lebowski. This film wasn’t quite the hit when it first came out, but now it’s praised for its comedic performance from Jeff Bridges, who plays the main character of Jeffrey Lebowski.

Recreating the pot-smoking character’s style is actually easy and comfortable- it’s a win, win! You only need five items: a “The Dude” wig and beard set, a white v-neck shirt, a Jeffrey “The Dude” sweater, a pair of funky pajama pants, and a pair of open toe sandals. The Dude doesn’t get fancy. His look is simple to put together, and we can’t blame him for his style because it’s nice and cozy.

Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski Costume
Jeffrey “The Dude” Lebowski Costume Guide
Jon Snow

Jon Snow Costume

Jon Snow is a name that everyone knows from Game of Thrones. Jon is introduced in the very first episode and grows into a major character quickly. He attempts to show his honor to his family because they are not his birth parents and siblings. Eddard and Catlyn raise Jon alongside their lawful children, but Jon has something to prove, and even death will not get in his way!

Jon’s character is in top ranks for cosplay, so his items are easy to get your hands on. You’ll need a timeless tunic costume, a black pirate shirt, black sweatpants, black boots, Viking armor, a faux fur shawl, an awesome black cloak, black gloves, a belt, and a crusader sword. If that doesn’t sound like a warrior outfit, then I don’t know what does.

Jon Snow Costume
Jon Snow Costume Guide
Liu Kang

Liu Kang Costume

“Finish him!” can only mean one thing- Mortal Kombat! Liu Kang was one of the ten original characters from the beginning of Mortal Kombat. To turn yourself into the four-time champion from the first video game version, grab a pair of black karate pants, ninja shoes, a red Kung Fu sash, black arm bracers, a dark shoulder-length wig, and a red sweatband to tie around your head.

Mortal Kombat never goes out of style in the video game or cosplay world. The best thing to do is form a group cosplay with other members of Mortal Kombat like Johnny Cage, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero.

Liu Kang Costume
Liu Kang Costume Guide

Loki Costume

You can’t have Thor without Loki which makes this a great group cosplay! If you’re the one dressing up as Loki, you will need a full Loki costume and matching helmet, a green cape, Loki boots, a Loki scepter, and a Tesseract cube. Loki always felt like he was living in Thor’s shadow which explains his dark style and appearance.

Loki carries around these special items because he grew up with interest in sorcery. Loki isn’t Thor’s biological brother, but his father brought Loki into their family because Loki’s own father abandoned him because he was born smaller and weaker than the rest of his kind. He grew up having issues with his self-confidence which led to the demise of his and Thor’s relationship. But they still make for an awesome double costume!

Loki Costume
Loki Costume Guide

Paul "Jesus" Monroe Costume

Paul “Jesus” Monroe gets his nickname on the show The Walking Dead from his desire to bring peace among the group. He is skilled at fighting, but would instead protect people with tactful planning and doing what is best for people all around.

Paul also gets his nickname “Jesus” from his appearance. To dress like him for your next costume, start out with his long brown hair with a wig, beard, and sideburns with a grey knit hat. You’ll also need a quilted vest, a dark trench coat, combat boots, leather gloves, and a belt. It’s time for some peacemaking- or zombie killing. Either one.

Paul "Jesus" Monroe Costume Guide
Android 17

Android 17 Costume

Android 17 is a popular cosplay choice from the Dragon Ball Z series. He is the sibling of Android 16, and they were both turned into cyborgs by Dr. Gero against their will. Android 17 holds this against Dr. Gero with a deep, dark grudge that he can’t shake. He goes on to fight thinking that he is undefeatable, but later learns his lesson in arrogance.

Your next costume can be Android 17 with these few pieces to put his look together! Throw on a white long sleeve shirt underneath a black t-shirt, with a red bandana tied around your neck. Add a pair of blue jeans with Dragon Ball Z patch, tall green socks, blue Converse sneakers, a belt with a gold buckle, and a belt and holster!

Android 17 Costume
Android 17 Costume Guide
Alucard (Castlevania)

Alucard (Castlevania) Costume

Alucard is seen on the Netflix series Castlevania. While he is the son of Count Dracula, he doesn’t believe in his father hurting innocent people. Alucard is a half-breed, half human and half vampire, but he decides to take his life into his own hands and becomes a vampire hunter.

Dress the part of this vampire hunter with a white dress shirt, black dress pants, a Victorian high collar coat, black dress shoes, a frock coat, and a full-length black cape. You will need a long white wig, pointed ears, vampire teeth, a medieval crusader sword, and some fake blood. Alucard’s costume would only be complete with someone to come along dressed as Count Dracula!

Alucard (Castlevania) Costume
Alucard (Castlevania) Costume Guide
Bjorn Ironside

Bjorn Ironside Costume

You’re looking for a manly, Viking costume? Look no further. Bjorn Ironside (if you can’t tell by the name) is just what you’re looking for! This costume is made of a medieval Viking tunic, leather body armor, a Viking shield, ankle banded pants, leather boots, a skold sheepskin, a Viking ax and sword, and a few more items!

Bjorn the son of Ragnar Lothbrok on the History series Vikings. He was born to be a warrior but had some tough lessons to learn along the way. He is strong, fearless, and is prepared to battle against anyone who will keep him from proving his worth to his father. Bjorn can’t be seen without Ragnar, so complete this cosplay duo before heading out to your next event!

Bjorn Ironside Costume
Bjorn Ironside Costume Guide
Billy Hargrove

Billy Hargrove Costume

Billy Hargrove is the new heartthrob at Hawkins High School on the hit show, Stranger Things. He and his sister Maxine moved to the eerie and mysterious town of Hawkins, and he has captured everyone’s eye with his hairstyle and new kid swag.

Add to a group cosplay with Maxine, Eleven, and Mike Wheeler with your Billy Hargrove costume. You will need some classic blue jeans, a tan t-shirt under a denim jacket, a black belt, and black buckle boots. Wear a chain necklace similar to Billy’s with a brown mullet hairdo all while smoking a fake cigarette- that’s how you catch everyone’s eye who loves Stranger Things.

Billy Hargrove Costume
Billy Hargrove Costume Guide

Braveheart Costume

William Wallace was also known as the greatest Scottish warrior from the film Braveheart, and who was portrayed by none other than Mel Gibson. Everyone knows exactly which character is walking into the room when they see the blue face paint and Scottish kilt.

William Wallace set out to free Scotland from the confines of England during a war, but don’t worry- recreating this look isn’t that difficult! All you need is a long and brown curly wig, leather Viking armor, a Viking shield, Viking boots, some red flannel fabric, a cosplay William Wallace sword, and most importantly, blue face paint. They won’t take away your freedom!

Braveheart Costume
Braveheart Costume Guide
Captain Hook

Captain Hook Costume

Neverland’s greatest villain, Captain Hook, has been on a mission to capture and destroy Peter Pan since the children’s book by J.M. Barrie was released in 1924. You can’t miss him because he actually does have a hook for a hand (thanks to Peter Pan and the crocodile who ate it).

Dress like Captain Hook from the class animated movie Peter Pan with a pirate captain costume, white knee-high socks, a pair of pirate boots, a long and curly Captain Hook wig, a pirate sword and gun, and a pirate hook to wear over your hand. Nothing goes better than Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, and Peter Pan- this is arrrrrguably the best time for a group cosplay look!

Captain Hook Costume
Captain Hook Costume Guide
Count Dracula

Count Dracula Costume

Count Dracula is a classic character that has stretched among books, movies, and even television shows. This particular character is from the Netflix series, Castlevania. Count Dracula, or Vlad, has been hiding away from civilization because he has a strong distrust for humans until he meets Lisa- but the situation takes a turn for the worst.

Count Dracula’s look is similar to the classic images we all know of the infamous lore. You can recreate his look with a pair of straight black pants, black dress shoes, a Victorian high collar coat over a white dress shirt, and of course a vampire cape. Make sure to cover your face in white foundation to appear paler, some pointed ears, vampire teeth, a straight black wig, and some fake blood because there is no Dracula without blood.

Count Dracula Costume
Count Dracula Costume Guide
Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Costume

Daryl Dixon is the alcohol drinking, redneck on the show The Walking Dead. He quickly makes it clear that he is best to have right by your side whenever zombies are close by. Daryl has major tracking and hunting skills which keeps him and others alive longer than expected.

Dress as one of the group alongside Rick Grimes and Carol Peletier inspired costumes with you friends. Get your Daryl style together with a sleeveless denim button-up underneath a black vest, a pair of straight leg jeans, hiking boots, a red bandana, and a brown, shaggy wig. Add the vital touches with some dirt makeup, a squirrel and raccoon dog toy, and a cosplay crossbow, so you’re prepared for any hunt!

Daryl Dixon Costume
Daryl Dixon Costume Guide
Edward Elric

Edward Elric Costume

Go on a hunt for the Philosopher’s Stone as Edward Elric from the manga series, Fullmetal Alchemist. Edward is breaking every barrier to bring his brother, Alphonse, back to him. Ed is known for being a master alchemist and his lack of fear as he lost an arm and a leg in an attempt at a dangerous experiment.

You might look at Edward’s costume and think it is too difficult to recreate, but it only takes five pieces! Get the Edward Elric black suit with the attached red cape, his matching black and red boots, the Fullmetal Alchemist metal arms, a black pocket watch, and a blonde wig with a braid. That’s all it takes!

Edward Elric Costume
Edward Elric Costume Guide
Garth Algar

Garth Algar Costume

There can’t be a Wayne without Garth mainly because Garth would have a nervous breakdown and lose his mind. So, before you start planning this costume make sure you have a friend to dress as Wayne from Wayne’s World. Garth is just as funny as Wayne, but he’s not so sure he could function without him.

Garth doesn’t veer too far from his set style which makes his costume easy to recreate! All you need is a pair of you old jeans that have holes in the knees, an old Aerosmith shirt, a blue plaid shirt, a black bracelet, black and white converse sneakers, a Garth wig and glasses, and some classic drum sticks! You’re ready to rock out!

Garth Algar Costume
Garth Algar Costume Guide
Wayne Campbell

Wayne Campbell Costume

Who’s cooler than Wayne Campbell? No one! A rockstar wanna-be living in his mom’s basement and hosting a television show, Wayne’s World. We’re sold! You can easily recreate Wayne’s look with only a few items, but you need a partner in crime to tag along. Yes, grab a friend to dress as Garth to have the duo together again!

The best part about Wayne’s costume is that you don’t need to look much further than your own closet. Throw on a black t-shirt, a pair of old jeans with holes at the knees, black and white Converse sneakers, Wayne’s world hat, a black mullet wig, and a toy electric guitar. Party on, Wayne!

Wayne Campbell Costume
Wayne Campbell Costume Guide
Gandalf the Grey

Gandalf the Grey Costume

Among the magical and nonmagical beings, Gandalf the Grey is the protector of the hobbits along with his other duties as a sorcerer. He stood beside the hobbits and the rest of The Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings to deliver the ring to Mordor.

You only need six pieces to recreate Gandalf the Grey’s simple yet undeniable look! Start out with an adult Gandalf costume set, then add a sorcerer’s beard and wig, a grey throw blanket as a scarf, a pair of dark hiking boots, a gentleman’s pipe, and a Gandalf staff. Bring along your favorite hobbit (some people call them friends) to dress as Frodo, Legolas the elf, or Aragorn!

Gandalf the Grey Costume
Gandalf the Grey Costume Guide

Gaston Costume

Gaston has always been a favorite among the Disney villains, and ever since the live action film Beauty and the Beast was released in 2017, we love to hate him even more! Gaston is the opposite of Beast in appearance- he’s pretty much perfect. But when it comes down to his personality, Gaston loses that battle against Beast.

Get the charming style of the one and only Gaston with a red soldier outfit, black vinyl boots, a tricorn hat, a dark colonial men’s wig, a fighting sword, and some gold rings to glam up the look. Gaston has his hopes high that he will marry Belle, so bring along a friend to play her part as well as Beast to show Gaston who the real man is!

Gaston Costume
Gaston Costume Guide

Some of these characters are from years ago and some are brand new for 2024! Whether you choose to go for a more classic character or one that has recently climbed the popularity charts, we have all tons of ideas to choose from for your next cosplay event or Halloween costume!

Captain Hook from Peter Pan, Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, Garth Algar from Wayne’s World, or any of the other long-haired dudes on this list that would make an awesome costume. Take your pick and bring along a friend to dress up too! Because we all know there can’t be a Garth Algar without Wayne Campbell or Alucard without Count Dracula. Check out each character in detail to find which one is right for you to dress up like this Halloween.