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Dress Like Angus MacGyver

Mullet Wig with Highlights
Dark Aviator Sunglasses
Tank Top Shirt
Vintage Bomber Jacket
Stainless Steel Watch with Green Strap
Oil Tan Leather Belt
Khaki Work Cargo Pants
Duct Tape
Swiss Army Pocket Knife
Boondocker Boot

Angus MacGyver, played by Richard Dean Anderson, always solves the most complex problems in the hit TV show. Be as resourceful as MacGyver, the secret agent from the Phoenix Foundation with a matching costume. Get the look to match Mac with a Mullet Wig with Highlights, Gray Tank Top Shirt, Khaki Work Cargo Pants, Oil Tan Leather Belt, Boondocker Boots, and Vintage Bomber Jacket. MacGyver’s look isn’t complete without Dark Aviator Sunglasses, a Seiko 5 Stainless Steel Watch, Duct Tape, and a Swiss Army Pocket Knife.

  1. $18.00 Mullet Wig with Highlights
  2. $5.17 Dark Aviator Sunglasses
  3. $8.50 Tank Top Shirt
  4. $306.52 Vintage Bomber Jacket
  5. $61.16 Stainless Steel Watch
  6. $19.99 Oil Tan Leather Belt
  7. $34.40 Khaki Work Cargo Pants
  8. $8.24 Duct Tape
  9. $24.58 Swiss Army Pocket Knife
  10. $188.00 Boondocker Boot

Angus MacGyver Cosplay

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