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Cosplay Long Orange Wig
Bella Yellow Rib Tank Top
Ultraclub 7707 Red Backpack
Paige Denim Grant Short
Pokemon Togepi Plush Toy
Lights And Sounds Poké Ball
Red Y-Back Clip Suspenders
Red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Dress up like Misty, one of the main characters from the Pokémon anime series. Misty appeared as a Gym Leader in the Nintendo video game and later travels with Ash Ketchum and Brock in hopes of becoming a Pokémon master. Her goal is to become the world’s best Water-type Pokémon trainer. Get Misty’s look with a Bella Yellow Rib Tank Top, Paige Denim Grant Short, Red Y-Back Clip Suspenders, and a pair of Red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Bring along your essentials to get into costume with an Ultraclub 7707 Red Backpack, Lights And Sounds Poké Ball, and Pokemon Togepi Plush Toy.

  1. $44.99 Cosplay Long Orange Wig
  2. $7.04 Bella Yellow Rib Tank Top
  3. $12.95 Classic Red Backpack
  4. $29.81 Paige Denim Grant Short
  5. $15.99 Pokemon Togepi Plush Toy
  6. $14.99 Lights And Sounds Poké Ball
  7. $7.99 Red Y-Back Clip Suspenders
  8. $51.95 Red Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star

Misty Cosplay

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