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Dress Like the Original Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn Dress
Harley Quinn Headband
Harlequin Mask
Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet
Harley Quinn Leggings
Harley Quinn Slip On Shoes

Dress like Harley Quinn, the alias of Dr. Harleen Quinzel, a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum in the DC Animated Universe. She is the Joker’s henchwoman, girlfriend, and previously his psychiatrist. Harley Quinn helps the Joker escape from Arkham Asylum after his first attempted was foiled by Batman. Get Harley’s cosplay costume from the DC Animated Universe with a Harlequin Mask, Harley Quinn Dress, Harley Quinn Leggings, Harley Quinn Slip On Shoes, Harley Quinn Headband, and Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet.


  1. $27.09 Harley Quinn Dress
  2. $8.66 Harley Quinn Headband
  3. $4.39 Harlequin Mask
  4. $11.34 Harley Quinn Inflatable Mallet
  5. $12.50 Harley Quinn Leggings
  6. $13.95 Harley Quinn Slip On Shoes

Original Harley Quinn Cosplay

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