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Dress Like Ryu

Cotton Sleeveless Karate Jacket
Hachimaki Red Headband
Karate Black Belt
Karate Gi Pants
Half Finger Boxing Gloves
Scissors (For Frayed Edges)

Scissors (For Frayed Edges)

Use the scissors to cut the edges of the karate shirt and pants. The goal is to achieve a frayed, worn look. You can also try to get the outfit a little dirty, just to give it some character.

You’ve probably played Street Fighter when you were a kid, and chances are, you’ve probably heard of Ryu. Now you can be like him. Dress up like Ryu from Street Fighter by wearing a Cotton Sleeveless Karate Jacket and Karate Gi Pants. Tie it together with the Karate Black Belt that you’ve earned (or bought). Make sure to wear your Red Hachimaki Headband, and don’t leave the house without your Half Finger Boxing Gloves.

Bonus Points: If you can do what this guy does.

  1. $45.94 Cotton Sleeveless Karate Jacket
  2. $9.95 Hachimaki Red Headband
  3. $24.99 Karate Black Belt
  4. $12.63 Karate Gi Pants
  5. $10.99 Half Finger Boxing Gloves

Ryu Cosplay

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