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Dress Like Vince LaSalle

Green Reversible Basketball Jersey
Lightweight Ringer Tee
Iron-On Team Athletic Numbers
Long Mesh Gray Short With Pockets
Yellow Wrist Band Pair
NBA Street Basketball
Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes

Get ready to play some basketball as Vince LaSalle, the athletic kid of the gang from Disney’s TV Show Recess. Of the six members of the gang, Vince is closest friends with T.J. Detweiler. Gear up this Halloween with a Green Reversible Basketball Jersey with Iron-On Team Athletic Number, Yellow Wrist Bands, Long Mesh Gray Shorts with Pockets, Lightweight Ringer Tee, and Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes. Don’t forget your NBA Street Basketball before hitting the playground.

  1. $6.80 Green Reversible Basketball Jersey
  2. $7.82 Lightweight Ringer Tee
  3. $12.99 Iron-On Team Athletic Numbers
  4. $12.60 Long Mesh Gray Shorts with Pockets
  5. $9.99 Yellow Wrist Band Pair
  6. $12.99 NBA Street Basketball
  7. $47.95 Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star Shoes

Vince LaSalle Cosplay

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