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Dress Like the Joker

Green Fluffy Curly Hair
Joker Multicolor Tie
Purple Wool Trench Coat
Joker Cosplay Hexagon Shirt
Green Costume Vest
Mehron Clown White Makeup
Purple and Green Joker Tac Force Knife
Joker Purple Gloves
Tinsley Transfers Smiley
Joker Costume Socks
Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants

Get in costume as the Joker, played by Heath Ledger, from the movie The Dark Knight. As the archenemy of Batman, Joker is the maniacal criminal mastermind that terrorizes Gotham City with the goal of plunging it into total anarchy. Dress up like the schizophrenic clown with a Joker Cosplay Hexagon Shirt, Joker Multicolor Tie, Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants, Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants, a pair of Joker Costume Socks, Green Costume Vest, and Purple Wool Trench Coat. Get the serious look by adding Green Fluffy Curly Hair, Tinsley Transfers Smiley, and Mehron Clown White Makeup. Accessorize with Joker Purple Gloves, Joker’s Cane, and his Purple and Green Joker Tac Force Knife.

  1. $35.99 Green Fluffy Curly Hair
  2. $14.59 Joker Multicolor Tie
  3. $119.99 Purple Wool Trench Coat
  4. $39.99 Joker Cosplay Hexagon Shirt
  5. $39.99 Green Costume Vest
  6. $8.95 Mehron Clown White Makeup
  7. $7.00 Purple and Green Joker Tac Force Knife
  8. $18.33 Joker Purple Gloves
  9. $13.82 Tinsley Transfers Smiley
  10. $9.99 Joker Costume Socks
  11. $49.99 Straight Fit Flat Front Purple Pants

Joker Cosplay

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