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Dress Like Walter White

Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit
Dupont Yellow Tychem Qc Chemical Coveralls
Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses
Short Sleeve White T-Shirt
SAS Full-face APR Respirator
Badness Beard
Working Hands PVC-Coated Glove

Walter White, the overqualified high school chemistry teacher switched his focus from grading papers to making meth in the award-winning TV show, Breaking Bad. When diagnosed with cancer, Walter became “Heisenberg” in the drug world. Match the look of the Breaking Bad actor with a Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit, Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses, and Badness Beard. Dress up like the meth-making Walt with a Short Sleeve White T-Shirt, Dupont Yellow Chemical Coveralls, Full-face Respirator, and Working Hands Gloves.

  1. $37.44 Graftobian Latex Bald Cap Kit
  2. $12.00 Dupont Yellow Chemical Coveralls
  3. $9.95 Clear Rectangle Aviator Glasses
  4. $5.53 Short Sleeve White T-Shirt
  5. $95.20 Full-face Respirator
  6. $13.00 Badness Beard
  7. $5.51 Working Hands Gloves

Walter White Cosplay

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