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Dress Like Owen Grady

Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt
Genuine Leather Vest
Sand-Washed Straight-Fit Chino
Military Series Watch Black
Dacey Belt
Earthkeepers Rugged Boot
Acoustic Earpiece w/ 3.5mm Connector
X2 Dc Air Rifle

Owen Grady is a dinosaur researcher and velociraptor trainer played by Chris Pratt in the blockbuster movie Jurassic World. Match Grady’s rugged look from Jurassic World with a nearly identical costume. Dress up in a Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt, Genuine Leather Vest, Sand-Washed Straight-Fit Chinos, Dacey Belt, and Earthkeepers Rugged Boots. Outfit with the essential accessories like a Military Series Watch Black, Acoustic Earpiece, and X2 Dc Air Rifle.

  1. $35.14 Tamiami II Long-Sleeve Shirt
  2. $128.95 Genuine Leather Vest
  3. $11.99 Sand-Washed Straight-Fit Chinos
  4. $84.99 Military Series Watch Black
  5. $35 Dacey Belt
  6. $155 Earthkeepers Rugged Boot
  7. $9.99 Acoustic Earpiece
  8. $122.99 X2 Dc Air Rifle

Owen Grady Cosplay

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