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Dress Like Beavis

Temporary Colored Hair Spray
Metallica Men's T-Shirt
Firme Hold Pomade
Black Shorts
Comfort Quarter Socks
Authentic Skate Shoe

Recognized by his underbite and oversized blonde pompadour hairstyle, Beavis is the sidekick of Butt-head in the MTV animated series Beavis and Butt-head. Dress just like “The Great Cornholio” with a Metallica Men’s T-Shirt, Black Shorts, Comfort Quarter Socks, and Van’s Authentic Skate Shoes. Get the look of Beavis’ hair with Suavecito Firme Hold Pomade and Yellow Temporary Colored Hair Spray.

  1. $5.18 Temporary Colored Hair Spray
  2. $23.79 Metallica Men's T-Shirt
  3. $11.56 Firme Hold Pomade
  4. $24.69 Black Shorts
  5. $14.00 Comfort Quarter Socks
  6. $39.61 Authentic Skate Shoe

Beavis Cosplay

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