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Dress Like Dorothy Gale

Dorothy's Wizard of Oz Dress
Dorothy Wig
Toto with Basket
Ruby Slippers
Women's Light Blue Cotton Socks

Looking like Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz is just about as easy as clicking a pair of ruby slippers together. Get Dorothy’s look to journey “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on your way back home to Kansas from the land of Oz. Dress just like the star of this iconic film with a Dorothy Wig, Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz Dress, Vintage Ruffle Ankle Sock, and Ruby Slippers. Bring along Toto with Basket to complete the costume even if aren’t from Kansas!

  1. $33.99 Dorothy's Wizard of Oz Dress
  2. $16.50 Dorothy Wig
  3. $12.59 Toto with Basket
  4. $26.22 Ruby Slippers
  5. $2.79 Women's Light Blue Cotton Socks

Dorothy Gale Cosplay

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