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Dress like Hulk Hogan

Red "Hulkamania" Bandana
Hulk Hogan Wig
"Hulkamania" Sleeveless T-shirt
Mueller White Athletic Tape
ASICS Red Wrestling Knee Pad
Red and Yellow Tie-Dye Wrestling Legging
Hulk Hogan Red Wrestling Weight Belt
Hulk Hogan Wrestling Boots

Step into the ring dressed as Hulk Hogan, known as Terry Gene Bollea, considered by many to be the greatest and most recognizable pro wrestler of all-time.  Hogan is a twelve-time world wrestling champion and member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Look like the Hulk with a Red “Hulkamania” Bandana, Hulk Hogan Wig, “Hulkamania” Sleeveless T-shirt, Red and Yellow Tie-Dye Wrestling Legging, and Hulk Hogan Wrestling Boots. Get ready to wrestle with the complete costume that includes Mueller White Athletic Tape, ASICS Red Wrestling Knee Pads, and Hulk Hogan Red Wrestling Weight Belt.

  1. $7.89 Red "Hulkamania" Bandana
  2. $12.99 Hulk Hogan Wig
  3. $17.95 "Hulkamania" Sleeveless T-shirt
  4. $6.65 Mueller White Athletic Tape
  5. $14.95 ASICS Red Wrestling Knee Pads
  6. $18.95 Red and Yellow Tie-Dye Wrestling Legging
  7. $14.95 Hulk Hogan Red Wrestling Weight Belt
  8. $54.99 Hulk Hogan Wrestling Boots

Hulk Hogan Cosplay

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