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Dress Like Star Lord

Star-Lord Style Walkman, Earphones and Mask
Short Sleeve Crew Tee
Red Galaxy Leather Jacket
Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag
40mm Leather Ratchet Belt
Halloween Walker-130 Boot
Star-Lord Quad Blaster
Armored Cowhide Leather Pants

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt plays Peter Quill who is also know as Star Lord. Together with his space-based friends, they team up to stop Ronan the Accuser and save the day. While you may not be a planet saving superhero like Star Lord, you can definitely dress like him this Halloween. Start with a Short Sleeve Crew Tee, Red Galaxy Leather Jacket, Armored Cowhide Leather Racing Pants , Walker-130 Boots, and a Leather Ratchet Belt. Before launching off, make sure to bring your Star Lord Style Walkman and Mask, Canvas Military Messenger Bag, and Guardians of the Galaxy Quad Blaster.

  1. $69.50 Walkman, Earphones, and Mask
  2. $4.62 Short Sleeve Crew Tee
  3. $129 Red Galaxy Leather Jacket
  4. $23.45 Leather Shoulder Messenger Bag
  5. $41.95 40mm Leather Ratchet Belt
  6. $42.62 Halloween Walker-130 Boot
  7. $15.89 Quad Blaster
  8. $99.95 Armored Cowhide Leather Pants

Star-Lord Cosplay

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