Best Costumes for Guys with Glasses in 2024

Maybe you’re already wearing glasses and you want a costume that allows you to wear it while still staying in character or maybe you just fancy going as someone who wears one. Whatever your reason is, there are loads of characters wearing glasses and variety will not become a problem. If you are on the mature side and you are looking for a costume that will suit your age group or you want to express your inner geek or nerd by wearing smart-looking glasses, there’s definitely a perfect costume for you.

You can nail these looks DIY-style and have a great time getting the pieces together from your closet or thrift shops. If you prefer to buy everything in one go, you can just search for your costume online and get everything with just one click. With the help of our thorough guides per costume, you will definitely end up with an awesome cosplay.

Agent Harry Hart

Agent Harry Hart Costume

Agent Harry Hart is a Kingsman agent in the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service and its sequel, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. He was a former British military officer who was recruited by the secret agency, which is an old institution whose original agents started out as bespoke tailors who cater to very powerful clientele. Kingsman eventually revamped the establishment into an independent intelligence agency. Agent Harry, who was played by Colin Firth, works under the codename “”Galahad.””

Being a Kingsman agent means being impeccably dressed like a gentleman should be. Recreate Agent Harry’s dapper bespoke look by wearing the best pinstripe double breasted suit you can find and pair that with a classic blue striped tie, crisp white button-down shirt, and black dress shoes. You will also need a brown fur coat to wear over your suit, plus a top hat, glasses, and an umbrella with a wooden handle.

Agent Harry Hart Costume
Agent Harry Hart Costume Guide
Alex Weiss

Alex Weiss Costume

Alex Weiss is a technician and a hacker in the Tomb Raider video game. He works on the research vessel The Endurance and has become an invaluable help to Lara Croft especially during their attempt to discover the lost kingdom of Yamatai. Alex is so good at tech that he became a hacker at a tender age of nine. He can do anything with computers – program, engineer, and hack them – which made him an important part of Lara’s crew.

Dressing up as a tech genius and hacker is a no frills affair with the Alex Weiss cosplay. All you need is a baseball t-shirt, jeans with relaxed fit, Chuck Taylor sneakers, leather belt, waistbands, and clear lens glasses. A tactical backpack completes the look.

Alex Weiss Costume
Alex Weiss Costume Guide

Arthur Costume

Arthur Read is an anthromorphic aardvark in the PBS cartoon show Arthur. He is portrayed as an average 3rd grader who always listens to his parents and generally polite and friendly to people. He is also athletically gifted and a very good pianist (when he puts his mind to it, at least). Although books-smart, he doesn’t always use common sense, which annoys his parents. Arthur has a love-hate relationship with little sister DW and can be mean to her, but he always comes to protect her when she needs his help.

Dressing up as Arthur Read is so easy because you may already have the pieces in your closet. Look for a white dress shirt, yellow v-neck pullover sweater, a pair of chinos, Converse All-Stars sneakers, and round circle eyeglasses. If you don’t have the bear ears, you can easily buy one from any costume shop.

Arthur Costume
Arthur Costume Guide
Artie Abrams

Artie Abrams Costume

Artie Abrams is a wheelchair-bound kid in the musical show Glee. He got into a car accident when he was eight years old, which made him physically-disabled. However, Artie refuses to let his disability get in the way of living a life as normal as possible and joins the McKinley High School Glee Club, New Directions. Artie’s dream is to become a dancer and he hopes that one day, there will be a cure that will cure his being paraplegic.

Cosplaying as Artie Abrams is an easy task, for all you need are everyday clothing pieces – cable sweater vest, short-sleeve shirt, relaxed pair of jeans, and plastic glasses with rectangular frame. You can borrow or rent a folding wheelchair, which is an essential piece to this costume.

Artie Abrams  Costume
Artie Abrams Costume Guide
Austin Powers

Austin Powers Costume

Austin Powers is a British spy agent in the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. He became an international super spy during the 60s and his skills in the bedroom became legendary as well. The character is meant to be a parody of James Bond. Even though he is outdated and has uneven teeth, his confidence still makes him very attractive to women.

Transform yourself into a nerdy but lovable British spy by cosplaying as Austin Powers. For the costume, you will need a blue suit with loose fit and a lacey tie collar, black leather boots, and a brunette nerd wig. To really nail the look, you need to wear fake teeth and a hairy chest piece. Complete the look with the following accessories – black framed glasses, male gender pendant, plastic martini glass, and an air-soft gun. Luckily, you can easily find an Austin Powers costume set online for hassle-free cosplay.

Austin Powers Costume
Austin Powers Costume Guide
Bernard Lowe

Bernard Lowe Costume

Bernard Lowe is the Head of Programming Division in the HBO sci-fi show Westworld. He is in charge of programming the personalities and emotions of the hosts of Westworld, a colossal Wild West–themed amusement park. It was later revealed that Bernard Lowe is not a human but a host too, originally created by Dr. Robert Ford, who heads the division. He was created because the human staff at the park is incapable of programming the hosts without getting emotions involved.

All it takes to cosplay as Bernard Lowe is to wear your everyday corporate suit – a black two-button pair, long-sleeved shirt, oxford shoes and black tie. Accessories are minimal – blue-framed glasses and a silver-tone watch.

Bernard Lowe Costume
Bernard Lowe Costume Guide
Carl Fredricksen

Carl Fredricksen Costume

Carl Fredricksen is the grouchy but lovable old man in the Disney film Up. He was lonely for a long time before he met his soulmate Ellie. They got married when they turned into young adults and intends to spend their future going on adventures. They planned to go to Paradise Falls but just as their dream trip is within reach, Ellie became sick and eventually died. Her death affected Carl greatly, turning him into a bitter old man. But he decides to live out he and Ellie’s final dream and decides to bring their home to Paradise Falls.

Dressing up like an adorable grandpa is what a Carl Fredricksen cosplay entails. With luck, maybe your own grandfather has these pieces you can borrow – Men’s Wool Dress Pants, Wool Sport Coat, Dress Shirt, Leather Suede Shoes, Distressed Belt, and Solid Bow Tie. His accessories are easy to find as well – Clear Lens Square Glasses, Quad Cane, Walker Tennis Ball Glides, and of course, an Ellie Badge Pin.

Carl Fredricksen Costume
Carl Fredricksen Costume Guide
Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster Costume

“Chuckie Finster is the orange-haired kid from the animated TV show Rugrats. This two-year-old is the scaredy cat among his friends who always remind them that things will be all right. He does not go anywhere without his best friend Tommy, who always want to go on wild adventures. Chuckie always tries to talk Tommy out of it, but he ends up going anyway because he doesn’t want to feel left out by his crew.

Enjoy dressing up in 90s cartoon nostalgia by cosplaying as Chuckie Finster. With luck, you can still find these pieces in your closet – blue Saturn t-shirt, yellow socks, green chino shorts, and Vans skating sneakers. You also need an orange wig, purple Wayfarer nerd glasses, and buck teeth. If you don’t have most or all of these pieces, you can just order a set online which will have everything you need for this Rugrats cosplay.

Chuckie Finster Costume
Chuckie Finster Costume Guide
Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry Costume

Dennis Nedry is the disgruntled programmer in the movie Jurassic Park. He’s lazy and doesn’t take his job seriously. It doesn’t help that he’s being blamed for the bugs in the park’s computer system. Dennis is frustrated with the fact that the system is being kept secret from him which leaves him no choice but to rely on the information that he already has.

If you’re on the bigger side and you want a comfortable costume, then dressing up as Dennis Nedry is going to be ideal for you. Your closet (or your father’s) probably has most of these pieces – Gray Members Only Racers Jacket, Large Yellow Raincoat, Glacier Blue Men’s Polo Shirt, Lee Classic-Fit Pleated Pants, and Half Frame Wayfarers. As for the accessories – Jurassic Park Ranger Logo Velcro Patch, Dennis Nedry Jurassic Park Fake ID – you can easily find them at most costume stores or print them out yourself.

Dennis Nedry Costume
Dennis Nedry Costume Guide

Dexter Costume

Dexter is the boy genius and inventor in the Cartoon Network show Dexter’s Laboratory. He comes from a typical American family and somehow he managed to hide a laboratory in the house which can be accessed by a bookshelf in his bedroom. He has a love-hate relationship with his sister Dee Dee, who is always around to annoy him even when he wants to work undisturbed in the lab. But when she’s in danger, Dexter is always ready to rescue her.

Dressing up as a boy genius is an easy task. Assemble your own Dexter costume by wearing a white lab coat over your shirt, dark flat front pants, and black boots. To really look like Dexter, you will need an orange wig, vintage Wayfarer glasses, and purple lab gloves. You will also need a primary science lab set. If you order a Dexter costume set online, you also get all the accessories needed.

Dexter Costume
Dexter Costume Guide
Dr. Ian Malcolm

Dr. Ian Malcolm Costume

Dr. Ian Malcolm is a brilliant mathematician in the film adaptation of the Jurassic Park and The Lost World books. He specializes in the chaos theory which was put into good use in making good predictions despite his lack of expertise in dinosaurs. In the second film, he has increased his knowledge in dinosaurs and was hired to return to the island where the animals still roam. Dr. Malcolm is also intent on rescuing his girlfriend, who got lost on the island.

A very manly attire is what you will wear when dressing up as Dr. Ian Malcolm. No need to source outfits from the store, since the pieces are basically everyday wear – black cotton sport shirt, chino pants, Chelsea boots, and leather blazer. Accessories include stainless steel chain and watch, eyeglasses, and casual belt.

Dr. Ian Malcolm Costume
Dr. Ian Malcolm Costume Guide
Dr. Lipschitz

Dr. Lipschitz Costume

Dr. Lipschitz is a child psychologist and advertising powerhouse in the 90s Nickelodeon series Rugrats. One look at him and you will immediately notice the resemblance to Krusty the Clown or Bozo the Clown. Dr. Lipschitz makes himself totally available for parents who want to consult about their children’s behavior – he can be reached via phone, online, or directly at the hospital. On top of that, he also has a book and video series.

The most important detail when dressing up as Dr. Lipschitz is the hair – you may have to wear an old man wig that looks like it grows from the sides. This should come with a mustache as well. The rest of the outfit – Van Heusen White Dress Shirt, Blue Dress Pants, Brown Wingtip Oxford Shoes, and Burgundy Sport Coat – are stuff you can find perhaps in your parent’s closet. Don’t forget the accessories – Columbia Brown Belt, Round Yellow Glasses, Solid Teal Green Tie, and Gold Tie Clip. If this is too much for you to gather, you can just order a costume set online and get everything you need in one go.

Dr. Lipschitz Costume
Dr. Lipschitz Costume Guide
Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute Costume

Dwight Schrute is one of the office workers in the NBC comedy show The Office. Because of his unwavering support to the boss Michael Scott, Dwight became known as TV’s greatest sidekicks. His dry, inappropriate nerdy humor makes him one of the characters that stand out in the show. He is known for being such a stickler to rules and order, as well as his funny antics in the office.

Dressing up as the characters in The Office is one of the easiest but effective cosplays you and your friends can do. If you’re assigned to come as Dwight, play out the office nerd to the hilt by wearing a Two-Button Classic Fit Suit, Short Sleeve Poplin Shirt, Check Style Microfiber Tie, Metal Frame Glasses, Dunder Mifflin ID Badge, Prop Pager, and a Casio Calculator Watch. Just raid your dad’s closet and you will find most, if not all the pieces you will need for this cosplay.

Dwight Schrute Costume
Dwight Schrute Costume Guide
Ford Pines

Ford Pines Costume

Stanford Filbrick “Ford” Pines is the twin brother of Grunkle Stan and a paranormal investigator in the animated Disney series Gravity Falls. He moved to Gravity Falls, Oregon to study the supernatural activity in the small town. He ends up disappearing into an alternate reality and when he escaped years later, he found himself not quite up to speed with his surroundings. He makes up for his lack of knowledge in the modern world with his intelligence.

Ford’s investigator costume is an easy ensemble that consists of a Long Sleeve Turtleneck Pullover Top, Brown Trench Coat, Black Pants, Composite Toe Boot, and Black Messenger Bag. To complete the look, put a pair of Clubmaster Glasses on. If you don’t have naturally grayish hair, you can simply use hair dye to get the same color.

Ford Pines Costume
Ford Pines Costume Guide
Garth Algar

Garth Algar Costume

Garth Algar is the other half of the dynamic duo in the film Wayne’s World. He is the adorably awkward sidekick of Wayne Campbell and together they host their casual talk show Wayne’s World filmed at a house basement. Garth’s nervous demeanor is the perfect complement to Wayne’s more confident one, but they remain the tightest of friends despite the contrast.

Transform yourself into a geeky rock-lover by cosplaying as Garth Algar. This is a very easy costume to put together, since all you need are closet staples such as Purple Plaid Shirt, Jeans with Knee Holes, Black Converse Sneakers, and an Aerosmith Shirt. If you don’t have Garth’s messy blond hairdo, you can get those easily when you order a Garth Algar costume set.

Garth Algar Costume
Garth Algar Costume Guide
Gus Griswald

Gus Griswald Costume

Gus Griswald is the “new kid” in the Disney animated show Recess. He is a shyest member of the playground gang and has the tendency to mess up the tricks that the rest of the gang comes up with. Underneath Gus’ timid and shy demeanor lies a leadership skill that balances how he handles things. He is also a great dodgeball player, but he quit playing when he hit a little boy in the face and made him cry.

Dressing up as Gus Griswald requires putting together an easy elementary school kid costume made up of a Short Sleeve Clover Green Shirt, Dockers Men’s Signature Khaki Pants, Dockers Brown Moc Toe Slip-Ons, Columbia Brown Feather-Edge Belt, and Over the Calf White Tube Socks. Complete the look by wearing Retro Wayfarer Square Frames and Casio Silver Tone Calculator Watch.

Gus Griswald Costume
Gus Griswald Costume Guide

Hackerman Costume

Hackerman is a brilliant computer whiz in the 2015 film Kung Fury. The film is a parody of the martial arts and police action movies in the 80s. Hackerman plays a man on a mission who sends Kung Fury, who must go back in time to eliminate Adolf Hitler, to the correct period in World War On his first attempt, he ends up sending Kung Fury to the age of the Vikings.

Cosplaying as Hackerman will requires tons of attitude because aside from rocking a mullet, you have to wear a quirky ensemble – a Brown Leather Jacket, New York City T-shirt, Hit Men Boots, Original-Fit Jeans, Reading Glasses, and Nintendo Power Glove. You also need to carry around a Commodore Keyboard to complete the look. If you order a Hackerman costume set, you already get a Mullet Shoulder Length Wig, so you need not worry about your hairstyle.

Hackerman Costume
Hackerman Costume Guide
Harry Potter

Harry Potter Costume

Harry Potter is an orphan who discovered that he is famous in the wizarding world for surviving the attack of the dark wizard Lord Voldemort. Before he was enrolled at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was living with non-magical people known as Muggles. Soon he became friends with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley, who helped him befriend adversaries throughout his years in Hogwarts.

Dressing up as Harry Potter is effortless since lots of costume stores have the complete Hogwarts uniform that Harry and the rest of the students wear in school. When you order a Harry Potter costume set, you will get the following: Hogwarts robe, Gryffindor tie and house scarf, Van Heusen Men’s Fitted-Poplin Dress Shirt, and his circular frame glasses. You get the accessories as well – the wand, Golden snitch, and the Firebolt broom. For the best Harry Potter cosplay, get two of your friends to dress up as Hermione and Ron in your costume party.

Harry Potter Costume
Harry Potter Costume Guide
Joe Gardner

Joe Gardner Costume

Joe Gardner is a middle school teacher and jazz musician in the Disney animated film Soul. While Joe loves teaching music, he also has dreams of performing onstage. Just when he’s about to fulfill his lifelong dream, he gets into an accident just as he was set to perform. His soul was transported from his body and he finds himself at a You Seminar, where he is tasked to fan the flames of passion into souls in training.

Luckily, dressing up like Joe Gardner is a very simple task, since the ensemble consists of a working man’s everyday wear – green turtleneck shirt, brown pants, grey hat, and brown dress shoes. The accessories are stuff you can borrow from dad or grandpa – square-framed eyeglasses and a brown leather briefcase. If you choose to buy a Joe Gardner costume set, you also get a fake mustache, which is convenient if you don’t have a real one and no time to grow it.

Joe Gardner Costume
Joe Gardner Costume Guide
Matt Foley

Matt Foley Costume

Matt Foley is one of the most popular fictional characters in the NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live. Matt is a motivational speaker who is completely unsuitable for his job, as he is awkward, lacks self-confidence, has terrible temper, and bad hygiene. He is played by Chris Farley, which became one of his memorable characters ever.

If you’re a little on the heavier side, this is a great cosplay for you. To dress up as Matt Foley, you need to put on a blue blazer, brown pants, white dress shirt, a green tie, and brown dress shoes. Most likely you can find these pieces in somebody’s closet. Matt is known for his portly belly, which you can easily fake with a fake belly toy that you can wear on your stomach.

Matt Foley Costume
Matt Foley Costume Guide

McLovin Costume

McLovin is a high school nerd who wants to become popular in the 2007 film Superbad. Also known as Fogell, McLovin has poor social skills and stutters over his words. His life changed when tries to buy alcohol for a party using a fake ID, as he runs into a burglary and finds himself talking to the cops. After this encounter, McLovin finds himself having more confidence and was able to talk to girls without getting nervous.

Dress up as a nerd with poor fashion choices by putting on a McLovin costume. The pieces are simple – button down shirt, chino pants, formal suit vest, and reading glasses. Don’t forget the McLovin driver’s license, which you can print out yourself or get as part of a complete McLovin costume set.

McLovin Costume
McLovin Costume Guide
Milton Waddams

Milton Waddams Costume

Milton Waddams is a disgruntled office worker in the movie Office Space. Because of his being a pushover, Milton is usually ignored and underestimated at work and prefers to suffer in silence for it. When he was downsized in the company he works for, Milton slowly becomes unhinged, starting with quiet outbursts and results to him burning down his workplace.

Transform into a nondescript employee when you dress up as Milton Waddams. His office garb is something you may already have or can borrow easily. The outfit consists of a Gray Short Sleeved Dress Shirt, Black Dress Pants, Dark Grey Pattern Tie, Grey Belt, and black oxford shoes. The accessories define this look – Casio Calculator Watch, Red Swingline Stapler, ID Badge Holder, and pocket protector. When you order a Milton Waddams outfit, you also get the brown mustache.

Milton Waddams Costume
Milton Waddams Costume Guide
Mr. Smee

Mr. Smee Costume

Mr. Smee is Captain Hook’s every loyal sidekick in the Disney classic Peter Pan. He is in charge of dealing with the pirates in doing tasks for his boss. Although at times he doubts Hook’s decisions, he tries to steer the pirate in the right path as much as possible. He may be on Hook’s team, but Smee has actually one of the kindest-hearted characters in the story.

Mr. Smee’s outfit must be one of the easiest Peter Pan cosplays you can do. His outfit is very simple – Sky Blue Horizontal Stripe T-shirt, Quiksilver Blue Chino Shorts, Brown Leather Slide Sandals, Bridged Square Glasses, and Red Stocking Cap with Pompom. Make sure you also get the hair and face right – Mr. Smee sports white mutton chops and has a large nose, which you can get by wearing Bulbous Nose Prosthetic.

Mr. Smee Costume
Mr. Smee Costume Guide
Napoleon Dynamite

Napoleon Dynamite Costume

Napoleon Dynamite is a socially awkward teenage boy in the movie of the same name. He is a 16-year-old high school kid from Preston, Idaho who lives with his grandmother and his older brother, Kip. The siblings were put under the care of their Uncle Rico when the old lady was sent into the hospital. Napoleon’s shining moment was performing a hip hop dance routine that became one of the most iconic moves in cult movie history.

Napoleon’s 80s outfit is pure thrift shop glory and you be prepared to visit the shops if you want a Napoleon cosplay. You need to score that Vote For Pedro Ringer T-Shirt, which you will wear with 501 Original Fit pants, Moon Boot Shoe Covers, and Metal Clear Lens Glasses. With luck, you will be able to score a brown afro wig from the shops too. While you’re at it, look for the other 80s accessories – Trapper Keeper Binder, Classic Digital Sport Watch, Lightweight Headphones, and a Walkman cassette player.

Napoleon Dynamite Costume
Napoleon Dynamite Costume Guide
Professor Shelly Oberon

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume

Professor Shelly Oberon is the main character in the 2017 film, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle! He was chosen by Bethany, one of the high school students who stumbled across the latest version of the video game. This transforms the character into a popular cheerleader turned cartographer. Professor Shelly uses his cartographer skills to rescue his fellow avatars out from the jungle.

Professor Shelly Oberon, who was played by Jack Black, dons a classic professor-in-the-jungle outfit. You can source these items from an outdoor or safari gear store. You will need a Men’s Plaid Shirt, Brown Cotton Vest, Brown Cargo Pants, Safari Jacket, and Rain Boots. As for the accessories, you will need a Bucket Hat, Green Bow Tie, Circle Framed Glasses, and Utility Belt.

Professor Shelly Oberon Costume
Professor Shelly Oberon Costume Guide
Richie Tozier

Richie Tozier Costume

Richie “Trashmouth” Tozier is one of the kids who fought Pennywise in the Stephen King-inspired movie, It. He’s part of The Loser’s Club and looks up to Bill just like the other kids. Richie is often neglected by his parents; his mother is also an alcoholic. Because of this, Richie developed an obnoxious personality which serves as a coping mechanism when dealing with people.

Richie’s clothes are simple and very casual, which makes cosplaying him a breeze. Go through your own closet or a thrift shop for the following: Palm Tree Hawaiian Shirt, a white t-shirt, Casual Jogger Pants, and Vans Classic Slip-on. Complete the look by wearing square-framed glasses and wear your hair curly and unruly. If you don’t have dark hair, a messy wig will do just fine.

Richie Tozier Costume
Richie Tozier Costume Guide

Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn Costume

Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn is one of the baseball players in the 1989 sports film Major League. He’s a pitcher for the Cleveland Indians and known for his fiery temper. He played for a baseball team in prison before he got into the league, which contributed to his having a mean arm for baseball. He developed a poor vision and was eventually outfitted with glasses, which made his pitching drastically better.

If dressing up as a baseball player is your thing, then get on with the Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn cosplay. If you will have a hard time looking for the exact uniform in thrift shops, you can simply order the whole outfit online, which also gives you the following: Navy Blue Turtle Neck, Wilson Black Baseball Belt, Easton Grey Piped Baseball Pants, Rawlings Baseball Glove, Red Stirrup Socks, Black Mizuno Baseball Cleats, Skull Glasses, and an Indians Hat.

Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn Costume Guide

Run DMC Costume

Run DMC is one of the most popular hip hop groups during the 80s. The rappers hailed from Queens, New York and they were known for elevating the status of hip hop from underground to pop culture. Run DMC is made up of Jason Mizell, Darryl McDaniels, and Joseph Simmons. They were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2009.

The group was not only influential music-wise, but on fashion as well. Run DMC is known for their Adidas track suits, paired with Adidas sneakers, fedora hat, oversized glasses, and gold chain. You can easily find these pieces in the store. Obviously, this cosplay is best done as a group, so get a couple of your buddies to suit up street-style and show as Run DMC to the party.

Run DMC Costume
Run DMC Costume Guide

Squints Costume

Michael “Squints” Palledorous belongs to the sandlot baseball team in the sports comedy film Sandlot. In this 90s cult classic, Squint is the group’s resident smart aleck and known for his tendency for long storytelling. He grew up in San Fernando Valley and got into trouble with his friends when his story doesn’t quite check out. He is also a grandson of Squidman Palledorous, former police chief and the originator of the story of the Beast.

Squints is known for his horn-rimmed Coke glasses and cheeky smile. Cosplaying him is easy – you just need a striped crew t-shirt, blue jeans, white sneakers, black cap, baseball glove, and an autographed ball. It’s a comfortable look that anyone can pull and easy to put together.

Squints Costume
Squints Costume Guide
Steve Urkel

Steve Urkel Costume

Steve Urkel is the hilarious next door neighbor on the 1989 comedy sitcom Family Matters. Steve’s parents were not fond of him so he sought the company of the Winslow family next door. He became close the family and even sought a father-son relationship with Carl because he never had that with his own family. He fell in love with Carl’s daughter, Laura, who sees Steve as the nerdy neighbor who will always be her friend.

Cosplaying as Steve Urkel is perfect for those who absolutely love dressing nerdy. Achieve Urkel’s signature style by wearing a Men’s Striped Polo Shirt, Fashion Suspenders, Wrangler Men’s Jeans, Men’s Saddle Oxford Shoes, and nerdy eyeglasses. If you’re in luck, your dad may still have these pieces in his closet!

Steve Urkel Costume
Steve Urkel Costume Guide
Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong Costume

Tommy Chong is an artist, comedian, and cannabis rights activist who is also the half of the comedy duo made Cheech & Chong. He also played the hippie Leo Chingwake on That 70s Show. After his partnership with Cheech Marin ended, Tommy continued his work on acting, writing, directing, and music. He was the voice behind the character Yax on the 2016 Disney animated movie Zootopia.

If you enjoy dressing up as a free-spirited hippie, a Tommy Chong cosplay is just the thing for you. To nail the look, visit your thrift shops or if your grandfather had a hippie side, you can raid his closet as well. Look a denim shirt, distressed jeans, work boots, a red bandanna, and round framed glasses. A black mullet is a must, which means you will probably need a wig – you can get this when you order a Tommy Chong costume set.

Tommy Chong Costume
Tommy Chong Costume Guide

Vector Costume

Vector is a villain and science genius in the DreamWorks film Despicable Me 2. His original name was Victor, but changed it because he thinks it’s too nerdy. Vector is the son of the supervillain Mr. Perkins, but he made a name for himself when he stole the Great Pyramid of Giza. His genius allowed him to make innovative weapons, with his squid gun as one of them. Despite his intellect, Vector has childish behavior. He loves cookies and fascinated with sea life.

A lively pop of orange is what a Vector cosplay is. His signature orange jumpsuit is paired with a white skate helmet, Puma sneakers, and thick horn-rimmed glasses. If you want to get this look 100%, you can get everything you need from a Vector costume set, which also includes a Vector logo sticker, scented fart gun, and Scotch duct tape.

Vector Costume
Vector Costume Guide

Waldo Costume

Waldo is the main character who travels around the world in the book series Where’s Waldo? He doesn’t have a real storyline – he is just known for his traveling and his proficiency in time travel. As the books progressed, more characters were added for readers to locate, including friends, dogs, a nemesis, and a cool wizard named Whitebeard. Waldo’s name was also changed in different regions in order to accommodate different territories. The character also briefly starred in his own television series.

Waldo’s signature look is made up of a Men’s Long Sleeves Cotton Stripe T-Shirt, Men’s Slim Fit Chino, Men’s Desert Boot, Red White Long Beanie, and Round Shape Glass Frame. A wooden walking cane completes this simple but distinctive look.

Waldo Costume
Waldo Costume Guide
Walter Sobchak

Walter Sobchak Costume

Walter Sobchak is an unstable Vietnam veteran in the 90s film The Big Lebowski. He owns his own security firm and loves Pomeranians and bowling. He is still in love with his ex-wife even though she already has someone else already. Because of his time in Vietnam, Walter struggles with post traumatic stress disorder, which explains his aggressive behavior and his tendency to lash out to people.

Walter is considered as one of the coolest movie characters ever and dressing up like him is so easy, since these pieces are basically everyday clothing. You will need a Silk Pique Knit Sport Shirt, Weekender Traveler Air Vest, Belted Pleat Front Cargo Short, Champion Black Crew Socks, and Classic Combat Boots. The accessories will complete the Walter look – Aviator Sunglasses With Orange Lens, Casio Sport Analog Dive Watch, and a toy gun.

Walter Sobchak Costume
Walter Sobchak Costume Guide
Walter White

Walter White Costume

Walter White is the high school chemistry teacher turned drug dealer in the hit AMC show Breaking Bad. He was diagnosed with cancer and for a while, he tries to hide it from his family, who discovers it eventually. His need for money led him to befriend junkie Jesse Pinkman and partnered with him to create quality meth that will earn them lots of money. The immorality of his profession is in conflict with his desire to protect and provide for his family.

Walter White is definitely a badass cosplay and will require just a few pieces to pull off. To make it even easier for you, why don’t you order a complete Walter White costume online and get the following: Dupont Yellow Chemical Coveralls, Short Sleeve White T-Shirt, Full-face Respirator, Badness Beard, Working Hands Gloves, and Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses. If you have a full head of hair, simply put on the Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit to nail Walter’s bald bad guy look.

Walter White Costume
Walter White Costume Guide

If you want to switch identities quickly, then wearing glasses is an effective way to do it. This is true especially if you want to nail that genius or nerdy look. The best thing about it is that you have so many options when it comes to characters wearing glasses – cult classic nerds, older geniuses, superheroes, villains, cartoon characters – just take your pick.

Putting together a costume is half the fun, whether you choose to scour the thrift shops or select among the myriad of options online for the perfect cosplay. If you’re the latter who wants to get everything in one go without the hassle, ordering costume sets is the way to go. You get the main clothing pieces, plus the accessories that will really spell the difference and make your cosplay stand out.