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Dress Like Chuckie Finster

Chuckie Finster Orange Wig
Purple Wayfarer Nerd Glasses
Rugrats Saturn T-Shirt
Yellow Socks
Green Chino Shorts
Vans 106 Hi Skate Shoe (Red)
Buck Teeth
Green FrogTape

Green FrogTape

Cut strips of the green tape and use it as the pattern for the shorts. Cheap and effective.

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Chuckie Finster is a popular character from the 1990’s animated television show, Rugrats. He has red hair, and his catchphrase is “I don’t know; maybe this isn’t such a good idea.” But a great idea is to dress like Chuckie for Halloween. Start with a Chuckie Finster Orange Wig. Wear Purple Wayfarer Nerd Glasses along with your fake Buck Teeth. Get the Rugrats Saturn T-Shirt and pair it with Green Chinos. Take the Green FrogTape and use it to make the pattern on the shorts. Complete the look with Yellow Socks folded over your Red Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoes.

  1. $16.99 Chuckie Finster Orange Wig
  2. $12.19 Purple Wayfarer Nerd Glasses
  3. $25.95 Rugrats Saturn T-Shirt
  4. $7.99 Yellow Socks
  5. $15.99 Green Chino Shorts
  6. $40.00 Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Skate Shoe
  7. $7.44 Buck Teeth
  8. $5.29 Green FrogTape

Chuckie Finster Cosplay

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