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Dress Like Glenn Rhee

Short Sleeve Crew Tee
Plaid Short Sleeve Button Down
Adjustable Plain Hat
Canvas Backpack
Relaxed Straight Jeans
Pint Bottle of Blood
Costume Fireman's Axe
Converse Chuck Taylor

Dress up like Glenn Rhee, played by Steven Yeun, in the AMC television series The Walking Dead. Glenn is clever and his use of MacGyver-like tactics to outsmart and kill zombies makes him a key asset to Rick Grimes and the group of survivors. Glenn Rhee becomes the boyfriend and later husband to Maggie Greene while also becoming a surrogate father to Sophia following the suicide of her mother, Carol Peletier. Be among The Walking Dead with an Adjustable Plain Hat, Plaid Short Sleeve Button Down, Short Sleeve Crew Tee, Relaxed Straight Jean, and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylor. Be as resourceful as Glenn by adding a Canvas Backpack, Costume Fireman’s Axe, and a Pint Bottle of Blood to your costume.

  1. $4.54 Short Sleeve Crew Tee
  2. $19.99 Plaid Short Sleeve Button Down
  3. $3.99 Adjustable Plain Hat
  4. $30.65 Canvas Backpack
  5. $34.99 Relaxed Straight Jeans
  6. $7.95 Pint Bottle of Blood
  7. $12.99 Costume Fireman's Axe
  8. $51.90 Converse Chuck Taylor

Glenn Rhee Cosplay

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