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Dress Like Hilda

Pink Pokemon Hat
Pink Fashion Designer Handbags
Cargo Vest
Tank Top
Neon Pink Fabric Paint
Distressed Cut Off Ripped Jean Shorts
Pink Shoelaces
Pink and Black Wristbands
Red-White Pokeball
Boot Socks
Military Combat Boots

Play Pokemon dressed as Hilda, the female character in Pokemon Black and White, who is also referred to White. Hilda’s male counterpart in the game is Hilbert. Dressed like Hilda, you will be able to successfully battle against N and Team Plasma. Get her costume with a Pink Pokemon Hat, Tank Top, Cargo Vest, Distressed Cut Off Ripped Jean Shorts, Boot Socks, Military Combat Boots, and Pink Shoelaces. Complete Hilda’s look with Pink and Black Wristbands, Neon Pink Fabric Paint, Pink Fashion Designer Handbags, and Red-White Pokeball.

  1. $12.99 Pink Pokemon Hat
  2. $34.99 Pink Fashion Designer Handbags
  3. $25.49 Cargo Vest
  4. $10.99 Tank Top
  5. $4.99 Neon Pink Fabric Paint
  6. $17.19 Distressed Cut Off Ripped Jean Shorts
  7. $4.99 Pink Shoelaces
  8. $4.95 Pink and Black Wristbands
  9. $3.99 Red-White Pokeball
  10. $19.99 Boot Socks
  11. $29.99 Military Combat Boots

Hilda Cosplay

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