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Dress Like Ashley Spinelli

Orange Ribbed Style Hair Ties
Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie
Military Anorak Hoodie Jacket
Seamed Stretch Sheath Dress
Big Girls' Stripe Tights
Rivets Harness Boot

Simply referred to as “Spinelli,” Ashley Spinelli, voiced by Pamela Adlon, is the tough member of the gang in Disney’s animated series Recess. The gruff and feisty tomboy get’s angry quite easily, but there’s no need to with this fun look. You can get the same outfit with a Seamed Stretch Sheath Dress, Military Anorak Hoodie Jacket, Big Girls’ Stripe Tights, and Rivets Harness Boots. Complete Spinelli’s look with Orange Ribbed Style Hair Ties and a Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie.

  1. $10.99 Orange Ribbed Style Hair Ties
  2. $12.99 Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie
  3. $19.95 Military Anorak Hoodie Jacket
  4. $30.24 Seamed Stretch Sheath Dress
  5. $2.43 Big Girls' Stripe Tights
  6. $22.99 Rivets Harness Boot

Ashley Spinelli Cosplay

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