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Dress Like Napoleon Dynamite

Brown Afro Wig
Vote For Pedro Ringer T-Shirt
Metal Clear Lens Glasses
Trapper Keeper Binder
501 Original Fit
Classic Digital Sport Watch
Lightweight Headphones
Stereo Cassette Player
Moon Boot Shoe Covers

No need to have nunchuck, bow hunting, or computer hacking skills to dress up like Napoleon from the hit movie Napoleon Dynamite. Even Kip and Uncle Rico agree that you’ll look flippin’ sweet in this costume. Get the look of the awkward teenager with a Brown Afro Wig, Metal Clear Lens Glasses, Vote For Pedro Ringer T-Shirt, Levi’s 501 Original Fit Jeans, and Moon Boot Shoe Covers. Don’t be jealous of Napoleon’s accessories; you can get the same ones with a Trapper Keeper Binder, Casio Classic Digital Sport Watch, Lightweight Headphones, and Stereo Cassette Player. Bring along some dang quesa-dilluhs, and you’ll be ready for any costume party.

  1. $5.48 Brown Afro Wig
  2. $11.50 Vote For Pedro Ringer T-Shirt
  3. $6.00 Metal Clear Lens Glasses
  4. $14.95 Trapper Keeper Binder
  5. $49.99 501 Original Fit
  6. $10.97 Classic Digital Sport Watch
  7. $1.99 Lightweight Headphones
  8. $18.99 Stereo Cassette Player
  9. $18.99 Moon Boot Shoe Covers

Napoleon Dynamite Cosplay

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