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Dress Like Ash Ketchum

Embroidered Trainer Hat
Ash Ketchum Trainer Shirt
Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Glove
505 Regular Fit Jeans
Ultraclub 7707 Backpack
Large Plush XY Pikachu
Lights And Sounds Poké Ball
GV Special Fashion Sneaker

Get the look of Ash Ketchum, the main character from the popular Pokémon anime series. Ash has always dreamed of becoming the next great Pokémon master, but on the day he was to choose his first Pokémon, Professor Oak gave him the stubborn Pikachu. Adventure out to catch ’em all with Misty and Brock dressed in an Ash Ketchum Trainer Shirt, 505 Regular Fit Jeans, Embroidered Trainer Hat, Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Gloves, and a pair of GV Special Fashion Sneakers. Dress up in the complete costume by adding an Ultraclub 7707 Backpack, Large Plush XY Pikachu, and Lights and Sounds Poké Ball.

  1. $14.99 Embroidered Trainer Hat
  2. $35.00 Ash Ketchum Trainer Shirt
  3. $7.95 Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Glove
  4. $33.99 505 Regular Fit Jeans
  5. $19.99 Ultraclub 7707 Backpack
  6. $27.00 Large Plush Pikachu
  7. $14.99 Lights and Sounds Poké Ball
  8. $24.00 GV Special Fashion Sneaker

Ash Ketchum Cosplay

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