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Dress like Chief Jim Hopper

Hopper Name Badge
Adult Felt Ranger Hat
Hawkins Police Patch
5.11 Men's Twill PDU Long Sleeve Shirt
American Flag Embroidered Patch
Bianchi Tan Thumbsnap Holster
Security Enforcement Deluxe Badge
5.11 Men's Covert 2.0 Pant
6-Inch Airsoft Revolver

Get in uniform as Jim Hopper, portrayed by David Harbour, the Police Chief of Hawkins, Indiana from the Netflix series Stranger Things. He lead the investigation of Will Byers’ disappearance. With the help of Joyce Byers, Will’s mother, Chief Hopper is able to locate Will in the Hawkins National Laboratory. Get the cosplay look of Jim Hopper with 5.11 Men’s Twill PDU Long Sleeve Shirt, 5.11 Men’s Covert 2.0 Pant, American Flag Embroidered Patch, Security Enforcement Deluxe Badge, Hawkins Police Patch, Hopper Name Badge, and a Adult Felt Ranger Hat. Make sure to be armed with a 6-Inch Airsoft Revolver and Bianchi Tan Thumbsnap Holster.

  1. $20.00 Hopper Name Badge
  2. $9.99 Adult Felt Ranger Hat
  3. $11.99 Hawkins Police Patch
  4. $51.99 5.11 Men's Twill PDU Long Sleeve Shirt
  5. $3.99 American Flag Embroidered Patch
  6. $44.55 Bianchi Tan Thumbsnap Holster
  7. $12.98 Security Enforcement Deluxe Badge
  8. $49.99 5.11 Men's Covert 2.0 Pant
  9. $30.36 6-Inch Airsoft Revolver

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