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Dress Like Terra (Teen Titans)

Aviator Pilot Goggles
Blonde Wig with Bangs
Nylon Half Top
Mini Dance Shorts
Tan Welding Gloves
Tactical Khaki Utility Pouch Belt
Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot
Spray Soft Fabric Paint

Dress like Terra, the former member of DC Comic’s Teen Titans on Cartoon Network. Unable to control her own power, Terra became an apprentice to Slade with the promise that he could teach her to control them. Though no longer a part of Teen Titans, you can still look like Terra with a Blonde Wig with Bangs, Nylon Half Top, Mini Dance Shorts, Spray Soft Fabric Paint, Tactical Khaki Utility Pouch Belt, and Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot. You can have the complete cosplay look with a pair of Aviator Pilot Goggles and Tan Welding Gloves.


  1. $11.99 Aviator Pilot Goggles
  2. $14.99 Blonde Wig with Bangs
  3. $12.99 Nylon Half Top
  4. $7.60 Mini Dance Shorts
  5. $21.73 Tan Welding Gloves
  6. $24.99 Tactical Khaki Utility Pouch Belt
  7. $46.99 Tan Speedlace Jungle Boot
  8. $14.96 Spray Soft Fabric Paint

Terra Cosplay

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