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Dress Like Butt-head

Billy Bob Teeth with Braces
AC/DC Men's T-Shirt
Firme Hold Pomade
Red Shorts
Comfort Quarter Socks
Authentic Skate Shoe

Get the look of Butt-head from MTV’s animated comedy series, Beavis and Butt-head. Butt-head, often characterized as the leader of the two dimwitted teenagers, is recognized by his braces, brown spiked hair, and squinted eyes. Everyone will agree that you’ll look gnarly in this costume. Start with an AC/DC Men’s T-Shirt, Fox Essex Red Shorts, Comfort Quarter Socks, and Vans Authentic Skate Shoes. Make the look “cool” with Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade and a pair of Billy Bob Teeth with Braces.

  1. $8.55 Billy Bob Teeth with Braces
  2. $13.37 AC/DC Men's T-Shirt
  3. $11.56 Firme Hold Pomade
  4. $38.30 Red Shorts
  5. $14.00 Comfort Quarter Socks
  6. $39.61 Authentic Skate Shoe

Butt-head Cosplay

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