Best Nineties Costumes in 2024

We’ve tracked down the best 1990’s costumes for both men and women so that you don’t have to! Sometimes the stress of finding the perfect costume to dress up in can be a bit overwhelming. Now you don’t have to worry about settling for a cheap Halloween disguise found in a store. We’ve chosen the top male and female characters straight out of the 90’s and created step-by-step costume guides. It’s super easy! Click the link and purchase the all the items for that popular 90’s character you’ve been wanting to dress up as. Need a sidekick to accompany you to the upcoming Halloween party? No worries, we’ve got a popular 90’s character for everyone! Take a look at the entire list of nineties character costumes for men and women to get a throwback look that everyone is sure to recognize!

T.J. Detweiler

T.J. Detweiler Costume

T.J. Detweiler is the official king of the playground, all-knowing schemer at school, and a main character from the hit nineties cartoon show Recess. He’s much like the boys we all went to school with or that we were in school, but now you have the simple men’s character to dress up as and everyone will know exactly who you are if they were a kid of the 90’s like us!

This costume for men is one of the simplest to put together yourself. All you need is a white t-shirt, a green flight jacket, red Converse shoes, a matching red hat, and baggy blue jeans. Flip your hat around backward and you’ll look exactly like T.J. Detweiler! How could you say no to this men’s costume when it’s so simple and so incredibly 90’s!

T.J. Detweiler Costume
T.J. Detweiler Costume Guide
Ashley Spinelli

Ashley Spinelli Costume

Girls are tough too! We know this because we’ve been watching Ashley Spinelli on the television show Recess since the nineties! Spinelli may be a small and adorable looking girl, but she’s one tough cookie that isn’t afraid to stand up for her friends and what she believes in. Spinelli is known as the feisty and aggressive kid in the group, so she’s definitely the one you want on your side when push comes to shove.

Spinelli is a popular 90’s costume for women because the costume is easy and fun to recreate! You can make your own women’s costume with these items we’ve found for you: orange hair ties, a cable knit slouchy beanie, a military jacket, a seamed stretch sheath dress, striped tights, and harness boots. With these items you will have the best women’s nineties costume!

Ashley Spinelli Costume
Ashley Spinelli Costume Guide
Mikey Blumberg

Mikey Blumberg Costume

Michael “Mikey” Blumberg is another character from the nineties Disney television show Recess. He’s the big, blonde, intimidating- yet cuddly boy you see around school. Many students are scared of him, but he is a sweet guy who wouldn’t dare pick a fight. If you grew up in the 90’s then you definitely saw this kid on television. We all loved Recess!

Mikey is also an easy 90’s costume for men to throw together whether it’s a last minute party or you’ve known from the beginning that you wanted to dress up as this 90’s character. You’ll find all of the pieces here including the iconic brown pants, a cream colored t-shirt, a belly stuffer to make your belly a little bit chubby, malt Converses, and a blonde wig to throw it all together! Now you’re all set!

Mikey Blumberg Costume
Mikey Blumberg Costume Guide
Gretchen Grundler

Gretchen Grundler Costume

Many of us can relate to Gretchen Grundler from the 90’s Disney cartoon show Recess. We were all a little nerdy at times, but Gretchen takes it to the extreme! If you and your friends are dressing up as the Recess gang, then we have all of the necessities for you to go in this women’s costume as Gretchen. This 90’s cartoon character is a sure hit!

Gretchen has a very 90’s outfit to go along with her nerdy attitude. We’ve found her blue dress, white blouse with puffed sleeves, wide pink belt, sneakers, big teeth, and huge glasses with a few other items to pull this outfit together. Gretchen is such a fun and simple women’s costume for a 90’s themed party or for your group of friends to dress up as the Recess gang!

Gretchen Grundler Costume
Gretchen Grundler Costume Guide
Vince LaSalle

Vince LaSalle Costume

Oh, Vince LaSalle! If you were a 90’s kid then you definitely wanted to have Vince’s athletic skills that he showed off in the hit Disney show, Recess. Vince is best friends with T.J. Detweiler, so they run the playground! If you and your friends are planning on dressing up in 90’s costumes as the Recess gang- this is the best men’s costume of the nineties!

Vince has the classic 90’s athlete costume with a green reversible basketball jersey, ringer tee, yellow wristbands, long grey mesh shorts, black Converses, a basketball to carry around, and add an iron on jersey number and you will be good to go! Vince is a must-have in a group of characters from the show. You and your friends will be the iconic 90’s cartoon group at cosplay!

Vince LaSalle Costume
Vince LaSalle Costume Guide
Gus Griswald

Gus Griswald Costume

Gus Griswald is the new kid at school from the 90’s Disney cartoon television show Recess. He’s adorable, shy, naive, and sometimes messes up the plans of the gang- but that’s okay because they like having him around (even if they don’t act like it sometimes). Dressing up as Gus in this men’s costume is so fun because you get to be a character from one of everyone’s favorite shows of the 90’s.

Every 90’s kid will be jealous of you and your group of friends dressing up as the gang from Recess. Dressing up as Gus is simple- all you need is a short sleeved green button up shirt, green khaki pants with a brown belt, white tube socks, brown Docker’s slip on shoes, square glasses, and a wristwatch. Gus will make the Recess group complete!

Gus Griswald Costume
Gus Griswald Costume Guide
Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie Costume

Doug Funnie- if you’re a 90’s kid then you know exactly who this is! Doug is the popular cartoon character from the show named after him. Doug is the all-American boy that we all watched growing up. He taught us many lessons and kept us laughing on a daily basis! You can dress as Doug in this men’s costume and your friends can dress as the group of characters from the 90’s show!

Doug’s look is so 90’s and easy to replicate. You need a green V-neck sweater vest, a white tee, Chino shorts, tube socks, and grey Converse shoes. As soon as you walk into the party in this men’s costume, everyone will be sure to know that you are the character from the hit 90’s television show! Doug (you) will be the hit of the party!

Doug Funnie Costume
Doug Funnie Costume Guide
Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster Costume

Rugrats? We love Rugrats! We all now Chuckie Finster because we’ve seen the 90’s show so many times. If you’re a 90’s kid then you feel like Chuckie is one of your own siblings. He’s always getting into something that usually doesn’t turn out the way he expected it to. You can dress up as the mischievous character with this popular men’s costume!

To dress up as the 90’s character Chuckie you will need an orange spiky wig, blue shirt with the Saturn planet design, purple Wayfarer glasses, buck teeth, red Van shoes, yellow socks, and green shorts. This ensemble of pieces will make it super easy to show up as your favorite character from the show Rugrats that we all knew and loved in the 90’s! It’s the perfect men’s costume!

Chuckie Finster Costume
Chuckie Finster Costume Guide
Master Roshi

Master Roshi Costume

Master Roshi is the martial arts master from Dragon Ball Z. He is over 300 years old and is the trainer of many fighters of the hit television show. This 90’s cartoon was a huge hit and people still follow it today. If you dress up in this men’s costume, as the bald man in a Hawaiian shirt- everyone will know exactly who you are and ask you for tips so they can dress up as Master Roshi next time!

To turn into this 90’s character for cosplay you will need a long white beard, a Hawaiian shirt, retro sunglasses, beach shorts, a walking stick, and a plush turtle shell bag. Everyone will think you’re right out of the show Dragon Ball Z and 90’s kids will be thrilled to see one of their favorite characters at the party!

Master Roshi Costume
Master Roshi Costume Guide
Android 18

Android 18 Costume

Cyborgs are always a good idea for cosplay costumes! This cyborg is probably one of the most popular characters you will find, especially for women’s costumes. Android 18 is from Dragon Ball Z, and is a force to be reckoned with! Android 18 will fight anyone who steps up to the challenge and will most likely persevere.

To create your nineties Android 18 women’s costume for a cosplay night, just pick up these items that we’ve found! You’ll find a denim distressed sleeveless vest, a sleeveless Spandex tee, a long sleeved striped tee, a denim mini skirt, a Dragon Ball Z red ribbon patch, leather belt with a gold buckle, and round toe boots. Now you have everything you need to be the most talked about character from the 90’s!

Android 18 Costume
Android 18 Costume Guide
Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum Costume

Pokemon started getting popular in the 90’s and has recently come back into everyone’s lives. It’s a huge hit and so is the main character Ash Ketchum who has to “Catch ’em all!” Ash’s costume is a great idea for a men’s costume, any cosplay or Pokemon event. Since Ash is a popular men’s costume and everyone will know exactly who you are when you show up at the 90’s character costume party.

If you want to dress as the ultimate Pokemon master, Ash is the way to go! Start with the Ash Ketchum trainer shirt, jeans, embroidered trainer hat, green fingerless gloves, black and white sneakers, a green backpack, Pokemon ball, and a small Pikachu plush character. With all of these pieces you will find that it is extremely easy to put this men’s nineties costume together!

Ash Ketchum Costume
Ash Ketchum Costume Guide

Brock Costume

Brock is another character from the hit 90’s show, Pokemon. He tags along with Ash and Pikachu on their adventures to catch all of the Pokemon and become Pokemon masters. You and your friends can dress up as partners- one as Ash and one as Brock! You will be the perfect Pokemon pair! Everyone will love your men’s costume because Pokemon was one of the biggest hits of the 90’s!

To be the second half of the Pokemon pair and dress up as Brock you will need the following items: an orange tee, green utility vest, Poke ball, brown belt pouches, brown belt with a brass buckle, blue backpack, blue shoes, and brown twill pants. Just these few, easy items to get your hands on will build the popular men’s costume from the nineties for you!

Brock Costume
Brock Costume Guide

Misty Costume

If you want to dress up as a character from the hit 90’s show Pokemon, then we have found the perfect women’s costume for you! Misty tags along with Ash and Brock to become Pokemon masters. She is cute but is determined to catch all of the water Pokemon possible.

To dress like the women’s character Misty from the 90’s, you will need a long orange wig, a yellow tank top, red backpack, denim shorts, Pokemon Togepi plush toy, Poke ball, red suspenders, and red Converse shoes. All of these items combined will make it possible for you to look just like Misty from Pokemon! Whether you enjoyed Pokemon in the 90’s when it came out or you just now fell in love, you are sure to love this costume!

Misty Costume
Misty Costume Guide

James Costume

Also from the Pokemon franchise, we’ve found the essential items for you to dress as the 90’s character James! James from Team Rocket is the perfect men’s costume if you want to dress up like a Pokemon character but don’t want to be the good guys that everyone else will be dressing up as. If you’re feeling like taking over the world with all of those Pokemon you’re catching then you definitely need to dress as James!

To get the popular look of the evil Pokemon hunter you will need a medium length purple wig, a Rocket inspired long sleeve, black tee, white chef pants, Canvas web belt, a Pokeball, black gloves and black boots. After you get all of the necessities, you will have the popular men’s costume from the 90’s that everyone raves about!

James Costume
James Costume Guide
Sheriff Woody

Sheriff Woody Costume

Nineties costume are always fun to dress up as because we all remember how awesome the 90’s really were! Disney played a huge part in that, so if you’re looking for the best 90’s costume then you can’t go wrong with a Disney character. Sheriff Woody from Pixar’s Toy Story is one of the most popular men’s costumes. Just make sure there’s not a snake in your boot!

To complete this DIY costume of Sheriff Woody from the 90’s, you will need a Toy Story Woody hat, shirt and vest, a steer belt buckle, cowboy boots with spurs, red bandana, a fake gun and holster- oh, and you can’t forget a fake rubber snake! You can always dress up with a friend who goes as Buzz Lightyear and you two will be the perfect Pixar pair!

Sheriff Woody Costume
Sheriff Woody Costume Guide

Dexter Costume

I was definitely one of those kids that loved to watch Dexter’s Laboratory, and if you were a kid of the 90’s then I bet you loved to watch it too! Dexter was always trying to come up with some kind of experiment (usually to annoy or stop his sister from annoying him). If you want one of the top 90’s characters as your next costume, Dexter would be an excellent choice!

To get the men’s costume of the young genius from the nineties, you will need a short orange wig, a white lab coat, black pants, short black boots, and a pair of black glasses. You could even find a friend to dress up as Dexter’s sister Dee Dee and go as the sibling rivals character costumes from the 90’s!

Dexter Costume
Dexter Costume Guide
Dennis Nedry

Dennis Nedry Costume

A list of 90’s characters would not be complete without a few characters from the Jurassic Park movies. We have all seen the movies so many times that we could probably quote the actors lines word for word, and well all remember the scene where Dennis Nedry got sprayed in the face by those tiny dinosaurs. If you want to dress up as the iconic character from the 90’s who had a small but large place in the movie, then check out what we’ve found!

Dennis Nedry’s men’s costume from the 90’s hit movie Jurassic Park is actually quite simple to replicate. All you need is a bright yellow rain coat, half framed glasses, a grey members only racers jacket, a blue Polo shirt, pleated pants, a Jurassic Park velcro patch, a Dennis Nerdy ID, and a can of shaving cream.

Dennis Nedry Costume
Dennis Nedry Costume Guide
Dr. Alan Grant

Dr. Alan Grant Costume

Dr. Alan Grant is the one man who understood how dangerous of a concept Jurassic Park really would be in the real world. We’ve all see the movie from the 90’s so many times that we feel like we know Dr. Alan on a personal level (and we would so trust him with our lives around dangerous dinosaurs). You don’t see too many people dressing up as him, but he would be an awesome men’s costume for 90’s cosplay.

To get into the role of Dr. Alan you can put together a 90’s costume using a Wrangler shirt, safari hat, aviator glasses, Dickie’s pants, a red bandana, a crocodile strap watch, and waterproof boots. You’ll be totally prepared if we have an invasion of dinosaurs, or if you want to be the most brilliant costume at the next 90’s party.

Dr. Alan Grant Costume
Dr. Alan Grant Costume Guide

Squints Costume

We all wanted to be a part of the gang in the movie The Sandlot, even if it meant running from a super scary dog! Squints is one of the main characters in the 90’s movie that we loved for his smart remarks and thick rimmed glasses. Now you can dress in this men’s costume from the nineties with a few items!

So, you’re wanting to dress up as Squints? Rock this 90’s classic character with black thick rimmed glasses, a striped crew tee, a black elastic ball cap, regular fit blue jeans, Center Hi Print sneakers, a baseball glove, and of course your baseball autographed by Babe Ruth himself. You’re officially ready to join the gang of the sandlot! You’ll be sure to be the talk of the party in this men’s costume 90’s character.

Squints Costume
Squints Costume Guide

Ryu Costume

Kick! Punch! Kick! You obviously have the moves of Street Fighter character, Ryu, but now you need the outfit to complete your DIY men’s costume of the 90’s era. This is a great choice of character because not many people would think to dress like Ryu- until you! This is an easy outfit to recreate, and the great thing is that we’ve already found all of the pieces for you!

To get the men’s costume like Ryu you’ll need the following items: a sleeveless karate jacket and karate go pants, a karate black belt, a red hachimaki headband, and matching red fighting gloves. If you pull out those secret karate skills you’ve been hiding then you’ll definitely have everyone convinced that you’re the real Ryu from the 90’s. You’ll be the literal HIT of the party!

Ryu Costume
Ryu Costume Guide

Pocahontas Costume

Let’s be honest- we all wanted to have a pet raccoon and sing Colors of the Wind just like Pocahontas from the 90’s Disney movie. I may have dressed up as Pocahontas once (or twice) for Halloween myself. This is such a simple costume to recreate and there will be no mistaking who you have dressed up as when you show up in this women’s 90’s costume.

To get the exact look of Pocahontas you will need a plush Disney Meeko doll, a long straight black wig, Pocahontas’ necklace, and the women’s Pocahontas dress costume with the matching Pocahontas armband. You put all of these items together and you will undoubtedly be the princess from the nineties! You could even get your guy friend to dress up as John Smith and bring his pet hummingbird…oh yeah!

Pocahontas Costume
Pocahontas Costume Guide

Blossom Costume

You know you’re a true kid of the 90’s when you absolutely loved the Powerpuff Girls! Blossom is the leader of the group and is such a fun costume choice for cosplay, Halloween, or a 90’s character party. Grab a couple of your girlfriends to complete the Powerpuff group and show up in the most popular women’s costumes from the 90’s.

To dress up as the pink Powerpuff girl, Blossom, you will need the Blossom eye glasses, pink dress, big red hair bow, long strawberry colored wig, a thick black waist belt, nylon knee high stockings, and double strap buckled dress shoes. You will super cute but feel confident knowing you are the strong willed Blossom character from the hit television show of the 90’s! I think I’ve found my next popular women’s costume.

Blossom Costume
Blossom Costume Guide

Bubbles Costume

We all love the sweet and innocent girls from the 90’s cartoon the Powerpuff Girls, and we love them even more because they will switch and stand up for themselves and what they are fighting for in a heartbeat. You can dress up as another character from the group, Bubbles. Bubbles is the sweet girl from the group with her blonde hair and blue eyes, but don’t let her innocence fool you into thinking she’s not a tough one.

You can dress in this popular women’s costume by getting a blonde wig, tying it into pig tails, a blue skater dress, nylon knee high stockings, black strapped dress shoes, a thick black belt, and the Bubbles eye glasses. You and your friends can dress up as the girl group of the 90’s and rock the popular women’s costumes!

Bubbles Costume
Bubbles Costume Guide

Buttercup Costume

The other girl in the 90’s cartoon group of the Powerpuff girls is their sister, Buttercup. She’s just as cute as the other girls, but she may have just a little bit more attitude than the others. You don’t want to mess with any of these girls, especially when they’re all together. You could choose this cute idea and dress in the women’s costume form the 90’s.

To get the exact look of Buttercup from the 90’s you will need a black bob hairstyle wig, double strap buckle shoes, nylon knee high stockings, a green skater dress, a wide black belt, and the Buttercup eye glasses. Now that you have your group that wants to dress up like this trio, you can all order your pieces at the same time to complete this DIY 90’s women’s costume!

Buttercup Costume
Buttercup Costume Guide
Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween! You too can be the king of cosplay with this super fun men’s costume idea. Creep everyone out because this 90’s costume works for any occasion. You can even find someone to dress up as Sally and you officially have a nineties couples cosplay outfit!

Jack Skellington, the popular character from the 90’s film Nightmare Before Christmas, is a pretty simple men’s costume to put together. Use these items that we’ve already found for you: a white bald cap and white face paint and watch a Jack makeup tutorial, a white long sleeve, a pinstripe suit, skeleton gloves, a bat bow tie, and black dress shoes. Once you have all of these items and maybe even a Sally to tag along, you’ll be all set to be the 90’s king of Halloween.

Jack Skellington Costume
Jack Skellington Costume Guide

Sally Costume

Couples costumes are always fun, and if you know someone who wants to dress up like Jack Skellington then we have the perfect costume to match! You can easily dress up as Sally, Jack Skellington’s love interest in Tim Burton’s film The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sally is a rag doll that has been pieced together who simply wants to be loved by Jack.

This 90’s character is very popular, and now you can easily recreate Sally’s look with the costume pieces we found for you. To get her look, you will need a long straight red wig, Sally’s stitched together costume dress, face paint to recreate her stitched smile, red lipstick, Sally’s stitched tights, white and black striped socks, and black ankle boots. Grab your partner Jack, and hit the 90’s cosplay character or Halloween party!

Sally Costume
Sally Costume Guide
Men In Black

Men In Black Costume

Aliens and secret agents? It has to be the Men in Black! This is a fun costume to dress up as with one of your friends. One person can be Agent J while another can dress as Agent K. The easy part about that? They’re the same costume! You can hunt down aliens who are attempting to take over plant Earth all while look classy. We’ve found just the pieces you need to complete your secret alien agent look.

First you will need a set of black Men in Black sunglasses, a white wrinkle free button down shirt, a black suit, black watch, black tie, a Men in Black Neuralizer, and a Frank pug plush toy from the movie. Now you and your friend can dress up as Agent J and Agent K are all set for a 90’s party!

Men In Black Costume
Men In Black Costume Guide

Aladdin Costume

Aladdin has to be one of the most popular Disney men’s costumes of all time. He didn’t start out as a prince, but no one cared because we all instantly had a crush on him or plain out wanted to be him. Now you can be your favorite 90’s character, and Aladdin’s costume is really easy to recreate now that we’ve found all of the essential pieces to the costume for you.

So you want to dress as Princess Jasmine’s love and the thief of the streets? Your wish is granted! We found all the pieces for you starting with a purple vest with no pockets, a red fez hat, a red renaissance sash, white harem pants, a brass genie lamp, and an Abu plush doll (because you can’t go anywhere without your best friend). You’re just missing your magic carpet!

Aladdin Costume
Aladdin Costume Guide

Butt-head Costume

Heavy metal and not so funny jokes is your thing? Then this popular men’s costume will be too! Butt-head is a great 90’s costume that all guys would think is the most hilarious costume that they should have thought up themselves! Now you and a friend can dress as the duo Beavis and Butt-head!

To get that hilarious yet classic look of the 90’s Butt-head you will definitely need the AC-DC shirt, Billy Bob teeth with braces, firm hold pomade to get your hair just right, red shorts, comfort quarter socks, and black authentic skater shoes. There will be no mistaking which 90’s character you are aiming for, and you will absolutely kill the contest for who has the most popular men’s costume at the party!

Butt-head Costume
Butt-head Costume Guide

Beavis Costume

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you have heard of MTV’s 90’s show Beavis and Butt-head. We’ve already found the essential men’s costume pieces for Butt-Head’s character, and now we have Beavis all taken care of! This way you and your best friend can dress as the dynamic duo from the show and everyone will be crazy jealous of your DIY 90’s costume.

To start off the men’s popular costume recreating you will need temporary hair color spray, a Metallic shirt, firm hold pomade, black shorts, comfort quarter socks, and black authentic skater shoes. Now you and your friend will be the funniest duo at the party! 90’s characters are the best costume recreations this year, and we’ve made it super easy for you with all of the pieces already listed on here for you!

Beavis Costume
Beavis Costume Guide
Lloyd Christmas

Lloyd Christmas Costume

Men’s costumes can be the best, especially if they have anything to do with the 90’s movie Dumb and Dumber! Lloyd Christmas is just one half of the famous duo from the 90’s movie who is played by Jim Carrey. The most obvious choice in attire for a Lloyd costume is his vibrant orange tuxedo! Yes, you know which one I’m talking about. Keep reading to see the pieces we’ve already found to put this men’s costume together for you.

First, you will need the blunt hairstyle wig that looks exactly like Lloyd’s hair, Lloyd’s tuxedo costume, matching orange cane and orange dress shoes, and then to add a little more dedication you can get the Tooth F-X to recreate the chipped tooth that Lloyd has. This is one hilarious costume from the 90’s that you will be sure to remember!

Lloyd Christmas Costume
Lloyd Christmas Costume Guide
Harry Dunne

Harry Dunne Costume

Harry Dunne is the other half of the famous duo from the 90’s movie Dumb and Dumber. He tries to keep Lloyd on track, but their lives are always going up in flames or taking them on some crazy (furry) ride! You and your bestie couldn’t decide on a men’s couples costume? Look no further- this is the one! We’ve found Lloyd and Harry’s outfits, so all you have to do is click the link and order your costume essentials!

To get started with your DIY men’s costume from the hilarious 90’s movie, you will need a medium length blonde wig, Harry Dunne’s powder blue tuxedo costume, a matching powder blue walking cane and dress shoes, and of course the Samsonite carrying case. This costume is super easy to recreate and is the funniest 90’s character costume you could recreate!

Harry Dunne Costume
Harry Dunne Costume Guide
Fred Jones

Fred Jones Costume

It’s no mystery that Fred Jones is a fun choice for men’s costumes! This 90’s character is from the popular television show Scooby-Doo! We all loved the show as a child, and all the characters are constantly a popular choice in men and women’s costumes. Fred is the love interest of Daphne, and he is the good looking hunk! You can’t go wrong dressing up as this mystery solver.

To get the laid-back detective look of Fred Jones, you will need the items that we have listed for you including: a short blonde wig, a poplin neckerchief, a v-neck long sleeve sweater, a blue long sleeve dress shirt, slacks, and a pair of Trey slip on loafers. This would be a perfect costume for men looking for a character from the 90’s.

Fred Jones Costume
Fred Jones Costume Guide
Homer Simpson

Homer Simpson Costume

D’oh! Here’s Homer! Everyone knows the Simpson family, and Homer is the leader of the group. He is the father in the Simpson television show from the 90’s. He is crude, rude, and hilarious! This costume is great for men’s 90’s costume cosplay. You can also go as Homer by yourself, or you could even put together a group of costumes with your friends and dress as the entire family from the popular show.

To recreate Homer’s look you from the 90’s will need these items: A Homer Simpson costume mask, a Hanes jersey knit polo, Docker’s pants, a rubber chocolate donut, the Simpson’s Duff koozie, and a yellow second skin bodysuit to make pull the costume together! You will want to wear this 90’s costume over and over again because it is so easy and so much fun!

Homer Simpson Costume
Homer Simpson Costume Guide
Bart Simpson

Bart Simpson Costume

It’s time to get mischievous! Bart Simpson is known for getting into everything that he shouldn’t, but you should dress as him for the next 90’s cosplay event! Bart is the son of Homer and Marge Simpson, and he is constantly seen riding on his skateboard. If you want a fun men’s costume for your next outing, then this is the way to go!

To recreate Bart’s costume for men and to look like a real life Simpson, you will need a yellow second skin suit, an adult Bart Simpson mask, a green skateboard, a burnt orange tee shirt, blue Van’s slip on shoes, and blue chino shorts. Put these items together that we have found for you, and you’ll look like the actual Bart Simpson straight out of a 90’s television!

Bart Simpson Costume
Bart Simpson Costume Guide
Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson Costume

Marge Simpson has to put up with a lot of craziness and mischief from her family in her house on the 90’s television show The Simpsons. Marge is the wife of Homer and the mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. Marge is much more patient than some people would be, and her hair is awesome! If you have the patient and want the hair, then we have all of the essential costume items for you to dress in the women’s costume as Marge for your next outfit!

This 90’s character is very well known from The Simpsons show. The items you will need to make your DIY Marge costume are a strapless green maxi dress, a yellow second skin suit, a tall blue Marge wig, yellow face paint, red pointed toe flat shoes, and a red beaded necklace.

Marge Simpson Costume
Marge Simpson Costume Guide
Lisa Simpson

Lisa Simpson Costume

Lisa Simpson is the middle child of Homer and Marge Simpson from the extremely popular 90’s show The Simpsons. Lisa is known as the smart one if the family, and she loves to play the saxophone. Lisa isn’t as wild as her brother Bart, but she definitely adds spunk to the family. You can dress in this 90’s costume for women as Lisa alone or you can get your group of friends together and dress as the whole Simpson family!

To recreate Lisa’s 90’s look, you should start with the Lisa Simpson wig, a gold galaxy saxophone, a big white chunky necklace, yellow face paint, a red strapless flare sundress, yellow second skin suit, and red Mary Jane patent flats. These items will help you recreate Lisa’s look in an easy DIY way! Get the family together for a 90’s night out!

Lisa Simpson Costume
Lisa Simpson Costume Guide
Maggie Simpson

Maggie Simpson Costume

Maggie Simpson is by far the cutest yellow family member from the 90’s television show The Simpsons. She constantly has her pacifier in her mouth and is sporting her blue PJ’s. Maggie is the youngest daughter of Homer and Marge Simpson, and we can’t help but want to take her home with us! This 90’s costume for women is super easy to recreate, and it’s always a fun time to dress up as a baby!

To get Maggie Simpson’s look from the 90’s you will need a pink pacifier, a blue fleece blanket with sleeves, yellow face paint, a yellow body suit, Maggie Simpson’s wig, and the personality of an infant. Get your best friends together and dress up as the entire Simpson clan to have a fun time, the best men and women’s costumes, and a night to remember!

Maggie Simpson Costume
Maggie Simpson Costume Guide

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