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Dress like Kip Dynamite

Gildan Men's Cotton Sleeveless
Aviator Navigator Reading Glasses
Medium Brown Basic Character Moustache
Suddora Wrist Sweatband
Russell Athletic Fleece Sweatpant
Rubies Ninja Sais
Slip-On Casual Sneaker

Show off your sweet ninja skills dressed like Kipland “Kip” Dynamite, the older brother of Napoleon from the movie Napoleon Dynamite, portrayed by Aaron Ruell. Take a break from talking to babes online to be schooled by Rex at his dojo. Get the complete costume with a Gildan Men’s Cotton Sleeveless, Russell Athletic Fleece Sweatpant, Slip-On Casual Sneaker, Medium Brown Basic Character Moustache, Aviator Navigator Reading Glasses, Suddora Wrist Sweatband, and Rubies Ninja Sais.

  1. $6.85 Gildan Men's Cotton Sleeveless
  2. $6.95 Aviator Navigator Reading Glasses
  3. $7.95 Medium Brown Basic Character Moustache
  4. $2.79 Suddora Wrist Sweatband
  5. $19.24 Russell Athletic Fleece Sweatpant
  6. $7.98 Rubies Ninja Sais
  7. $14.99 Slip-On Casual Sneaker

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