Best Costumes for Bald Guys in 2024

Cosplaying typically requires fun and crazy wigs, but wouldn’t rather embrace your own lovely locks–especially if you don’t have any! If you’re someone looking for a DIY costume that doesn’t involve adding a wig, then you’ve found the right characters! We’ve assembled a complete list of the top costumes for men with a lack of hair. Don’t worry, we have costumes ideas for some of the most recognizable bald characters—Darth Maul from Star WarsLord Voldemort from Harry Potter, Popeye the Sailor Man, or Gru from Despicable Me! Browse all the step-by-step costume guides for the best places to find every item needed to match the look of your favorite bald persona. Now, for the hard part—choosing your favorite bald character on this list!


Aang Costume

Aang was a main character in the anime show, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Airbending is only one of the four bending arts, but Aang was one of the only Air Nomads that could actually use all four air bending powers. Surprisingly enough, there is another bending art called energy bending that came before all of the other arts, and Aang mastered that as well. He is crazy talented with his skills and he became the very last airbender of his people.

Aang’s signature look involves A Brown Jumpsuit under an Orange Poncho and Orange Sash paired with Knee High Brown Boots, and a Wooden Stick that he uses as his personal staff. This is a perfect costume for all of our bald gentlemen out there because Aang has no hair! You will need to use some Blue Body Paint to draw an arrow on your head just like Aang. His look is pretty simple but unique to his character.

Aang Costume
Aang Costume Guide

Bane Costume

We all know Bane as the one who broke Batman’s back, which obviously goes to show just how hardcore this guy really is! Bane is one of Batman’s biggest enemies, and when we say biggest we mean BIGGEST. He has muscles where you didn’t even know you had muscles. Bane was imprisoned and used as a test subject with the drug, Venom. This drug enhanced Bane’s physical strength so high that even Batman struggles when coming face to face with him.

Bane is a top costume choice for anyone who is bald because he is one of the most popular Batman’s nemeses. To be the biggest, baddest, and baldest guy around, grab Bane’s Gunmetal Mask, his Leather Vest, Shearling Jacket, Tactical Pants, a Wrist Brace, and a pair of Jungle Boots. Break the Bat with Bane’s bald look!

Bane Costume
Bane Costume Guide
Baywatch Lifeguard (Male)

Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume

You’ve seen Mitch Buchannon on the early years of Baywatch, but the new version of Mitch is played by The Rock! He is still the head honcho when it comes to the lifeguards, and is the one who gives out orders and trains the new lifeguards on the beach. He’s always been in love with his job and wouldn’t trade it for an office cubicle any day!

The Rock is the new Mitch and we don’t hear anyone complaining about that. He has the muscles and the charm, but there is one thing different- he’s bald! You can be the new and improved version of Mitch with your own bald hairstyle just by adding on a few costume pieces. Get in lifeguard mode with Board Shorts, a Tech Quarter-Zip Shirt, Aviator Sunglasses, a Baywatch Inflatable Float, a Lifeguard Fanny Pack, and a Plastic Whistle.

Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume
Baywatch Lifeguard (Male) Costume Guide
Captain Underpants

Captain Underpants Costume

Whether you’re the one who read these books or your kids love Captain Underpants, he’s one of the most popular bald cosplay characters right now because the movie was recently released even though the books came out 20 years ago. Captain Underpants is the alter ego of Principal Krupp, and he has super powers to help the students solve their problems. That’s one awesome principal if you ask me!

Captain Underpants doesn’t wear too many layers, so make sure you are going to a nice and toasty cosplay convention! Don’t worry about a wig with this look, being bald is the best part about the costume. But you will want a Red Cape, a pair of White Classic Briefs, a Rubber Toilet Plunger, and The New Captain Underpants Collection. It’s off to save the world!

Captain Underpants Costume
Captain Underpants Costume Guide
Deckard Shaw

Deckard Shaw Costume

Deckard Shaw didn’t come into the Fast and the Furious films until Tokyo Drift, but even then we weren’t aware of his involvement. Shaw was hunting down Toretto and his crew because they killed his younger brother Owen. His main mission in life quickly became seeking revenge on the Fast and Furious family since they killed his own flesh and blood.

Deckard can be a little scary, but who doesn’t love dressing as the bad guy from time to time? This character is perfect if you’re one of our favorite bald guys because Deckard shaves his head as well! Keep your head shining and grab the coat with a bib, turtleneck shirt, a pair of work pants, combats boots, and all the accessories of a killer such as a machine gun, silver watch, and Aviator glasses!

Deckard Shaw Costume
Deckard Shaw Costume Guide

Voldemort Costume

Lord Voldemort- I mean, He Who Must Not Be Named, is the darkest name you could ever speak in the wizarding world and for good reason. He started out with a troubled childhood, but progressed even further into darkness as he became an adult. We all recognize his name as the wizard who attempted to murder Harry Potter, but instead, his entire world turned upside down all because of a young boy.

Lord Voldemort is one of the most identifiable characters in the Harry Potter series simply because he doesn’t have any hair! Oh, you’re a bald guy too? Then this look will be super easy and fun for you to pull off! The only pieces you will need for this costume are an Adult Voldemort Robe, some fake Witch Nails, a Voldemort Wand Replica, and of course a Voldemort Mask to get the full effect of this terrifying wizard! Good thing you already have the bald head covered!

Voldemort Costume
Voldemort Costume Guide

Gru Costume

Despicable Me quickly became popular in 2010 and everyone still loves to watch Gru in the following films! Felonius Gru attempted to be the bad guy, but once he met the three little girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes. Gru came from a long line of villains and thieves, but all of his plans (including his scheme to steal the moon) changed when he became the adoptive father of the three girls.

Gru is known for his bald head, large nose, and his unusual accent! Lucky enough, you already have the bald head! You can skip the bald cap, and go straight to grabbing a Foam Nose Prosthetic, a Turtleneck Pullover Sweater, a Zip-Up Jacket, a pair of Dress Pants, a Striped Scarf, and a pair of Men’s Dumont Boots. Give the accent a go to pull the entire costume together!

Gru Costume
Gru Costume Guide
Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown Costume

Charlie Brown is the central character in the Peanuts comic strips, movies, and television shows! There isn’t much that Charlie loves more than Snoopy, baseball, and saying “Good grief!” Charlie is one of the most lovable characters of all time, and is a strong leader and friend to everyone he comes across.

You can get the look of Charlie Brown with just a few items! One item you can mark off your list is the bald cap, so start off with his yellow Charlie Brown Shirt, Black Shorts, a pair of Brown Shoes, and some Yellow Ankle Socks. Charlie is always prepared for a little baseball, so don’t forget a Red Ball Cap, Baseball Glove, Baseball Bat and Baseball, and a Snoopy Doll to bring along with you!

Charlie Brown Costume
Charlie Brown Costume Guide
Dominic Toretto

Dominic Toretto Costume

Dominic Toretto translates to fast cars, right? Dom is the leader of the pack in all of the Fast and the Furious films, and he’s not exactly the guy you would want to pick a fight with (or date his younger sister, Mia). Dom has a tough outer shell, but when it comes to his friends, family, and his beloved cars, he would do anything to keep them all safe- and we mean anything!

Dominic is played by Vin Diesel in all of the movies, and he is known for always have a nicely shaven head! Which makes this costume perfect for all of our bald gentlemen out there. Get one of your Black Tank Tops, a Leather Vintage Biker Shirt, a pair of Jeans, and some Black Leather Boots for Dom’s style. Add on a Cross Pendant Necklace and a Plastic Pipe Wrench in your hand for Dom’s signature pieces!

Dominic Toretto Costume
Dominic Toretto Costume Guide
Dr. Evil

Dr. Evil Costume

What do you get when you mix an evil villain with a bald head and raunchy jokes? You got it- Dr. Evil! Mike Myers created this hilarious character in Austin Powers, and now we can’t stop making references to him ever since his first appearance in 1997. Now you want to look just like Dr. Evil? Well, you came to the right place!

Grab a bald cap if you haven’t shaved your head recently, and color in your brows with a Grey Brown Pencil. Get some Scar Wax to replicate the scar on Dr. Evil’s face, and you will need a Dr. Evil Costume along with some White Oxford Shoes, a Silver Pyramid Band Ring, and a Plush White Persian Cat because why wouldn’t you?

Dr. Evil Costume
Dr. Evil Costume Guide
Drax the Destroyer

Drax the Destroyer Costume

Drax just sounds like a superhuman name, doesn’t it? That’s Drax! He’s a superhuman who received all of his powers after dying in a car accident, but then he came back as a little more than his normal self. Drax can shoot energy blasts out of his hands and he has strength that is far more advanced than any humans on Earth.

Drax’s costume involves some some heavy duty materials, but one thing you won’t need is a wig! This guy is bald, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about if you are in the same boat. Get yourself a Drax Costume, a pair of grey Spandex Gloves, some Black Leather Pants, and tall Buckle Boots for the necessities of this look. Add Drax’s accessories starting with a Drax the Destroyer Dagger, a Poly Tool Holder, a Black Studded Leather Belt, and some Concrete Kneepads.

Drax the Destroyer Costume
Drax the Destroyer Costume Guide
Darth Maul

Darth Maul Costume

If you’re trying to find one of the cruelest villains possible, then you have accomplished your goal! Darth Maul not only has the dark personality, but his looks scream wicked! He was stolen as a young child by Darth Sidious and became his apprentice. Darth Maul didn’t have much hope from there in becoming a hero of his people, and he took the darkest path indeed.

Even though Darth Maul made the list of bald characters, you will need to add some accessories to your own bald head. Grab the Darth Maul Latex Mask that comes with the patterns and spikes. Add on the Darth Maul Costume and Black Tunic for Darth Maul’s dark look. Finish it all off with a pair of tall Black Boots, a Jedi Belt Bundle, and a red Double Sided Light Saber.

Darth Maul Costume
Darth Maul Costume Guide

Kingpin Costume

Who needs super powers when you’re the biggest and strongest guy around? Not Kingpin! He’s known for his brute strength that can stand up against superheroes like Spider-Man, Daredevil, and even The Avengers! He’s one big bloke that took over an entire mob empire, and makes us want to dress as the super villain instead of the superhero for once!

You can look just like Kingpin with a bald cap if you don’t already have a freshly shaven head, a Dress Shirt, Yellow Dress Vest, and a White Suit Jacket. Throw on a pair of purple Trouser Flat Front Slacks, a pair of Clarks Men’s Tildens, a purple Pocket Square, Colonial Jabot, a Wooden Walking Stick, and of course a Large Cigar!

Kingpin Costume
Kingpin Costume Guide
Luke Hobbs

Luke Hobbs Costume

Are you ready to rock and roll? Luke Hobbs is played by The Rock in the later Fast and the Furious films. He starts out on a mission to stop Toretto and his team, but then changes his views and sides with the car crew! Hobbs is the perfect character to play a cop because he’s big, bald, and ready to brawl!

Quickly transform yourself into Luke Hobbs with either your own bald head or a bald cap, a Fake Goatee, and Dwayne Johnson Tattoo Set. Grab a Black Short Sleeve T-shirt, some Tactical Pants, and a pair of Combat Boots. Load up on gear with a Rothco Molle Modular Vest, Tactical Gloves, and a Leg Holster with a Spring Powered Pistol.

Luke Hobbs Costume
Luke Hobbs Costume Guide
Master Roshi

Master Roshi Costume

Ahhh…Master Roshi! While you would think this 300-year-old man would be all about the classics, he loves nothing more than eating pizza, playing video games, napping, and women! Don’t let his spunky side fool you, he has mastered the ways of training the young characters of Dragon Ball Z, and he would fight to his death to protect them all.

Master Roshi likes to keep his cool style with a freshly shaven head, and some funky outfits! Get your Master Roshi costume with a Tropical Shirt, White Beach Shorts, a pair of Flip-Flops, and a White Beard with a Bald Cap if needed. Grab Master Roshi’s stylish accessories starting with a pair of Master Roshi Sunglasses, a Dragon Ball Z Yellow Necklace, a Gandalf Staff, a Turtle Shell Bag and some Purple Fabric Paint to color the bag.

Master Roshi Costume
Master Roshi Costume Guide

Morpheus Costume

Morpheus is the man we all know from The Matrix who gave Neo the option of the blue pill or the red pill. Morpheus’ goal during his lifetime is to find The One who would put an end to the Machine War. He is a strong leader and everyone around him knows to treat him with respect because he knows more about the Machines and will go to any length to stop them.

There’s no need to keep hunting for your new cosplay look because we have it right here! It’s not that difficult to find a costume if you’re a bald guy that doesn’t want to wear a wig- just dress as Morpheus! Wear The Matrix Morpheus Adult Costume, or get the individual pieces to build the look with a Black Dress Shirt, a Dark Purple Vest and Green Tie, a pair of Purple Pants, and a pair of Black Dress Shoes. A Morpheus costume must include a pair of Morpheus Glasses and a Morpheus Katana!

Morpheus Costume
Morpheus Costume Guide
Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones Costume

Morgan Jones is seen fighting to survive on The Walking Dead. Like many other families, Morgan lost his wife to the Walkers, and then she bit their own son causing Morgan to lose his only child as well. His demons and the tragedies from his fight are catching up to him, and he is determined to kill every Walker that he comes across. Another downfall of Morgan’s past is that while he wants to kill all of the Walkers, he will also kill any innocent people that get in his way.

Here’s another crazy popular character who is bald that you could easily dress as for cosplay! Get his basic items like a Carhartt Long Sleeve Shirt, a Tactical Jacket, Army Green Cargo Pants, Hiking Boots, and a Tan Scarf. Add on his accessories and weapons such as the Fingerless Gloves, Face Mask with Smoke Lens, a Hiking Backpack, Knee Guards, an Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Set, but most importantly, don’t forget the Walking Stick!

Morgan Jones Costume
Morgan Jones Costume Guide
One-Punch Man

One-Punch Man Costume

One Punch Man is a fighting machine, and you can imagine why he goes by the name- he can knock out every opponent with a single punch! He grew up wanting to be the best fighter around, and now he has difficulties finding anyone who is even a worthy opponent. Whether it’s his skills or his costume, it’s all working out for him just fine!

You can look like One Punch Man for your next cosplay convention by keeping that head of yours bald, or grab a bald cap to fake it. Throw on the One Punch Man Saitama Costume, a pair of Red Super Hero Gauntlet Gloves, Red Cosplay Boots, and the first volume of One Punch Man comic books! No other cosplay goers will stand a chance up against you!

One-Punch Man Costume
One-Punch Man Costume Guide
Robbie Weirdicht

Robbie Weirdicht Costume

Robbie Weirdicht, played by Dwayne Johnson, was always the guy who was bullied in high school for many reasons, but mostly for being overweight. A group of kids in high school even drug him out butt naked in the middle of the gymnasium that was packed with students. Robbie was horrified and scarred, but Kevin Hart’s character came to his rescue building a life long relationship.

Robbie grew into a buff guy who his high school bullies would never recognize! If you’re not already a bald guy, grab a bald cap to give yourself Robbie’s look. Throw on a Unicorn “Always Be You” Shirt, and a Men’s Fleece Zip-Up Hoodie to tie around your waist, with some Denim Shorts. Add your accessories- a Black Watch, a Black Fanny Pack, and a pair of Adidas Original Sneakers.

Robbie Weirdicht Costume
Robbie Weirdicht Costume Guide
Walter White

Walter White Costume

People say they would do whatever it takes to care for their families, but it wasn’t until we met Walter White that we saw someone who truly meant that! Walter is the main character in Breaking Bad and is a high school Chemistry teacher that had to go to the lengths of cooking and selling meth to provide for his family. From there it only gets crazier, more dangerous, and absolutely stressful- but we can’t stop watching!

Walter is known around the drug world as being bald, so this character is perfect for those looking for a bald cosplay idea! If you’re not bald, you can still go as Walter by wearing a bald cap, a Short Sleeve White Shirt, Yellow Chemical Coveralls, PVC Coated Gloves, a Full Face APR Respirator, and of course Walter’s Aviator Glasses and a Badness Beard!

Walter White Costume
Walter White Costume Guide
Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Costume

Homer Simpson is America’s favorite dad! He loves Duff Beer and donuts, and he spends time with his family as much as possible. Although, you can catch him at Moe’s Tavern from time to time hanging out with his buddies. Homer is hilarious and doesn’t care (or has no idea) what people think about him. He works at a nuclear power plant, but he tends to sleep on the job more than doing actual work.

Homer is always seen as the bald guy except for one episode where he finds a miracle growth formula, so being bald actually works out for you on this costume! Grab a bald cap if you decide to keep your own hair, a Yellow Supersuit, a Homer Simpson Mask, a White Hanes Polo Shirt, and a pair of Docker’s Flat Front Pants. Throw a Duff Koozie over your drink can, and carry around a rubber or real Donut with sprinkles!

Homer Simpson Costume
Homer Simpson Costume Guide
Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly Costume

Whether you like to play as the dog or the top hat, Mr. Monopoly is the original and official mascot of the classic family board game, Monopoly. You may not know this, but Mr. Monopoly’s actual name is Rich Uncle Pennybags! Monopoly is probably one of the most played and favored of all the board games ever created. Mr. Monopoly has been around since the 1930s!

Since his look is so iconic, you can’t go wrong choosing Mr. Monopoly as your next cosplay costume! Being bald is a plus, so just add on a Top Hat, Men’s Dress Shirt, a white Calvin Klein Vest, a Button Blazer Jacket, a pair of Dress Pants, and some Oxford Dress Shoes. The finishing touches for the look are a white Bar Style Moustache, a Tuxedo Bowtie, and a Round Handle Wood Cane.

Mr. Monopoly Costume
Mr. Monopoly Costume Guide

Popeye Costume

I know you think of Popeye the Sailor Man whenever you see a can of spinach because we all do! Popeye is this scrawny sailor, but whenever he eats a can of spinach, he instantly grows muscles and gains superhuman strength! Most of the time, Popeye was trying to protect the one and only Olive Oyl from harm, but he would help anyone who needed a little help from Popeye the Sailor Man.

You can turn into Popeye for your next cosplay convention in no time! Having a bald head is one step already taken care of because you never see Popeye with hair! Grab a Captain Hat, a black Short Sleeve Collar Shirt and add a Red Bandana and Yellow Buttons to match Popeye’s exact Style. Throw on a yellow Flip Top Belt, a pair of men’s blue Chino Pants, brown Ankle Boots, and an Anchor Temporary Tattoo! Don’t forget a Spinach Koozie to put over your drink can and a Corncob Tobacco Pipe.

Popeye Costume
Popeye Costume Guide
Stewie Griffin

Stewie Griffin Costume

Family Guy wouldn’t be the same without Stewie Griffin, the one-year-old who has a British accent and is determined to destroy his own mother. Stewie has been on the show since the very beginning, and he quickly became one of the top favorites among all of the characters. Don’t let that baby face fool you! This little devil is responsible for the majority of destruction and violence on the show!

Like most babies, Stewie hasn’t grown any hair of his head just yet, so this makes for a great costume if you’re a baldy yourself. Skip over the bald cap unless you’ve decided to let your hair grow, and grab a Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt, a pair of Red Overalls, Light Blue Slip-on shoes, and a Stewie Mask so everyone knows exactly which baby you’re dressing as this year. Don’t forget about the Toy Guns and a Teddy Bear that looks like Stewie’s secret keeper, Rupert!

Stewie Griffin Costume
Stewie Griffin Costume Guide

Characters like Walter White from Breaking Bad, Drax the Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy, and Charlie Brown from the Peanuts comic strip are great costume ideas for guys who are bald. When deciding on a character, you probably wouldn’t think there are very many options for bald guys. Think again! There are so many many cosplay options to choose from. Don’t think you have to grow your hair out or wear a wig, being bald is the new hotness!

Follow these top bald costume guides to put your own costume together. One thing you won’t have to worry about is adding a wig to your look. You’ll find that some of the worst villains and the best lead characters were bald, so you can take your pick! You will definitely stand out in the crowd because some of the most creative costumes are bald characters! Browse through all of the best bald cosplay ideas and have a blast at your next costume event!