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Dress Like Doc Brown

Mad Scientist Wig
Radiation Symbol Decal
Generic Transmitter Remote Control
Handheld LCD Stopwatch
Gen-Nex Painter's Coverall
Yellow Latex Gloves
Orange Craft Duct Tape
Black Welding Cup Goggles
Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt
Sparco Bulldog Clip

Get the costume of Dr. Emmett Lathrop “Doc” Brown, Ph.D., the character played by Christopher Lloyd, who is credited with inventing the first time machine. Team up with Marty McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, to travel Back to the Future to fix history. Dress like the inventor with a Mad Scientist Wig and Gen-Nex Painter’s Coverall with a Radiation Symbol Decal,  Orange Craft Duct Tape, Sparco Bulldog Clip. Get all of Doc Brown’s tools by getting a Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt, Black Welding Cup Goggles, Yellow Latex Gloves, and Handheld LCD Stopwatch. Drive the Delorean into the future with a Generic Transmitter Remote Control.

  1. $15.23 Mad Scientist Wig
  2. $3.87 Radiation Symbol Decal
  3. $15.99 Generic Transmitter Remote Control
  4. $3.40 Handheld LCD Stopwatch
  5. $9.15 Gen-Nex Painter's Coverall
  6. $5.99 Yellow Latex Gloves
  7. $2.00 Orange Craft Duct Tape
  8. $7.97 Black Welding Cup Goggles
  9. $9.79 Tool Bag with Poly Web Belt
  10. $10.65 Sparco Bulldog Clip

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