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Dress Like Katana

Katana Adult Wig
Red Kung Fu Sashes
Katana Mask
Faux Leather Leggings
Ninja Sword Accessory
Katana Suicide Squad Jacket
Knee-high Lace-up Patent Leather Boots
Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Get in costume as Katana also known as Tatsu Yamashiro, the superheroine from DC Comic’s Suicide Squad played by Karen Fukuhara. Tatsu is a Japanese warrior who also expertly wields a katana in CW’s Arrow series alongside the Green Arrow. Transform into character with a Katana Suicide Squad Jacket, Faux Leather Leggings, Knee-high Lace-up Patent Leather Boots, Katana Mask, and Katana Adult Wig. Get Katana’s complete look with Red Kung Fu Sashes and Fingerless Tactical Gloves.

  1. $14.49 Katana Adult Wig
  2. $5.84 Red Kung Fu Sashes
  3. $9.90 Katana Mask
  4. $8.99 Faux Leather Leggings
  5. $9.87 Ninja Sword Accessory
  6. $89.00 Katana Suicide Squad Jacket
  7. $35.00 Knee-high Lace-up Patent Leather Boots
  8. $13.99 Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Katana Cosplay

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