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Dress Like Black Canary

Long Straight Blonde Full Wig
Cool DRI Performance Tee
Leather Moto Jacket
Leather Eye Patch Mask
Holster And Gun Set
Leather Faux Leggings
Black Velvet Lipstick
Fingerless Leather Gloves
Faux Leather Riding High Boot
Police Force Billy Club

Dress up as Black Canary, the superhero alias of Laurel Lance and partner to the Green Arrow in the CW television series Arrow. The former assistant DA of Starling City turned crimefighter when her sister Sara Lance, also known as Canary, was murdered. The Black Canary also appears in the television shows The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. Suit up in costume with a Long Straight Blonde Full Wig, Cool DRI Performance Tee, Leather Faux Leggings, Leather Moto Jacket, and a pair of Faux Leather Riding High Boot. Prepare to fight crime with the full look by adding a Holster And Gun Set, Police Force Billy Club, Leather Eye Patch Mask, and Black Velvet Lipstick.

  1. $10.96 Long Straight Blonde Full Wig
  2. $6.97 Cool DRI Performance Tee
  3. $44.10 Leather Moto Jacket
  4. $39.99 Leather Eye Patch Mask
  5. $15.99 Holster And Gun Set
  6. $11.99 Leather Faux Leggings
  7. $4.99 Black Velvet Lipstick
  8. $21.99 Fingerless Leather Gloves
  9. $49.99 Faux Leather Riding High Boot
  10. $5.99 Police Force Billy Club

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