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Dress Like Dora the Explorer

Wow Pink Cotton Crew Neck Tee
Black Super Model Wig
Dora the Explorer Rescue Backpack
Orange Mesh Short
Basic Solid Yellow Socks
Boots Dora's Monkey
Stretch Plus Velcro Sneaker

Go on an adventure in a Dora the Explorer costume complete with a talking purple backpack and trusty monkey companion, Boots. Dress just like Dora from the longest running kid’s TV series on Nickelodeon. Get the Explorer look with a Black Super Model Wig, Wow Pink Cotton Crew Neck Tee, Orange Mesh Shorts, Basic Solid Yellow Socks, and White Stretch Plus Velcro Sneakers. Before you embark, take along your trusty Dora the Explorer Rescue Backpack and Boots Monkey.

  1. $8.00 Wow Pink Cotton Crew Neck Tee
  2. $8.52 Black Super Model Wig
  3. $13.98 Dora the Explorer Rescue Backpack
  4. $12.00 Orange Mesh Shorts
  5. $8.50 Basic Solid Yellow Socks
  6. $8.49 Boots Dora's Monkey
  7. $40.24 Stretch Plus Velcro Sneaker

Dora the Explorer Cosplay

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