Best Costumes for Blonde Women in 2024

Some of the most popular female characters in movies and TV shows happen to share a few key traits: strong, lovable and last but not least, they’re all blondes! If you have the golden locks to enable you to creatively cosplay your favorite female character with your natural hair color, you’re in luck. But, there’s no shame in wearing a blonde wig to help you get the look of your favorite character listed below. Make sure to take a look at all the blonde DIY costume guides to get each piece you’ll need to pull together the entire costume for your girl heroine!

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Are you ready to jump down the rabbit hole and see what adventures wait for you this year? Just like you plan on doing, Alice had jumped down the rabbit hole to see what mysteries existed in a world she usually knew as neat and orderly. If you’re interested in becoming just like her, these are the items you will need.

First, you’ll need obviously is a blonde wig if required. The next things you’ll need are a black rabbit ear bow tie for your hair, a white lady’s apron, a pale blue vintage swing dress, a ‘drink me’ bottle necklace, black mary janes, a white petticoat and finally a pair of white tights.

Alice in Wonderland Costume
Alice in Wonderland Costume Guide
Android 18

Android 18 Costume

Android 18 happens to be the other part of the villainous duo from Dragon Ball Z. While she may have started out wanting to commit crimes and fight against the heroes, she eventually got a softer heart and switched sides during the season. If you’re interested in looking like her at all, these are the things necessary to complete your look.

You’ll need a sleeveless denim vest, a sleeveless black shirt, a long sleeve striped shirt, a denim mini skirt, Dragon Ball Z red ribbon patch, a short blonde wig if need, black leggings, gold buckle, and brown combat boots.

Android 18 Costume
Android 18 Costume Guide
Beth Greene

Beth Greene Costume

Daughter of Hershel Greene and sister of Maggie Greene, Beth was one the main heroines from The Walking Dead series. While she started out a bit reserved in the beginning of the series, she eventually grew into herself and became a strong-willed character. If you’re ready to fight against the zombie apocalypse, these are the things that you’ll need.

First, you’ll need a navy tank top, a double heart pendant necklace, a white tank top, a leather belt, distressed skinny jeans, a toy knife with a sheath, leather cuffs, tan boots and finally cashmere socks.

Beth Greene Costume
Beth Greene Costume Guide
Black Canary

Black Canary Costume

Have you ever admired the superheroes in comics and television shows and wished you could be just like them? Well, then you probably couldn’t find a better fit than Black Canary to replicate your amazing skills and heroic determination. Black Canary is a DC character best known from the television series, Arrow.

If you wish to look just like her, you’ll need a long blonde wig if you don’t already have blonde hair. You’ll next need a black t-shirt, a leather moto jacket, a leather eye mask, a holster and gun set, leather leggings, black lipstick, fingerless gloves, black riding boots, and a police force billy club.

Black Canary Costume
Black Canary Costume Guide

Bubbles Costume

Bubbles happens to be one of three members of the heroic team known as The Powerpuff Girls. She’s the light-hearted and generous member but she does tend to be a bit naive at times. While she may act innocently at times, she can definitely fight crime and pack quite a punch.

To get Bubbles’ look, you’ll need blonde hair that’s in pigtails, Bubbles eye accessory to get the appearance of her signature blue eyes, a blue sleeveless dress, ponytail holders in order to get your pigtails, a black stretch belt, high black stockings, and black buckle shoes.

Bubbles Costume
Bubbles Costume Guide
Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen Costume

Mother of dragons and a character that is very strong-willed, it’s no surprise as to why you would want to cosplay as Daenerys. Daenerys is known as one of the main characters from the popular show, Game of Thrones. If you wish to look just like this heroine, these are the items that you’ll need in order to complete it.

First, you’ll need long blonde hair or purchase a similar wig, a women’s Aphrodite costume, a velvet hooded cloak, a dragon tooth leather necklace, a braided belt, and a dragon toy to replicate the dragons of the show.

Daenerys Targaryen Costume
Daenerys Targaryen Costume Guide
Emma Swan

Emma Swan Costume

Ready to adventure into the world of Once Upon a Time as the beloved character, Emma Swan? Emma was once a bail bond agent, but after stumbling upon a few secrets involving her son and parents, she gets lead into a mystical fairytale land.

If you’re interested in playing the part of this blonde heroine, you’ll first need an Emma Swan red leather jacket which is a signature item for the character. You’ll then need a silver swan necklace, a white long-sleeve shirt, red nail polish, brown riding boots and finally a pair of dark blue skinny jeans.

Emma Swan Costume
Emma Swan Costume Guide
Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Costume

While Harley Quinn has gained quite a lot of fame recently from the movie, Suicide Squad, she made her mark on the world long before the movie premiered. Harley Quinn, otherwise known as Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel M.D., is a rather popular villain in the DC universe as well as being the girlfriend of the notorious Joker.

To get the look of this villain, you’ll first need a pink and blue gradient wig or a blue and pink hair chalk if your hair is already blonde. You’ll then need a “Puddin” choker necklace, a baseball bat, studded leather belt, Daddy’s Lil Monster Burnout t-shirt, white setting powder, golden spiked bracelet, Suicide Squad biker gloves, blue and red sequin panty shorts, cross draw shoulder holster, fishnet tights and Harley Quinn boots to draw this look altogether.

Harley Quinn Costume
Harley Quinn Costume Guide

Lagertha Costume

Strong and quite beautiful, Lagertha fights along Norse warrior men in the popular television series, Vikings. To get a look like hers, you’ll need quite an appearance of fierce determination in order to accomplish the things needed of you.

The items that you’ll need are a steampunk corset, a blue long sleeve t-shirt, leather bracers armor, a vintage blue split skirt, suede leggings, a Lagertha custom Viking shield, a chainmail hooded dress, medieval ring belt, brown slouch boots, and a foam Viking sword. The last thing you’ll need to complete this look is to find a Lagertha hair tutorial in order to replicate the look.

Lagertha Costume
Lagertha Costume Guide
Lex Murphy

Lex Murphy Costume

You may remember this charming little girl from the ever popular movie, Jurassic Park. Lex Murphy was actually known as one of the first teenage girls to really make a mark on the audience and with her daring escape from the dinosaurs, it’s no surprise why.

The things you’ll need in order to pull her look together is a purple baseball cap, a blonde braided ponytail wig or a tutorial to braid your own blonde hair, a purple paisley tank top, a silver dessert spoon, lime jello, straight cut jeans, dirt makeup and finally a pair of brown hiking boots.

Lex Murphy Costume
Lex Murphy Costume Guide
Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood Costume

Luna Lovegood is one of those characters from the Harry Potter series that you just can’t seem to ever forget and for quite a good reason. She’s a beloved witch and her talents plus her quirky personality really make her a favorite character. Interested in looking just like her? These are the items that you’ll need to replicate her look.

First you’ll need a blonde wig if required, radish earrings, a blue and grey striped tie, a Luna Lovegood robe and glasses, a cork, a black v-neck button down, a Luna Lovegood wand, a black pleated skirt, teal yarn, a white long sleeve shirt, mini eye screw, black opaque tights and finally a pair of black mary janes.

Luna Lovegood Costume
Luna Lovegood Costume Guide
Morton Salt Girl

Morton Salt Girl Costume

Interested in a cute little costume that’ll put a smile on whoever recognizes you? If so, the Morton Salt girl is for you! She’s a rather iconic character that has been on the packaging for over 100 years so quite a few people will probably recognize your costume.

You’ll need a white umbrella, a short blonde wig if needed, Morton iodized salt, a yellow three-quarter sleeve dress, silk panty hose, and finally, yellow cotton Mary Janes.

Morton Salt Girl Costume
Morton Salt Girl Costume Guide
Pacifica Northwest

Pacifica Northwest Costume

When you first look at Pacifica, you wouldn’t guess that she’s considered somewhat of a villain but it happens to be the truth! She’s the rival of Mabel Pines from the series, Gravity Falls. Pacifica definitely has a personality that’s out there and you’ll most likely have a blast cosplaying as her!

To get the costume down, you’ll need a purple short-sleeve dress, matte eyeshadow, a purple solid color knit blazer, a 60’s mod wig, a women’s leather belt, gold hoop earrings, UGG winter boots, acrylic paint, and black tights.

Pacifica Northwest Costume
Pacifica Northwest Costume Guide
Patti Mayonnaise

Patti Mayonnaise Costume

If you’ve ever watched the once popular Nickelodeon show, Doug, you’ll know exactly who Patti is. She’s a genuine and talented character and it’s no surprise that the main character of the show, Doug, has quite the secret crush on her.

If you aim to pull of Patti’s look, you’ll need a few things. First, you’ll need a short curly blonde wig if necessary, a blue long-sleeve shirt and pink felt circles to stick onto your shirt, long white socks, a blue skater skirt and finally a pair of pink sneakers.

Patti Mayonnaise Costume
Patti Mayonnaise Costume Guide
Piper Chapman

Piper Chapman Costume

While you may not want to be in jail especially for the possession of drugs, there’s no harm in cosplaying as a character who’s dealing with that issue. Piper is the protagonist of Orange is the New Black and she’s quite the interesting character.

If you’re interested in looking just like her, you’ll need a Piper Chapman style wig, a white cotton t-shirt, an orange prisoner costume, a prisoner name badge prop and a pair of navy slip-on sneakers.

Piper Chapman Costume
Piper Chapman Costume Guide
Queen Elsa

Queen Elsa Costume

Become a beautiful Snow Queen with the look of Queen Elsa from the Disney movie, Frozen. Elsa happens to be the older sister of Anna as well as the leader of Arendelle. Ready to learn how to take control over the snow and ice or at least look like it? We have it all listed down below for you on what you’ll need!

If you’re interested in looking like the Snow Queen, you’ll first need a light blonde braided wig, a long blue sequin dress, red lipstick, snowflake hair clips, a Frozen Elsa tiara, white glitter snowflake fabric for a cape, a blue long-sleeve crop top, and clear peep toe heels.

Queen Elsa Costume
Queen Elsa Costume Guide

Rapunzel Costume

Get ready to let down your long locks with this Rapunzel cosplay! If you’re not too sure who Rapunzel happens to be, she’s known as the original damsel in distress but they’ve changed it up a bit in Tangled. While she may be stuck up in her tower, she’s not helpless and she shows everyone that she has the determination and strength to take care of herself.

If you’re interested in dressing up just like her, you’ll first need a long blonde braided Tangled wig paired with a Tangled Halloween costume. You’ll also need ballet flats, a frying pan to use as your weapon and grab a plushie of Pascal, Rapunzel’s trusty sidekick.

Rapunzel Costume
Rapunzel Costume Guide
Sue Sylvester

Sue Sylvester Costume

If you happen to be quite the notorious rule breaker in order to get what you want, you may want to consider cosplaying as Sue Sylvester. Sue is the head coach of McKinley High School’s cheerleading team and she’s known throughout the school for her eccentric personality.

To get the look of this head coach, you’ll need a Sue Sylvester wig and a poly/spandex jacket and similar pants paired with casual black and white sneakers. To accessorize you’ll need a megaphone to make sure your voice is heard across the field, a stopwatch and a whistle with a lanyard.

Sue Sylvester Costume
Sue Sylvester Costume Guide

Terra Costume

Terra is a character with a rather complicated history with the Teen Titans. She befriends the Teen Titans and helps them fight crime, but she’s actually working behind their back as an apprentice for Slade. Not knowing how to control her powers, she turned to him when he promised to help her learn control of them and in turn, she became a villain.

To get Terra’s look, you’ll first need a blonde wig with bangs and aviator pilot goggles to wear on top. You’ll then need a black long-sleeve turtleneck crop top, dance shorts, tan welding gloves, a khaki utility belt, jungle boots, and fabric paint to create the design on your shirt.

Terra Costume
Terra Costume Guide
Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Costume

A great costume to go as this year is none other than the feisty but lovable fairy known as Tinkerbell! Tinkerbell is the one who spreads her fairy dust and makes it possible for others to fly in the iconic movie, Peter Pan.

If you wish to look like everyone’s favorite fairy, you’ll first need to start with a blonde ballerina bun wig and a strapless green dress. You’ll also need a pixie dust wand, costume wings similar to Tinker Bell’s wings, green glitter flats and white pom poms to stick on top of your shoes.

Tinker Bell Costume
Tinker Bell Costume Guide

If you desire to be one of these beloved blonde heroines, there’s no need for you to be a natural blonde. No matter what hair color you may or may not have, as long as you have the strength, courage, and determination they possess, you’ll be able to get the look any of these women perfectly. Simply follow the step-by-step cosplay guides (whether the blonde wig is needed or not) to cosplay the look you need.