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Dress Like Artie Abrams

Blue Ocean Cable Sweater Vest
Men's Short-Sleeve Shirt
Black Rectangle Plastic Glasses
LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves
Relaxed-Fit Jean
Folding Wheelchair

Artie, played by Kevin McHale, got into a car accident with his mother when he was eight years old which resulted in him being in a wheelchair. Although he is in a wheelchair, Artie refuses to let that get in the way of his ambitions and joins the McKinley High School Glee Club, New Directions in the show Glee. Dress Like Artie with your Blue Ocean Cable Sweater Vest, Men’s Short-Sleeve Shirt, Black Rectangle Plastic Glasses, and Relaxed-Fit Jean. You won’t be able to get to far without your Folding Wheelchair and LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves.

  1. $33.00 Blue Ocean Cable Sweater Vest
  2. $11.74 Men's Short-Sleeve Shirt
  3. $2.77 Black Rectangle Plastic Glasses
  4. $22.87 LiquiCell Wheelchair Gloves
  5. $26.99 Relaxed-Fit Jean
  6. $110.98 Folding Wheelchair

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